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County of Origin Match : 14 February 2016

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The  women’s rugby league County of Origin match will be played at  on Sunday 14 February 2016 at Hunslet Hawks ground the John Charles Stadium, Hunslet, LS11 5DJ  with kick off at 3.00pm – alongside the men’s BARLA Cup match. Admission price is just £5 for adults, concessions £3 and under 16s FREE.

craig taylor Yorkshire coach

Craig Taylor

Xamax will be sponsoring the Women’s Rugby League Association for the next 12 months and will be supplying both Yorkshire and Lancashire teams with polo-shirts, hoodies and track pants for both Yorkshire and Lancashire squads. This sponsorship is a great for the Women’s League and will make a massive difference to them in the coming months.

John Davenport Lancashire coach

John Davenport

Who will go ahead in the County of Origin competition since as of now the counties have split the honours with 2 wins apiece?   Origin 5 will put one side in the lead, at least until 2017!

Craig Taylor will be coaching the Yorkshire team and John Davenport the Lancashire team.  Squads for both teams are listed below:

Lancashire squad for 2016:

Jade Ward                               Wigan St Judes

Nataliina Romano                  Hull Wyke

Holly Hilton                            Lindley Swifts

Michelle Woodcock               Wigan St Judes (Vice Captain)

Olivia Miah                             Wigan St Judes

Zoe Goate                                Liverpool University

Natasha Dawson                    Liverpool University

Becky Greenfield                   Wigan St Judes

Chloe Hammond                    Wigan St Judes

Katie Stevens                          Lindley Swifts

Abileigh Capener                   Wigan St Judes

Armani Sharrock                   Wigan St Judes (Captain)

Jess Hopkins                          Huddersfield St Josephs

Megan Condliffe                    Wigan St Judes

Laura Outten                           Liverpool University

Emma Dobson                        Wigan St Judes

Katie Philbin                           Wigan St Judes

Laura Bent                               Wigan St Judes

Eve Watton                              Liverpool University

Jasmine Ledger                      Wigan St Judes

Injury reserves

Candice Brennan                     Wigan St Judes

Charlotte Pyke                         Wigan St Judes

Jess Shaw                                  Wigan St Judes

Hannah Young                         Wigan St Judes

The Yorkshire Squad

Debbie Smith                            Oulton Raidettes

Reagan Walker                         Oulton Raidettes

Nat Thompson                         Hull Wyke

Jasmine Earnshaw                   Lindley Swifts

Katie Langan                             York

Lucy Wood                                 Huddersfield St Joes

Kelsey Gentles                          East Leeds

Tracey Addey                             Oulton Raidettes

Ruby Adkins                              Hull Wyke

Paige Stevens                              York

Kirsty Duffield                           East Leeds

Laura Pullen                               East Leeds

Amy Gilbert                                 Lindley Swifts

Beth Neilson                               Huddersfield St Joes

Tanya Hannam                          Hull Wyke

Gemma Fordham                      Odsal Sedbergh

Bethan Oates                              Thornhill Trojans

Laura Norcliffe                           Lindley Swifts

Amy Ratcliffe                               Thornhill Trojans

Beth Greenwood                         Odsal Sedberg