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Edinburgh Rugby v Wolfhounds

This was the game unbeaten Wolfhounds needed to ensure the trophy. It turned into a humdinger.
Edinburgh put up two testing kicks at the start, but it was Wolfhounds who scored the first try. The ball flicked out to Ellen Boylan on the left with good control. 0-5

But Edinburgh had Emma Orr on their side. She sudddenly burst through midfield, offered a swerve and a hand-off and was over, her fourth try of the campaign. 5-5

Wolfhounds were more efficient at this stage, the line-outs straighter, players running hard on to passes from the base of the ruck, unlike their opponents.

As the game developed, they added safe and telling off-loads to their repertoire, nothing showy, simply what the opposition didn’t want them to achieve. But after a long period on top, they found themsleves defending madly. Briar McNamara fed Cieron Bell, who was stopped just short on the left. But the referee had spotted an off-side, so Edinburgh had a free hand. The ball whipped into the centre, where, you may not be surprised to hear, it was Orr who snapped the line in two to run in under the posts. 12-5

Two minutes before the break Wolfhounds got the reward they deserved. A scrum near the hosts’ line caved in. Grace Moore tapped but was just held out. Instead, Christy Haney was there to finish the job.

Half-time 12-12

Another entertainingly close game; the second spell promised even better. Edinburgh scored a wonderful try. The pack worked hard in midfield, then the backs manufactured space cleverly – a double mis-pass, then a loop – leaving Bell enough room to canter over for her fifth of the campaign. McNamara fed her a beautiful pass. 19-12

Time for Alcorn to introduce Linda Djougang to rectify matters. Wolfhounds built methodically again, but as they drove over the line, the call once more was ‘held up!’

The next moment, there was Orr popping an overhead pass into Bell’s hands but she couldn’t quite make the line. No matter, they now copied Wolfhounds’ model of ball retention, hammering at the line for Alex Stewart to get the vital touchdown. That was the bonus point, if not conclusive victory. 26-12

On 70 minutes Wolfhounds opted for a scrum at a penalty a distance out. It took them a long time to make this superiority tell. Only four minutes were left when Linda Djougang forced her way over to give her team their first score since the break. Nikki Caughey hurried her kick, but didn’t muff it. 26-19.

Three minutes on the clock.

Edinburgh hadn’t sealed the deal; Wolfhounds weren’t the unbeaten side by chance. They attacked decisively as the clock turned red, and Katie Corrigan was allowed to run in under the posts for an easy conversion.

Result: 26-26 (that score again!)

This late riposte undid Edinburgh’s chances of overtaking the leaders. Where had that 14-point lead gone?


Edinburgh Rugby
15. Nicole Marlow (Cardiff Met), 14. Nicole Flynn (University of Edinburgh), 13. Emma Orr (Heriot’s/ Biggar), 12. Briar McNamara (Watsonian), 11. Cieron Bell (University of Edinburgh), 10. Sarah Denholm (captain, University of Edinburgh), 9. Jenny Maxwell (Loughborough Lightning), 1. Panashe Muzambe (Exeter Chiefs), 2. Millie Whitehouse (University of Edinburgh), 3. Katie Lindsay (Corstorphine Cougars), 4. Fiona McIntosh (Saracens), 5. Adelle Ferrie (Corstorphine Cougars),
6. Merryn Gunderson (Corstorphine Cougars), 7. Alex Stewart (Corstorphine Cougars), 8. Freya Walker (Watsonian)

16. Aila Ronald (University of Edinburgh), 17. Poppy Fletcher (University of Edinburgh), 18. Molly Poolman (Watsonian), 19. Nathasha Logan (University of Edinburgh), 20. Gemma Bell (Hartpury University), 21. Zoe Turner (Corstorphine Cougars), 22. Hannah Ramsay (Corstorphine Cougars), 23. Rhona Lloyd (GB Sevens)

15. Ava Ryder (Connacht), 14. Katie Corrigan (Leinster), 13. Leah Tarpey (Leinster), 12. Katie Heffernan (Leinster), 11. Ellen Boylan (Munster), 10. Nikki Caughey (Leinster), 9. Jade Gaffney (Leinster), 1. Aoife Moore (Leinster), 2. Meabh Clenaghan (Ulster), 3. Christy Haney (Leinster), 4. Eimear Corri (Leinster), 5. Hannah O’Connor (Leinster), 6. Claire Boles (Ulster), 7. Molly Boyne (captain, Leinster), 8. Grace Moore (Saracens)

16. India Daley (Ulster), 17. Linda Djougang (Leinster), 18. Sophie Barrett (Ulster), 19. Fiona Tuite (Ulster), 20. Keelin Brady (Ulster), 21. Katie Whelan (Leinster), 22. Abby Moyles (Ulster), 23. Kelly McCormill (Ulster)

Referee: David Young
ARs: Calum Lazenby and David Changleng with thanks to

The Table                                                W    D    L    Pts

Wolfhounds                                            5     1      0      27
Edinburgh Rugby                                  4      1     1      23
Clovers                                                     3      0     2      14
Gwalia Lightning                                   2      0     3      12
Brython Thunder                                   1      0     4        6
Glasgow Warriors                                  0     0     5        0


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