Spain’s Squad to compete in WXV3

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Juan Gonzalez has announced the names of the 30 players to represent Spain in WXV3.

They are:

María del Castillo (Olímpico Pozuelo), Inés Antolínez (El Salvador), Marta Estellés (CR Majadahonda), Cristina Blanco (Ealing Trailfinders), María de las Huertas Román (Universitario de Sevilla), Sidorella Bracic (Olímpico Pozuelo), Laura Delgado (Gloucester Hartpury), Anna Puig (UE Santboiana), Victoria Rosell (Abelles), Elena Martínez (Stade Rennais), Lourdes Alameda (AC Bobigny 93), Alba Capell (Stade Rennais), Nerea García (Éibar), María Calvo, Olivia Fresneda, Carmen Castellucci (Gloucester Hartpury), Julia Castro (Universitario de Sevilla), Bingbing Vergara (CR El Salvador), Maider Aresti (Getxo), Inés Bueso-Inchausti (CR Cisneros), Zahía Pérez (CR Majadahonda), Alba Vinuesa (Stade Français), Icíar Pozo (Crat Coruña), Sara Rodríguez (Barça Rugby), Amalia Argudo (Stade Toulousain), Clara Piquero (Lons), Claudia Pérez (CR Majadahonda), Tecla Masoko (CR El Salvador), Claudia Peña (Barça Rugby), Jimena Blanco-Hortiguera (CR Majadahonda)

Las Leonas have proved far too strong for all their opponents in the European Championship (most notably the Netherlands and Russia).

Now they have the chance to regain the territory they lost when they themselves were removed from the Six Nations in 2007.

The squad includes three players attached to English PWR clubs (Delgado, Blanco and Castellucci) and six from Elite 1 clubs in France.

They started training together in 24 September in Madrid. Before they fly out, they play Scotland in Edinburgh on 30 September. Only 24 of the full group will make this first trip. It will be a proper test of their current standing, facing a 6N side away from home.

The long-term aim will be to gain promotion to WXV2 at the earliest opportunity.

Their WXV Fixtures

v Kenya 14 October
v Fiji 20 October
v Ireland 28 October

All matches to be played in Dubai


  1. WXV3 will be held in DUBAI and not in New Zealand

  2. WXV3 will be held in DUBAI and not in NZ

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