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Where should England’s Red Roses play their home matches?

Where should England Women play their home matches?  A geographical conundrum! Grounds England have played on (in chronological order): Waterloo Moseley Northampton Wolverhampton Wasps Sale Leicester Sunbury (= London Irish?) Leeds Blackheath Worcester Richmond Newbury (2000 – 18 years before the Development XV played there again!) Old Deer Park Richmond Twickenham (1st appearance at HQ

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The first Quilter International – England v The USA

The first Quilter International – England v The USA – Allianz Park 9 November 2018 Part One If you’re anxious for the action, move straight to Part Two… The England squad selected: 15. Sarah McKenna (Saracens) 14. Lydia Thompson (Worcester Valkyries) 13. Carys Williams (Loughborough Lightning)* 12. Tatyana Heard (Gloucester-Hartpury)* 11. Kelly Smith (Gloucester-Hartpury) 10. Katy

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Double-headers: Yes or No?

The double-header here means playing a women’s match either before or after a men’s match on the same ground. They have been warmly welcomed by most experienced women administrators and players. They benefit by introducing women’s rugby to enthusiasts who might otherwise hold it in low regard or have no opinion about it at all.

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A Look Forward to England v USA – Allianz Park 9 November 2018

First Quilter Autumn International – Allianz Park 9 November 2018 Simon Middleton has announced the following England Squad: 15. Sarah McKenna (Saracens) 14. Lydia Thompson (Valkyries) 13. Carys Williams (Lightning)* 12. Tatyana Heard (Gloucester-Hartpury)* 11. Kelly Smith (Gloucester-Hartpury) 10. Katy Daley-Mclean (Lightning) 9. Leanne Riley (Harlequins) 1. Ellena Perry (Saracens)* 2. Lark Davies (Valkyries) 3. Shaunagh

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Tyrrells Round 5 Round up

Pride of place DMP Sharks must take centre stage after Round 5 of the Tyrrells Premier 15s. Tamara Taylor was proud beyond measure at the first win over the once-invincible Richmond. This takes them up to 7th in the table and Richmond’s fallible run continues. Results: DMP           15       

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