Celtic Challenge Round 3 – Preview

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Points of Interest

Head coaches are keeping twin motives in mind: to achieve the best results possible and to give all squad members their chance.

There are a number of firsts: teams playing away (Gwalia); grounds being used (Parc y Scarlets and Scotstoun); and players, some of whom are well known at test level, Caity Mattinson, Aoife Doyle, Robyn Wilkins and Sioned Harries, for example. Sadly for Brython Thunder and Glasgow Warriors they have another sort of first in mind, a win.

Hence a number of changes from last week. It’s good to see PWR clubs still willing to make players available for this tournament. But a Welshman, Sean Lynn, has included Nel Metcalfe and Catherine Richards in his Gloucester-Hartpury squad, so the arrangement is not 100% watertight for Gwalia.

The international selectors will have their eye on younger players who have made a distinct impression, and they are plenty. This is one of central planks of the tournament, to enhance test squads. The Six Nations creeps closer.

Fixtures: NB one Saturday game, two Sunday

Glasgow Warriors v Wolfhounds, Scotstoun Glasgow, Saturday 13 January, KO 14.00
Clovers v Gwalia Lightning, Musgrave Park Cork, Sunday 14 January, KO 13.00
Brython Thunder v Edinburgh Rugby, Parc y Scarlets Llanelli, Sunday 14 January, KO 13.30

Coverage: all games are available again via rugbypass.tv League Positions

Gwalia Lightning and Wolfhounds have won both their games; Clovers and Edinburgh Rugby have won one, lost one Brython Thunder and Glasgow Warriors have lost two.

Teams (in order of appearance):

Glasgow Warriors:

15. Carla McDonald (Hillhead Jordanhill)*, 14. Sky Phimister (Stirling County)*, 13. Claudia McLaren (Stirling County), 12. Lucy MacRae (Edinburgh University)*, 11. Phaedra Snailham (Stewartry Sirens), 10. Ceitidh Ainsworth (Stirling County)*, 9. Mairi McDonald (Exeter Chiefs), 1. Ailie Tucker (Watsonian), 2. Nikki Simpson (Garioch)*, 3. Eilidh Fleming (Stirling County)*, 4. Emma Turner (co-captain, Corstorphine Cougars), 5. Ellie Williamson (West of Scotland)*, 6. Louise McMillan (Saracens), 7. Lucy Winter (Watsonian), 8. Alex Love (West of Scotland)

Bench: 16. Karis Craig (Watsonian)*, 17. Kaylee Fraser (Corstorphine Cougars), 18. Chloe Brown (Stirling County), 19. Sophie Anderson (Watsonian), 20. Izzy Hannay (Durham University & Harlequins)**, 21. Holland Bogan (Stirling County)*, 22. Rhea Clarke (co-captain, Edinburgh University)*, 23. Giselle Chicot (Heriot’s Blues)

Key: *Scottish Rugby Regional Training Centre supported players; **Transitional SQ Player


15. Ella Durkan (Ulster), 14. Katie Corrigan (Leinster), 13. Aoife Dalton (Leinster), 12. Leah Tarpey (Leinster), 11. Niamh Marley (Ulster), 10. Dannah O’Brien (Leinster), 9. Katie Whelan (Old Leinster), 1. Linda Djougang (Leinster), 2. Sarah Delaney (Leinster), 3. Sophie Barrett (Ulster), 4. Keelan Brady (Ulster), 5. Hannah O’Connor (Leinster), 6. Eodain Murtagh (Leinster), 7. Molly Boyne (captain, Leinster), 8. Brittany Hogan (Ulster)

Bench: 16. Meabh Clenaghan (Ulster), 17. Aoife Moore (Leinster), 18. Christy Haney (Leinster), 19. Claire Boles (Ulster), 20. Jade Gaffney (Leinster), 21. Kelly McCormill (Ulster), 22. Nikki Caughey (Leinster), 23. Ava Ryder (Connacht)


15. Méabh Deely (Connacht), 14.Clara Barrett (Connacht), 13. Alana McInerney (Munster),
12. Kayla Waldron (Connacht), 11. Clare Gorman (Leinster), 10. Kate Flannery (Munster), 9. Abbie Salter-Townshend (Munster), 1. Niamh O’Dowd (Leinster), 2.Beth Buttimer (Munster), 3. Sadhbh McGrath (Ulster), 4. Ruth Campbell (Leinster), 5. Dorothy Wall (captain, Munster), 6. Brianna Heylmann (Munster), 7. Ivana Kiripati (Connacht), 8. Shannon Touhey (Connacht)

Bench: 16. Aoife Fleming (Munster), 17.Róisín Ormond (Munster), 18. Eilís Cahill (Munster), 19. Faith Oviawe (Connacht), 20. Jane Clohessy (Munster), 21. Muirne Wall (Munster),
22. Michelle O’Driscoll (Munster), 23. Aoife Doyle (Munster)

Gwalia Lightning

15. Rhodd Parry, 14. Caitlin Lewis, 13. Kelsie Webster, 12. Rebecca De Filipo, 11. Kate Davies, 10. Robyn Wilkins, 9. Sian Jones; 1. Abbey Constable, 2. Molly Reardon, 3. Jenni Scoble, 4. Katie Jenkins, 5. Bryonie King (captain), 6. Maisie Davies, 7. Lucy Issac, 8. Gwennan Hopkins.

Bench: 16. Mica Evans, 17. Sophie Waugh, 18. Danyelle Dinapoli, 19. Alaw Pyrs, 20. Tess Evans, 21. Kierra Deeks, 22. Jenna De Vera, 23. Katie Thicker

Brython Thunder

15. Elenor Hing, 14. Danai Mugabe, 13. Ellie Tromans, 12. Meg Webb, 11. Amy Williams, 10. Niamh Terry, 9. Meg Davies; 1. Chloe Thomas-Bradley, Rosie Carr, 3. Cadi Lois Davies, 4. Natalia John, 5. Shona Wakely, 6. Finley Jones, 7. Alex Callender (captain), 8. Sioned Harries

Bench: 16. Amy Morgan, 17. Madi Johns, 18. Katie Carr, 19. Charlie Mundy, 20. Katie Mackay, 21. Seren Singleton, 22. Mollie Wilkinson, 23. Lowri Williams

Edinburgh Rugby:

15. Nicole Marlow (Cardiff Met)**, 14. Nicole Flynn (University of Edinburgh)*, 13. Emma Orr (Heriot’s Blues/Biggar)*, 12. Briar McNamara (Watsonian), 11. Cieron Bell (University of Edinburgh)*, 10. Sarah Denholm (University of Edinburgh)*, 9. Caity Mattinson (Gloucester- Hartpury), 1. Panashe Muzambe (Exeter Chiefs)**, 2. Millie Whitehouse (University of Edinburgh), 3. Molly Poolman (Watsonian)*, 4. Fiona McIntosh (Saracens)** 5. Natasha Logan (University of Edinburgh)*, 6. Merryn Gunderson (Corstorphine Cougars), 7. Alex Stewart (Corstorphine Cougars)*, 8. Freya Walker (Watsonian)*,

Bench: 16. Aila Ronald (University of Edinburgh)*, 17. Poppy Fletcher (University of Edinburgh)*, 18. Katie Lindsay (Corstorphine Cougars)*, 19. Adelle Ferrie (Corstorphine Cougars), 20. Sophie Murphy (Stirling County)*, 21. Leia Brebner-Holden (Gloucester Hartpury and Cheltenham Tigers)**,
22. Hannah Ramsay (Corstorphine Cougars), 23. Rachel Philipps (Watsonian )*

Key: *Scottish Rugby Regional Training Centre supported players; **Transitional SQ Player

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