2nd day of the Inter Corps Outdoors – Army Hockey – 19th May 2015

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Due to a team drop out the 2nd day of the Inter Corps Outdoors has amended timings:

The Major Unit Final will be on Pitch 1 at 1400
The Minor Unit Final will be on Pitch 2 at 1400

The Masters Final will be on Pitch 1 at 1620

Presentations will be at 1745

The Hog Roast has been confirmed and will be dished out from 1630 during the Masters Final until 1800.

Pool Games have adjusted on the 2nd day accordingly, same starting time at 0900.

The VIP Buffet Lunch is at the same time as well as the AMAHA and AHA AGM.

0900 1 F RLC v Infantry
0900 2 F RE v AMS
0950 1 E AGC v R Signals
0950 2 P1 A Pool 4th v B Pool 3rd
1040 1 F RE v Infantry
1040 2 F RLC v AMS
1130 1 E R Signals v REME
1130 2 P2 A Pool 3rd v B Pool 4th
1220 1 D RE v AMS

1220 2 D REME v RA


1310 1 F RLC v RE
1310 2 F Infantry v AMS
1400 1 Major Unit Final
1400 2 Minor Unit Final
1530 1 D RE v RA
1530 2 E AGC v REME
1620 2 Masters
4th Runner-Up Pool E v Runner-Up Pool F
(Penalty Shoot Out)
1620 1 Masters Final Winner Pool E v Winner Pool F

Another reminder as well that there will be donation buckets around the Pavilion for everyone to put in their old Hockey kit which will go towards the England Hockey – Kit 4 the World Initiative. All old kit gratefully received!

And the Senior Men’s Chile Tour Raffle will also be going ahead.  Tickets going at £5 each! Some great prizes including New Hockey Sticks, Kit Bags, GB Hockey Tickets, Take That/Michael McIntyre/One Direction Tickets, Toshiba Camcorders, Sports Kit and more!