Female Junior and Cadet Championships

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Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield staged the first combined female and male junior and cadet boxing championships on the 4th and 5th of March.  A considerable step towards gender parity in this sport, the event saw 14 and 15 year old girls and boys compete alongside each other for the first time in an attempt to gain the prestigious national title.  
Female boxing has seen a surge in popularity across the country after the considerable exposure and success in the London Olympics and Commonwealth Games.  One of the first steps in the selection for the forthcoming Junior Female World Championships in Taipai in May and the Female European Champsionships in Hungary in August, this junior and cadet championship set the stage for some exceptional boxing talent and potential for the future of female boxing.
Ivy Jane Smith and Coach Jay Weaver

Ivy Jane Smith and Coach Jay Weaver


Of particular note was a strong performance by Ivy Jane Smith (Ferndown) as she was relentless with straight and accurate shots, forcing an early stoppage of opponent Angelica Finch (Boston) in the first round.  Another early stoppage was seen in the 66kg cadet final where Amy Cooper (Gosport) proved too much for opponent Georgia Donogue (Swale Gloves) and the referee saw fit to stop the bout in the second round.

This competition was indicative of the growth of female boxing in England and the considerable potential we have in this sport for the future.

All results:
Female Juniors Final Results
50kg Millie O’Neill (Hull Saints) beat Leila Hargreaves (Southampton) pts unan
52kg Ivy Jane Smith (Ferndown) beat Angelica Finch (Boston) TKO1
57kg Sian Judd (Uxbridge) beat Daryle Jobling (Ashington) pts unan
60kg Shelley Sweeney (Harrow) beat Leah Smith (Bridlington) pts unan
63kg Olivia Hussey (Wildcard) beat Sadie Thomas (Headlands) pts unan

Olivia Hussey v Sadie Thomas

Olivia Hussey v Sadie Thomas

70kg Georgia O’Connor (Brandon) beat Hannah Palfrey (Wildcard) pts unan

Semi-Finals Results
50kg Millie O’Neill (Hull Saints) beat Shauna Taylor (Houghton) pts split
50kg Leila Hargreaves (Southampton) beat Courtney Swanton (Phoenix Fire) pts unan
57kg SIan Judd (Southampton) beat Beth Warne (Devonport) pts split
57kg Daryle Jobling (Ashlington) beat Shaney Bennett (Turners BA) pts split
60kg Leah Smith (Bridlington) beat Millicent Hanson (Huthwaite) No contest
63kg Olivia Hussey (Wildcard) beat Harli Whitwell (St Ives) pts unan
63kg Sadie Thomas (Headlands) beat Cathering Pringle (Northallerton) pts split
Female Cadets Results
46kg Macey Kilkenny (Hall Close) beat Kira Carter (Tigers) pts unan
60kg Phoebe Hodson (Right Stuff) beat Brodie Stephenson (Carlisle Villa) pts split
63kg Elisha Mannouch (Swale Gloves) beat Ruby Hanson-Thorne (Trowbridge) pts unan
66kg Amy Cooper (Gosport) beat Georgia Donogue (Swale Gloves) TKO2


Article from Lucy O’Connor

Photo above shows Georgia Donague (left) and Amy Cooper (right) 66kg Cadet Final