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GB Sevens Squad for Vancouver

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The GB squad is announced as follows:

Emma Uren (captain), Abi Burton, Alicia Maude, Amy Wilson Hardy, Celia Quansah, Ellie Boatman, Grace Crompton, Isla Norman-Bell, Jade Shekells, Jasmine Joyce, Kayleigh Powell, Lauren Torley and Lisa Thomson.

It sees the return of Celia Quansah and Kayleigh Powell for the first time this season, but the regular captain, Abbie Brown, is missing.

At the end of January the squad achieved a memorable bronze medal at the Perth SVNS, and Ellie Boatman was voted into the dream team. Now they face the challenge of repeating that success at the western end of another continent. Results grow in importance as the Paris Olympics creep closer. Old rivals who used to beat British sides with some ease must now take their case seriously.

The Vancouver SVNS take place on 23-25 February. The tournament will be covered by

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