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Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy – match 26 – Stars vs Sparks

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South East Stars vs Central Sparks at Guildford (Woodbridge Road) on 7 July 2023 (10h30)    

Closely contested match, most memorable for Sparks fielding two ’George 99’ shirts – see photo. Both players (Issy Wong and Katie George) put in match-winning performances both with bat-and-ball. Combined with other players, their batting partnerships added 150 runs and both hit ‘sixes.’ When combining the pair’s bowling efforts, they bagged a 5-fer (5/57.) Commentator Kevin P Hand (Sports journalist.) Video highlights from ECB online (NV play) with full match video via ‘YouTube’ courtesy of Surrey CCC for South East Stars (please see below.) Weather described as ‘baking hot,’ Mainly clear blue sky, sunny with a light breeze, 25C.

Sparks’ Innings Skipper Eve Jones [Kira Chathli keeping wicket for Stars] International player Erin Burns (W Australia WBBL) playing Issy Wong and Hannah Baker but without Amy Jones or Emily Arlott (rested.) *Left-hander Eve Jones 5(12) played into keeper Chathli’s gloves & right-hander Abbey Freeborn made a mirror-image dismissal – both caught behind from Ryana Macdonald-Gay, (2/49) who made ‘an outstanding start.’ *Together with Alexa Storehouse, Stars the pair bowled 45 ‘dot’ balls, that resulted in Sparks’ low Power-play score (26/2) and below-par scoring rate (50/3 after 100 balls – 16.4 overs) *Erin Burns 9(21) was caught-and-bowled by Alice Davidson-Richards on follow-through high, with both hands when heading toward ‘mid-on.’ *Left-hander Ami Campbell 10(20) made contact when hitting across-the-line to Alice Davidson-Richards coming round-the-wicket; and was snapped-up by keeper Chathli. *By mid-way Sparks were 100/4. *As mentioned above, Katie George 31(37) added 60 with Bethan Ellis 42(77.) George was out missing a straight ball, going ‘leg before’ to Dani Gregory. *6 balls later Bethan Ellis missed a sweep and went ‘leg before’ to Skipper Bryony Smith. *Charis Pavely and Issy Wong partnership added 102 runs *Both batters reached their ‘fifty’ simultaneously, Pavely from a ‘single’ and Wong from a ‘huge’ shot, ‘into the trees’ over the ‘deep-mid-wicket’ scoreboard *Also chalking-up the pair’s century partnership for Sparks’ 7th wicket. *On 223/6 a replacement ball was called for before Alice Davidson-Richards could continue with four overs remaining. *Next ball, Issy Wong was caught at ‘deep-mid-wicket’ by Jemima Spence from Alice Davidson-Richards (3/46.) *Facing her first ball from Paige Scholfield (1/54) Georgia Davis 2(3) was clean-bowled, slightly knocking back her leg stump, just 5 balls later. *Finally, Charis Pavely 57*not out (52) made top-score. Bowler-turned-batter Ria Fackrell 12*not out(13.)

Stars’ Innings *Skipper Bryony Smith, Alice Davidson-Richards & Paige Scholfield returned from ‘England’ Ashes duty. Still without Alice Capsey, Freya Davies, and Sophia Dunkley. England Ashes duty. *Also without Tazmin Brits (Republic of South Africa) Aylish Cranstone, Tash Farrant and Chloe Hill. *Issy Wong’s opening spell took 2 wickets. *Kira Chathli 16(16) was ‘clean-bowled’ by Wong’s in-swinger to leg-stump. *Skipper Smith was caught by Ami Campbell at ‘deep-midwicket’ for a 6th ball ‘duck.’ *After ten overs Power-play, Stars were 36/2 (vs 26/2.) After 100 balls (16.4 overs) Stars seemed slightly ahead 73/3 (vs 50/3.) *Opener Alexa Stonehouse 29(44) was caught at ‘square’ by Katie George from Georgia Davis’ 2nd over of spin. *Jemima Spence 6(12) was spectacularly caught high one-handed in the ‘gulley’ by Eve Jones, followed by an athletic roll, also from Georgia Davis. *Paige Scholfield’s 7(8) bails were sent flying by Erin Burns. *By mid-way Stars were level-pegging: 111/5 (vs 100/4.) *Alice Davidson-Richards 48(57) was caught at ’square’ by Grace Potts from Katie George. *Required-run-rate remained close to par (one-run-per-ball.) *Kalea Moore 6(13) was caught ‘in the covers’ from a thick-edge by Charis Pavely. *Maddie Blinkhorn-Jones and Ryana Macdonald-Gay 16(28) found the boundary 6 times, to score 37 runs from just four overs, until the latter was bowled by Georgia Davis (3/52.) *With Stars fast running out of wickets, top-scorer Maddie Blinkhorn-Jones 77(80) was caught ‘in-the-covers’ by Bethan Ellis from Erin Burns – at which point Sparks fielders threw-up their hands, confident of victory. 3 balls later, Bethan Miles was skittled by Katie George (3/30) for an exciting finish.

Match summary Katie George & Issy Wong put in match-winning performances with bat-and-ball. As mentioned above, when batting, both batters were the only players to hit ‘sixes.’ Also, their combined run total (main batting partnerships each with another batter) totalled 150 runs. Katie George 5th wicket partnership with Bethan Ellis added 60 runs. Secondly, Issy Wong’s century match-winning partnership with Charis Pavely added 102 to Sparks’ score. Commentator added that Sparks batters had ‘given their side something to bowl at.’ Returning from England duty, Stars’ Alice Davidson-Richards was out just short of her ‘fifty’ and Stars’ Academy player Maddie Blinkhorn-Jones made top-score and personal best, bizarrely finding herself on the losing side for the second time this week. Finally, Stars tail-enders were left with too much to do, once the required-run-rate topped one-run-per-ball. Sparks were confident of victory, throwing their hands high with three overs remaining.

Match result: Central Sparks Women 246/8 beat South East Stars Women 225/10; (target 247) by 23 runs (with 15 balls remaining)

*Sparks’ batting: 246/8 (50/50 overs, 4.9 runs-per-over); Charis Paveley 57*not out (52), Issy Wong’99’ 50(49), Bethan Ellis 42(77), Katie George’99’ 31(37), Ria Fackrell 12*not out(13), Ami Campbell 10(20); *Stars bowling: Alice Davidson-Richards 3/46, Ryana Macdonald-Gay 2/49, Bryony Smith 1/15, Danielle ‘Danni’ Gregory 1/44, Paige Scholfield 1/54; Fow 1-9, 2-22, 3-34, 4-61, 5-121, 6-121, 7-223, 8-226.

*Stars’ batting: 225/10 (47.3/50 overs, 4.7 r-p-o; target 247 from 50 ov.)  Maddie Blinkhorn-Jones 77(80), Alice Davidson-Richards 48(57), Alexa Stonehouse 29(44), Kira Chathli 16(16),  Ryana Macdonald-Gay 16(28); *Sparks bowling: Katie George 3/30, Georgia Davis 3/52, Issy Wong 2/37, Erin Burns 2/40; Fow 1-29, 2-36, 3-65, 4-78, 5-94, 6-150, 7-164, 8-215, 9-225, 10-225.

*Scorecard & Statistics with edited highlights at URL: & BBC Sport @URL:

*Match free-to-air, courtesy of Surrey Cricket (for South East Stars) via NV-Play on YouTube ‘Livestream’ (starting from 22m19 (visual) & 37:50 (audio)/from 07h32m26) at URL: