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Charlotte Edwards Cup Final  – match 30 – Vipers vs Blaze

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Southern Vipers vs The Blaze on 10 & 11 June 2023: at Worcester (New Road) 

During an eventful Finals day, Vipers were twice interrupted by Thunder, on their way to winning their second Charlotte Edwards Cup (affectionally known by Vipers players as ‘Little Lottie.’) Match was adjourned for inclement weather, with Blaze said to be ‘in a pickle,’ mid-way through their 10th over. With biggest hitters (including England’s Tammy Beaumont) back in the ‘dug-out,’ Blaze fell short of making a defendable score. Vipers’ opener Danni Wyatt made her second ‘fifty’ inside 2 days. Fittingly, Vipers skipper Georgia Adams struck 2 ‘fours’ to retain the Cup with ‘back-to-back’ wins. POTM was awarded to Vipers’ player-coach Anya Shrubsole. Commentator Michael McCann (Sports journalist) appeared on both days, with Sophie Luff (Storm skipper). Other commentators were Charles Dagnall (TV broadcaster & former cricketer,) Mark Church (BBC), with players Sophie Luff (Storm skipper – on both days.) Also Aylish Cranstone (Stars) & Jo Gardner (Sunrisers.) Special guest was Georgie Heath (Sports journalist & ‘Women’s Cricket Chat’ social media.) Video highlights from ECB online (NV Play); with full match video from ‘The Blaze’ (Trent Bridge) & coverage by BBC radio (including Phil Cartwright & Kevan ‘Kev’ James) – please see below. Weather: rain stopped play. Match was adjourned and concluded on the reserve day.

Blaze batting – day 1: *Skipper Kirstie Gordon *[Nicole Faltum keeping wicket for Vipers] *With released England players Tammy Beaumont, Sarah Glenn & Kirstie Gordon & Scotland’s Kathryn & Sarah Bryce. *International player Nadine deKlerk (Republic of South Africa) *Without Natalie ‘Nat’ Sciver-Brunt. *Tammy Beaumont 4 runs (from 3 balls) went ‘leg before,’ playing forward to Anya Shrubsole’s 3rd ball. *Sarah Bryce 13(9) steepled to keeper Nicole Faltum – collecting backward of ‘gulley,’ from Anya Shrubsole’s (2/24) second ‘over.’ *After 6 overs’ PowerPlay, Blaze were 34/2. *Georgie Boyce 21 (21) snicked an edge to Nicole Faltum, bowled by Georgia Adams *Next over, Kathryn Bryce 10(15) middle-stump was flattened by Linsey Smith (1/15.) *Heavy rain stopped play mid-way through the 10th over. *Later decided the match was to be adjourned. *Blaze batting – day 2: Next day, Charlie Dean completed her over with 3 ‘dot’ balls. *After 10 overs, Blaze remained 53/4. *Sarah Glenn 7(11) was caught ‘in the deep’ by Freya Kemp from Charlie Dean *After 16.4 overs (100 balls), Blaze were 94/5. *Nadine deKlerk 14 (14) off-stump was flattened by Charlie Dean (2/21) *Sophie Munro 0(1) ‘off-stump’ was flattened for a ‘golden duck’ from Georgia Adams (2/20) *During the final over, Lucy Higham 6 (8) edged to Nicole Faltum, bowled by Mary Taylor’s pace (1/7) *Marie Kelly 26*not out (36) *Skipper Kirstie Gordon was 3*not out (2.) Three Vipers bowlers took 2 wickets each.

Vipers batting: *Skipper Georgia Adams *[Sarah Bryce keeping wicket for Blaze] *With released England players Danni Wyatt, Maia Bouchier & Charlie Dean. *International player Nicole Faltum (Australia Women’s Big Bash League WBBL.) *After 6 overs’ PowerPlay, Vipers were 61/0 (vs 34/2.) *Next over, Maia Bouchier 25(20) lost both bails to Sarah Glenn (1/22.) *After 10 overs, Vipers were 85/1 (vs 53/4); *Next over, Danni Wyatt 50 (28) went ‘leg before’ to an in-swinger from Nadine deKlerk (1/22) *Ella McCaughan 13(18) stepped down-the-wicket and was stumped by Sarah Bryce from Lucy Higham (1/16.) *Hitting 2 consecutive ‘fours’ to win, skipper Adams was 16* not out (12) *Freya Kemp *not out 13 (8) hit the only ’six’ of the match, but didn’t bowl. *Receiving POTM, Anya Shrubsole (2/24) was stand-out bowler. Deciding to announce her bowling retirement Shrubsole later told viewers: ‘that had hurt!’ For clarity, player-coach Anya Shrubsole mentioned retiring after ‘The Hundred’ (i.e.: in late August); to continue coaching Vipers’ bowlers. Previously when playing for England, Anya Shrubsole was awarded POTM in the Women’s Cricket World Cup Final of 2017.

Match summary: At the first step, Vipers beat Thunder in a north-south derby semi-final. At the second-step, Vipers played unbeaten Blaze in the same-day Final. Once thunder struck at Worcester, the match was adjourned with Blaze ‘in a pickle’ on 53/4. Commentators suggested that rain ‘came at the right time:’ giving each side an opportunity to take stock for when play resumed. Commentator, agreed that Blaze had (been afforded) ‘plenty of time to decide’ (how to play) their remaining ten overs. Vipers’ bowlers took another 4 Blaze wickets, leaving a barely defendable score for Vipers to chase down. Vipers opener Danni Wyatt scored back-to-back ‘fifties.’ As mentioned above, Georgia Adams scored winning runs to win by a comfortable margin. After the match, Vipers players gave interviews including: Georgia Adams, Anya Shrubsole, Danni Wyatt, Georgia Elwiss & Chloe Hill. Charlotte Edwards CBE was also interviewed, please see URL:

Match result: Southern Vipers Women 118/3 beat The Blaze Women 114/8 by 7 wickets with 16 balls remaining

*Blaze’s batting: 114/8 (20/20 overs @ 5.7 runs-per-over); Marie Kelly 26*not out(36), Georgie Boyce 21(21), Nadine deKlerk 14(14), Kathryn Bryce 10(15), Sarah Bryce 13(9); Vipers’ bowling: Georgia Adams 2/20, Charlie Dean 2/21, Anya Shrubsole 2/24, Mary Taylor 1/7, Linsey Smith 1/15; Fow: 1-4, 2-19, 3-47, 4-51, 5-67, 6-95, 7-98, 8-110.

*Vipers’ batting: 118/3 (17.2/20 overs @ 8.2 r-p-o); Danni Wyatt 50(28), Maia Bouchier 25 (20), Georgia Adams 16*not out (12), Freya Kemp 13*not out(8), Ella McCaughan 13(18); Blaze bowling: Lucy Higham 1/16, Sarah Glenn 1/22, Nadine deKlerk 1/22; Fow: 1-67, 2-88, 3-94.

*Scorecard with video highlights, courtesy of ECB via NV Play at URL: & BBC @URL:

*Full match video courtesy of The Blaze (starting from 08m18s/2h27m14s) via YouTube at URL:

*Footnote: As mentioned by BBC, the trophy was named after ‘former England Captain Charlotte Edwards’ who won five Ashes series, the World Cup and the World Twenty20.