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Charlotte Edwards Cup – match 16

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The Blaze vs Southern Vipers on May 29 (14h30) at Derby (The Incora County Ground)

The Blaze kept their unblemished 100% record with four wins out of four matches, after coming head-to-head with defending champions at Derby. Vipers made a ‘good start’ but as commentator Kev James put it to skipper Georgia Adams, after Vipers failed to scrape’ 130 runs, their lead ‘evaporated away.’ Georgia Adams’ felt (the situation was a) ‘brain-burner’: as Vipers believed they were ‘in the game’ for the whole time. By contrast, Blaze opener Tammy Beaumont closed one run short of ‘fifty,’ generously putting Blaze’s team performance above her own personal quest to score ‘fifty;’ as the match entered its final over. Separately, the match was played as a ‘double header’ on ‘Family Day.’ Commentators were Dave Fletcher (BBC radio Derby) with Kevan ‘Kev’ James (BBC radio Solent) & Hannah Thompson-Radford (HerGameToo & L’boro Univ.) Video highlights from ECB online (NV Play) with match video from Derbyshire TV (for The Blaze) – please see below. Weather was bright with sunny spells.

Vipers innings *Skipper Georgia Adams [with Sarah Bryce keeping wicket for The Blaze]. *Vipers with England’s Freya Kemp (said by commentators as ’not fit enough to bowl’) & player-coach Anya Shrubsole. Without Lauren Bell & Charlie Dean. International player Nicole Faltum (Australia).*After 6 overs Power-play, Vipers were 40/0, followed by two quick wickets. *Maia Bouchier 16 runs (from 14 balls) went into her shot ‘too early,’ sending a leading-edge ‘steepler,’ that was caught by the keeper. *Sarah Bryce running leg-side, short of ‘square’ from Kathryn Bryce’s bowling. *Danni Wyatt 23(28) was caught at ‘cover’ by Tammy Beaumont, from Kirstie Gordon (1/22.) *After 6 overs’ PowerPlay, Nicole Faltum 1(5) was bowled by Kathryn Bryce. *At mid-way, Vipers were 62/3. *2 balls later, Freya Kemp 12(8) was bowled by Lucy Higham (1/6) *Georgia Elwiss 3(9) picked ‘an unfortunate way to get out,’ played-on to Josie Groves 1/14. *Georgia Adams 31(27) was skittled, bails sent flying by Sophie Munro. *After 16.4 overs (100 balls) Vipers were 103/6. *5 balls later, Alice Monaghan was clean-bowled for a 3rd ball duck by Nadine deKlerk. *Next over Emily Windsor 9(13) was bowled by Sophie Munro (2/26.) *Linsey Smith 5(8) was ‘run out’ by Tammy Beaumont’s direct-hit from Nadine deKlerk’s penultimate innings ball, followed by a theatrical bow to entertain her home-crowd. *Finally, Mary Taylor 2(3) was clean-bowled by Nadine deKlerk, missing a leg-side shot. *Anya Shrubsole didn’t need to face a ball. *Reflectively, commentators said that Vipers’ good start had ‘evaporated away,’ toward the end.

Blaze innings *Skipper Kirstie Gordon [with Nicole Faltum keeping wicket for Vipers] *Blaze with England’s Tammy Beaumont. *Without Sarah Glenn (rested, but watching.) *With Scotland’s Kathryn & Sarah Bryce. International player Nadine deKlerk (Republic of South Africa) *Marie Kelly 5(5) was caught ‘tamely’ by Mary Taylor at at square, from Linsey Smith’s 1st ball. *Attempting to go ‘over the top,’ Georgie Boyce 7(14) was caught-and-bowled by Georgia Elwiss *After 6 overs Power-play, Blaze were 31/2 (vs 40/0.) *Approaching mid-way, Kathryn Bryce 14(17), was bowled by Georgia Adams (1/19) *After 10 overs, Blaze were 46/3 (vs 62/3.) *After just 1 run scored from Mary Taylor, Sarah Bryce and Tammy Beaumont picked-up the pace. *Next over, Alice Monaghan was plundered for 25 runs. *Another 12 runs came from Georgia Elwiss. *Next over, Sarah Bryce 17(19) was clean-bowled by Linsey Smith’s (2/19) first ball. *After 16.4 overs (100 balls) Blaze were level-pegging on 99/4 (vs 103/6.) *Attempting to launch Anya Shrubsole’s next ball, Nadine deKlerk 9(14) was clean-bowled through the gate. *Requiring 3 to win, Georgia Adams handed the death-over ball to Mary Taylor. *After scoring a ‘single,’ Tammy Beaumont and Sophie Munro ran 2 leg-byes: one to draw scores level; the second leg-bye to win.*Tammy Beaumont 49*not out (40), carried her bat, making top-score, but closing one run short of her own ‘fifty;’ with Sophie Munro 12*not out (from 11 balls.)

Match summary: ‘Crunch’ match with both unbeaten teams coming head-to-head. Vipers 1st wicket between Bouchier and Wyatt banked 44 runs. Skipper Adams played anchor, but Vipers fell short of making a defendable score. When Blaze replied, England’s Tammy Beaumont made top score, carried her bat, for Blaze’s 4th back-to-back win. After the match, Vipers skipper Georgia Adams was interviewed by broadcaster Kev James. Despite ’failing to scrape’ 130, skipper Adams felt that it was always a closely contended match.

Match result: The Blaze Women 119/5 (target 119 from 20 overs) beat Southern Vipers Women 118/10 by 5 wickets (with 2  balls remaining)

Vipers Batting: 118/10 (19.3/20 overs @ 6 runs per over) Georgia Adams 31(27), Danni Wyatt 23(28), Maia Bouchier 16(14),  Freya Kemp 12(8); Blaze bowling: Nadine deKlerk 2/10, Kathryn Bryce 2/17, Sophie Munro 2/26, Lucy Higham 1/6, Josie Groves 1/14, Kirstie Gordon 1/22; Fow: 1-44, 2-44, 3-49 4-63, 5-77, 6-103, 7-106, 8-108, 9-118, 10-118.

Blaze batting: 119/5 (19.4/20 overs @ 6 r-p-o)  Tammy Beaumont 49*not out (40), Kathryn Bryce 14(17),  Sarah Bryce 17(19), Sophie Munro 12*not out(11); Vipers bowling Linsey Smith 2/19, Anya Shrubsole 1/14, Georgia Adams 1/19, Georgia Elwiss 1/32.Fow: 1-5, 2-24, 3-45 4-84, 5-99.

Scorecard with video highlights, courtesy of ECB via NV Play on YouTube at URL:

BBC radio Derby commentary and scorecard at URL: BBC radio solent interview

Full match video (starting from 32m00s/03h26m05s) courtesy of Derbyshire TV (for The Blaze) on YouTube at URL:

‘The Blaze’ stay top, unbeaten from 4 wins, total 18 points) Latest England and Wales Cricket Board tables at URL: