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The first ever National Women’s Swimming Team for Afghanistan

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The President of the Afghanistan Swimming Federation has teamed up with New York city based start-up Dreamfuel* to launch a campaign to create the first ever National Women’s Swimming Team for Afghanistan.

The achievement of this aim will be a massive boost to women and girls across this beleaguered country.

The Afghanistan National Swimming Federation (ANSF) was established in 2004 to provide leadership and management on all swimming activities and to represent Afghanistan on the international stage. One can only imagine the challenge they face as regards lack of basic infrastructure, the development of which is pivotal in starting the process of providing the opportunities for children and young people to learn to swim, join swim teams and develop the athletes needed for competition both at home and internationally.

Despite the difficulties they face generally, the ANSF believe the time is right to make a push to establish an all women swimming team.  Obviously, there are cultural challenges involved in encouraging female swimmers but Afghanistan finds itself alone among its neighbours (and most of the rest of the world) in that it has no women’s swimming teams and the ANSF are encouraging and empowering women and girls to take up the sport.

Having proposed the idea of starting women’s teams they are already receiving enquiries from young women and their families about how to pursue their interest in swimming.

The challenge is huge but you can support it here and you can also read the full proposal from the ANSF.

We believe that taking part in sport is hugely important for healthy development of children and adults.  For women and girls in Afghanistan to be given the opportunity to learn to swim, to develop into athletes and make the most of any natural talent is wonderful.

We wish both Dreamfuel and the ANSF ever success with this important campaign.

*Dreamfuel enables athletes and teams to fund-raise ­through targeted campaigns on their website.  They empower each athlete and team to engage with the community that surrounds them, activating new fans and supporters along the way.