Source: Lt Col Charles Jackman

The Army Hockey Cup Competition Major/Minor Units

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The Forces Financial sponsored, Army Hockey Cup Competition will have a new format this         year.

The Quarter Finals will commence on 22 April, Semi Finals on 29 April and the Final will take place on 19 May 15 on the second day of the Inter Corps Outdoors Tournament.

a. Minor/Major Quarter Finals Day – Starting 0930 Weds 22 Apr 15

(i) There are 7 Major Units and 7 Minor Units who have qualified for this stage of the Army Cup. The order of play is at Annex B.

(ii) Major Unit Teams taking part are:

(a) Wimbish Stn

(b) 1 Gren Gds

(c) 1 RSME

(d) 11 Sig Regt

(e) 26 Engr Regt

(f) 1 WG

(g) BA (G) Unit

(h) Arborfield – Reserve if BA(G) are unable to field a team

(i) Army HQ – Reserve if BA(G) are unable to field a team

(iii) Minor Unit Teams taking part are:

(a) Defence Animal Centre

(b) MTMC

(c) 4 Med Regt

(d) HQ Londist


(f) 47 RA

(g) BA (G) Unit

(h) 4 LSR – Reserve if BA(G) are unable to field a team

(i) 1 R Anglian – Reserve if BA(G) are unable to field a team

b. Major/Minor Semi Finals Day – Starting 0930 Weds 29 Apr 15

(i) The winning units of the Quarter Finals will take part in the Semi Finals.

c. Army Cup Finals –Tues 19 May 15 Timings TBC

(i) Winning Units of Major/Minor Semi-Finals will play Tues 19 May 15 during the Inter Corps Outdoors Tournament.

1. The pools were drawn independently at the AHA office. The order of play can be seen at Annex B (link below).


Teams are to change in the Pavilion where individual team changing rooms are available on each day.


A fast food van will be on site for each day of the competition.


Vehicles are only to be parked in recognised car parks. The car park closest to the synthetic pitches will be reserved for team minibuses and officials only. Players and spectators are asked to park on the grass crete car park and the rear gate to the Pavilion area will be opened for easy access.


All matches will be played according to the Hockey Association Rules for Competitions. Any games that need to have a result will go immediately to penalty strokes x 5, all 5 to count. If there is no result then 5 sudden death penalty strokes will take place. All games are 35 minutes each way, with a 5 minute half time.


Hon Secretary Army Hockey Umpires Association is asked to provide umpires for all matches. The Umpire Manager for this tournament will be confirmed before 22 April 15.


Team Managers are to complete the attached Team Sheet at Annex A, emailed to the Sec AHA as soon as possible. Amendments will be allowed on the day. Please note that shirt numbers are required and must be shown as appropriate on the Team Sheets. Only those personnel named on the Team Sheet will be allowed to sit or congregate on the player’s benches. Squads should consist of a maximum of 16 players. All teams are to bring an alternative team strip colour, particularly socks.


Travel for this tournament for players and officials are at public expense, quoting individual Unit UIN, followed by DIN 2013 10-014. The costs should be kept to an absolute minimum and cars shared wherever possible.


Accommodation is very limited in the Aldershot area. Charlotte Mills in the AHA Office will try to help secure accommodation. However, it is recommended to call CABS on 01252 352154 first to book accommodation for your squad if you need it.


The following teams won trophies in 2014. 11 Sig Regt is to ensure the Major Unit trophy is returned to the AHA secretary clean and engraved by Fri 17 April 15. 5 Med Regt is to ensure the Minor Units trophy is delivered on Fri 17 Apr 15.

a. Major Units 11 Sig Regt

b. Minor Units 5 Med Regt


The Tri Service Cup, Major Unit winners of all 3 services will play in the Tri Service Cup competition. This event will take place at RAF Halton, date TBC.


Please down load the following PDF documentMajor and Minor Units Draw