Source: Roger Thompson/John Walton

British Army Rugby Union

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This is the 18th season of women’s rugby within the Army.

Today women’s rugby is vibrant and played at all levels around the world in competitions and events.  With the England Women’s rugby team winning the World Cup this year the publicity for women’s rugby has increased exponentially.  The army aim to challenge and develop their team and have been busy organising a demanding fixture list playing both Championship and Premiership Clubs within the UK, which will give their players the opportunity to play against International and National Players.

4 December

Source: Roger Thompson/John Walton

The standard of Army Women’s Rugby is increasing year on year.  This is no small part, due to the very successful and thriving Inter Corp Championship.  Two further initiatives which have reaped definite benefits are the introduction of an Army Development Team, introducing new players with the potential to play at full Army level to a high standard of rugby and the second being Corp Concentrations, enabling a large number of players to come together and receive a high level of coaching, exchange ideas and develop skill sets.

The Mission Statement is: to promote awareness and support the development of Women’s Rugby in the Army, win the Inter Services Championships every year by performing at the highest level at every opportunity.

Forthcoming fixtures are as follows:

17 February – Army v England U 20s at Aldershot Stadium

14 March –Old Albians v Army at St Albans

21 March – Army v Wasps at Aldershot Stadium

18 April – Army v Aylesford at Aldershot Stadium

30 April – Army v RAF Aldershot Stadium

9 May – Royal Navy v Army at Kneller Hall, Twickenham