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England Rose Laura Malcolm Returns To Manchester Thunder

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Laura Malcolm returns to Manchester Thunder as Technical Support Coach

After leaving Manchester Thunder in 2022 and playing overseas for Mainland Tactix in New Zealand for the past year, Manchester Thunder are ecstatic to announce the return of England Roses player, Laura Malcom, as their new Technical Support Coach for their Super League squad and Head of Pathways for the 2024 season.

Malcolm has shared all four Manchester Thunder Netball Super League titles with them, highlighting her true commitment and impact she has had on the team. Manchester Thunder Head Coach and Franchise Director Karen Greig, says, “I am really excited that we are able to announce in my first staff recruitment as Franchise Director the appointment of Laura Malcolm. Having worked with Laura before when she was our Pathway Head coach, I know she has the attributes to be successful in this new position and I am excited to be working alongside her once again.”

Greig explains, ‘‘This is a key role within our new structure as a club. Laura will work closely with our Pathway Head Coach Lauren Palmer to ensure continued success of our pathways and development of the athletes in our programmes.”

As a player who has always been impactful on and off the court, helping the England Roses secure a silver medal at the 2023 Netball World Cup, having Malcolm integrated into the Manchester Thunder Pathway scheme is designed to help develop their athletes effectively.

Not only will Malcolm be supporting the Pathway but she will also head the new Abu Dhabi Academy. This has been set up to help girls in Abu Dhabi develop their netball skills through weekly training sessions from our Manchester Thunder Pathway Programme plus holiday camps, competitive matches and overseas tours.

Giving young girls access to netball coaching is something Malcolm is a driving force for as she also runs her own netball business where she coaches sessions online encouraging people to play no matter their background.

Malcolm said, “I’m so happy to be back in the Manchester Thunder fold. Although things are looking a little different for me this season, the love and passion I have for this franchise remains the same. It’s a real honour to be linking in with one of the most successful coaching teams in the NSL [Netball Super League] and to head up the Thunder Pathways. This franchise continues to move in the right direction and I’m delighted to re-join the journey.”

She concluded, “I’m counting down the days until I see and hear all you crazy but amazing Thunder fans again, it’s been too long!”

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