England U20s in great form against Canada

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England Women U20s have now played two of the three matches in their summer series against Canada.

The first match (Thursday 18 August) ended 46-8 to the England girls as they cruised past Canada scoring eight tries on the way.

The England tries were scored by Jess Breach (3) Kelly Smith, Lottie Holland, Millie Wood, Sarah Bern and Chantelle Miell. Zoe Harrison kicked two conversions and Langi Tuima also added one.

Canada scored a penalty through Taejah Thompson in the first half and a second-half try by Zana Everett.

For the second match (Monday 22 August) Jo Yapp made 5 changes but this hardly slowed the team down as they strode to a 39-12 victory scoring just the seven tries this time.

The England women established a 22-5 lead at the break through Abi Dow’s hat trick and a try from Sally Stott with Zoe Harrison kicking a conversion.

Kasselle Menin scored Canada U20’s only points of the first half.

England’s second half tries were scored by Poppy Leitch, Abi Dow and Sarah Bern with Lagilagi Tuima kicking a conversation.

Jordyn Orlando scored Canada’s only try of the second half.

The stage is now set for the final game on Friday.

England Women U20 Squad v  Canada 22 August

Name                                  Club                                     University

15 Kelly Smith                      Worcester                          Hartpury University

14 Abigail Dow                    Wasps   –

13 Sydney Gregson             Bristol                                 University of Bath

12 Emily Wood (C)             Lichfield                             University of Gloucestershire

11Rachael Woosey              DMP Sharks

10 Zoe Harrison                  Welwyn               –

9 Caity Mattinson               DMP Sharks                       Northumbria University

1 Katie Trevarthen              Lichfield                              Coventry University

2 Rebecca Noon                  Lichfield                              Nottingham Trent University

3 Hannah West                   Wasps                                   Brunel University

4 Molly Morrissey               Lichfield                              Hartpury University

5 Anna Wolf                         DMP Sharks                        Northumbria University

6 Sally Stott         –               Edinburgh University

7 Poppy Leitch                     Bristol                                   University of Exeter

8 Zoe Aldcroft                      DMP Sharks                         Northumbria University

16 Amy Cokayne                  Lichfield                                Loughborough University

17 Ellie Mulhearn                Cleve                                       Filton (AASE)

18 Sarah Bern                      Bristol                                     University of Gloucestershire

19 Hollie Cunningham       Cleve     –

20 Lucy Nye                         Litchfield                                Loughborough University

21 Chantelle Miell               Bristol                                     University of Bath

22 Charlotte Holland          Bristol                                     University of Bath

23 Lagilagi Tuima                Devonport Services          –