Source: British Army

British Army women take on the Nomads

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The British Army women’s rugby union team played the Nomads at Army Rugby stadium at Aldershot today in horrible wintry conditions.  

The battling display from both teams is indicated in the score which was 10-5 in the favour of the Nomads. The Army will now look to push on for their Inter-services tournament, which will hopefully be played in better weather.

The Army team:

Maj C Maxwell AGC (SPS), Sgt R Metters REME, Sgt B Dawson AGC (RMP), Pte E Gattlin RLC, LCpl H Silcox RAMC, Capt E Mills RA, Capt A Hardy RA, CPL J Leonard (C) RE, Capt G Stonebridge-Smith AGC (ETS), 2Lt K Hancock RE, Sgt S Mitchelson (VC) RLC, Capt G Rowland RA, Lt L Thompson AGC (RMP), Sgt D Phan Int Corps, Sgt J Joubert RLC

Nomads team:

1 Dee 2 Mimnagh 3 Bannon 4 Wheeler 5 McCormack 6 Phelps 7 Sharples 8 Monteiro 9 Lee 10 Chamberlain 11 Tuson 12 Campbell 13 Jackson 14 Ball 15 Shiels


West, Dowe, Goddard, Kapo, Wong, Buckland-Hurry, Roberts