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7s Contracts are we on the right track?

Some two years before the Tokyo Olympics begin, the youngest squad at the Kitakyushu Sevens spring the biggest surprise of the tournament: Canada overtake England  in the final only after the allotted 14 minutes are up. (5-7) How do we begin to explain this remarkable achievement? The thinking that underlies the RFU’s approach to contracts and

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Two Semi-Finals

Saracens v Wasps – Allianz Park 13 April If we felt sorry for Sarries losing three Red Roses to injury (Vicky Fleetwood, Bryony Cleall and Marlie Packer), we should note the eleven (11!) who strode out to put Wasps in their place. It took them nearly 20 minutes to get off the mark, but it was

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Looking ahead to the new Super Series

USA Rugby has really gone upmarket on the latest version of the Super Series. Gathering together the top five ranked nations means this tournament represents the biggest showcase for women’s 15s rugby ever staged outside the World Cup. And it helps to bridge that lengthy four-year gap. For three of the competitors, Canada, New Zealand

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The Game-Changer – What follows?

It’s instructive to consider some of the points arising from the big game at the Stoop last Saturday, dubbed The Game-Changer.  This was the second initiative of its kind that Quins have mounted, and it must be counted a roaring success. Now let’s see why it was needed. Compare the attendance at the Stoop with

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Six Nations Quiz 2019

How good is your knowledge of the Women’s Six Nations? Have a go at our quiz and do please let us know how you get on. (Answers are below – but no cheating!) A few cinches, some stinkers to test how closely you followed this year’s Women’s Six Nations Who scored the first try of

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Tyrrells Round 17 – A Landmark Day!

Important results everywhere, but pride of place must go to: Waterloo 19 Worcester 27 Yes, the Valkyries post their first victory after 35 attempts in the Tyrrells. Congratulations! The smiles on their faces post-match said everything. The tweeter got so excited, we read COVY! instead of COYV! No apologies needed. It was good seeing Lydia

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