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Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy 2024 – match 6

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North West Thunder vs Sunrisers, at Emirates Old Trafford (Lancs) on 24 April (09h30)

Fi Morris (pictured) hit 89 for Thunder’s record 3rd wicket partnership of 193, partnered by Katie Mack 100 from Austrailia’s ‘big bash,’ said to have ‘led (Thunder’s) charge.’ When bowling, each took one wicket, more making-up for both players disappointment with low scores during their opening match. During a post-match interview, Katie Mack also looked forward to returning to UK (later this year) to play a ‘couple of big games.’ Katie Mack enjoyed playing a beneficial ‘anchor-role’ for her team. She was also glad to have chalked-up her 4th ‘List A’ century: please see video link at end. Separately, Thunder were beefed-up by England bowlers Sophie Ecclestone & Kate Cross – who both took 3-fers. Thunder bagged a bonus point from what became a one-sided match. Commentators: Michael ‘Mike’ Perkins (Sports broadcaster) with Polly Starkie (‘Noughtie Child Podcast’ social media co-host); Scott Reid (Sports Journalist) & Alex Hartley (ex England women & ex Thunder.) Weather was described as having ‘patches of blue sky’ between grey clouds, with wind-chill around 10C.

Thunder Innings *Skipper Eleanor ‘Ellie’ Threlkeld *With Sophie Ecclestone, Kate Cross, Emma Lamb (England), Seren Smale (England u19s), Katie Mack (Australia Big bash) Tara Norris (US); [*Amara Carr keeping wicket for Sunrisers] *Thunder’s batting: Early disaster struck when Emma Lamb mis-timed Mady Villiers’ spin and Seren Smale was skittled by fellow England u19 player Jodi Grewcock. *After 10 overs power-play 39/2; By mid-way 114/2; *Significant 3rd wicket partnership of 193 – as mentioned above. *Sophie Ecclestone was the only batter to score (2) ’sixes’ during the entire match. Katie Mack 100(110), Fi Morris 89(106), Ellie Threlkeld 26*not out (25), Sophie Ecclestone 24(16), Seren Smale 21(26); *Sunrisers bowling: Electing to bowl, Sunrisers gifted 15 ‘wides’ (vs 6) *Kate Coppack 2/32, Nicola Hancock 1/55, Jodi Grewcock 1/40, Mady Villiers 1/71;

Sunrisers Innings skipper Grace Scrivens (England ‘A’) unchanged with Jodi Grewcock (England u19s), Mady Villiers (ex-England) & Nicola Hancock (Australian big-bash) [Ellie Threlkeld keeping wicket for Thunder] One run was scored from Kate Cross’ 1st three overs. *Proving unplayable, Kate Cross’ 4th over took a wicket. *After 10 overs power-play 26/1 (vs 39/2) Disaster struck when Grace Scrivens and Cordelia Griffith departed 4 balls apart. *Mid-way (After 25 overs) Sunrisers were 95/5 (vs 114/2) with 3-wickets disadvantage. *Jodi Grewcock and Flo Miller showed spirited resistance by adding ‘fifty’ for Sunrisers’ 6th wicket. *Sunrisers’ batting Jodi Grewcock 38(47), Mady Villiers 21(16), Florence ‘Flo’ Miller 19(29), Nicola Hancock 15(24), Cordelia Griffith 11(17) Ariana Dowse 10(19); *Thunder’s bowling *No runs were scored by tail-enders from Thunder’s last 30 deliveries. *Kate Cross 3/21, Sophie Ecclestone 3/40, Hannah Jones 2/35, Fi Morris 1/32, Phoebe Graham 1/6;

Match result: North West Thunder 292/5 (50/50 overs; @5.8 runs-per-over from 50 ov.) beat Sunrisers 150 (@3.7 rpo from 40.1/50 ov, target 293 from 50 ov.) by 142 runs with 59 balls remaining

*Scorecard courtesy of ECB @URL

*Match with Alex Hartley interview intro, free-to-air courtesy of Lancs Cricket TV via ‘YouTube’ <6h41m46s> @URL

*Katie Mack’s post-match reaction interview, free-to-air courtesy of Lancs Cricket TV via ‘YouTube’ <5m24s> @URL

*Footnote: match venue remained uncertain until match day, starting one hour earlier than as advertised 

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