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Scotland’s two squads for the Celtic Challenge 2023-24

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The most refreshing thing about these lists is the absence of players based in England.

This is the crucial step each of the Celtic nations must take. One name stands out: Emma Orr, already a highly promising test player at the age of 20, and likely to act as a beacon of hope to the other youngsters playing around her.

Scotland’s policy is far more radical than their opponents’. That to me is the correct, though riskier way forward. They are looking to build for the future.

The two sides meet in the first round on Saturday 30 December, KO 12pm at Hive Stadium Edinburgh). They are:

Edinburgh Rugby

Adelle Ferrie (Corstorphine Cougars), Aila Ronald (University of Edinburgh)*, Alex Stewart (Corstorphine Cougars)*, Alison Wilson (Heriot’s Blues), Freya Walker (Watsonian FC)*, Katie Lindsay (Corstorphine Cougars)*, Lucy Kidd (Corstorphine Cougars), Merryn Gunderson (Corstorphine Cougars), Millie Capaldi (Heriot’s Blues), Millie Whitehouse (University of Edinburgh), Molly Poolman (Watsonian FC)*, Natasha Logan (University of Edinburgh)*, Poppy Fletcher (University of Edinburgh)*, Rachel Cox (Stirling County), Sam Taganekurukuru (Stirling County), Sophie Murphy (Stirling County)* (16)

Ami Conchie (Watsonian FC), April McKenzie (unattached)*, Briar McNamara (Watsonian FC), Cieron Bell (University of Edinburgh)*, Emma Orr (Heriot’s Blues/ Biggar)*, Giselle Chicot (Heriot’s Blues), Hannah Chrisp (Heriot’s Blues), Hannah Ramsay (Corstorphine Cougars), Hannah Walker (University of Edinburgh)*, Mary Nelson (Watsonian FC), Nicole Flynn (University of Edinburgh)*, Rachel Philipps (Watsonian FC)*, Sarah Denholm (University of Edinburgh)*, Zoe Turner (Corstorphine Cougars) (14)
*Scottish Rugby Regional Training Centre supported players

Glasgow Warriors

Chloe Brown (Stirling County), Eilidh Fleming (Stirling County)*, Kaylee Fraser (Corstorphine Cougars), Debbie Lee (Hillhead Jordanhill), Hannah McMahon (Edinburgh University), Ailie Tucker (Watsonian FC), Karis Craig (Watsonian FC)*, Nikki Simpson (Garioch)*, Holland Bogan (Stirling County)*, Eve Thomson (Hillhead Jordanhill)*, Ellie Williamson (West of Scotland)*, Sophie Anderson (Watsonian FC), Megan Hyland (Garioch)*, Alex Love (West of Scotland), Alison Orr (Biggar), Kirsty Ritchie (Biggar)*, Emma Turner (Corstorphine Cougars), Lucy Winter (Watsonian FC)

Rhea Clarke (Edinburgh University)*, Rebekah Douglas (Corstorphine Cougars)*, Ceitidh Ainsworth (Stirling County)*, Carla McDonald (Hillhead Jordanhill)*, Pearl Kellie (Heriots), Lucy MacRae (Edinburgh University)*, Claudia McClaren (Stirling County), Charlotte Burrows (Garioch)*, Roma Fraser (Hillhead Jordanhill)*, Sky Phimister (Stirling County)*, Pheadra Snailham (Stewartry Sirens), Beth Tobin (Hillhead Jordanhill) (30)

*Scottish Rugby Regional Training Centre supported player.

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