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FitrWoman Levels the Playing Field for Female Athletes Worldwide

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  •  65-70% of female athletes say their performance is affected during their menstrual cycle
  • The FitrWoman app is free to use. FitrCoach is available in Premium and Basic, with the basic version made available at no cost
  • Users include England’s Lionesses, Multiple WSL teams, British Athletics and USA Swimming

FitrWoman has announced the launch of its new mobile app and coach platform, designed to educate and empower female athletes of all ages and abilities.

True to its mission to increase access to knowledge, FitrWoman provides vital resources and tools for free. Developed by leading researchers, with applied experience at the highest level of global sports, the platform offers accessible, science-backed resources for female health education and menstrual cycle tracking. With the goal of removing barriers for athletes and coaches and level the playing field, FitrWoman is galvanizing a movement toward informed and empowered female athletic performance.

Studies conducted by FitrWoman reveal that 65-70% of female athletes say their performance is affected during their menstrual cycle, emphasizing the need to understand female physiology and the effects of hormones on athletic performance and recovery. Yet, only 28% of exercising women receive education around their physiology. FitrWoman is on a mission to address this systemic gap in research and the new app draws on their research to equip female athletes with the tools and knowledge to train in sync with their menstrual cycles, not against them.

Committed to removing barriers and providing information and tools for all, the FitrWoman app is free to use. FitrCoach is available in Premium and Basic, with the basic version made available at no cost, so any team can be empowered to unlock their full health and performance potential, utilizing the same platform that elite athletes have access to.

Dr Jess Freemas, FitrWoman said, “We’re changing the game for female athletes in how they train and perform, and the launch of FitrWoman and FitrCoach is a significant step forward. Our approach is grounded in a deep understanding of female physiology and the menstrual cycle, so by releasing a platform that translates our research into practical insights for female athletes, we’re empowering women to better understand their body and confidently take control of how they train.”

Introduced in 2018, FitrWoman has been a pioneering force in female athlete health and performance. Trusted by athletes and coaches at all levels of sport, including elite users such as The Lionesses, Chelsea FC Women, British Athletics, USA Swimming and USA Volleyball, FitrWoman has become a trailblazing force in the field

The new app introduces enhanced features including:

· Cycle tracking for diverse menstrual cycles and hormonal contraceptives use.
· Dynamic content experiences informed by cycle status and symptom logging.
· Improved data visualization tools.
· The FitrCoach platform seamlessly integrates with the app and offers a dynamic dashboard and athlete profiles for coaches’ informed decision-making.
· FitrCoach also facilitates content sharing from coach to athlete, so athletes can feel supported and equipped to confidently manage their symptoms and train at their best.

Dr. Brian Moore, CEO, Orreco, said, “As a leader in this space, we take great pride in our years of investment and ongoing commitment to advance research in female athlete health and performance. We are immensely proud to provide a platform that not only empowers female athletes through accessible education but also fosters a community where every athlete, regardless of age or ability, can harness the power of their unique physiology. Our ambition to be at the forefront of female athlete research continues, and we are excited to contribute to the transformative impact it can have on women’s sports globally.”

To learn more about FitrWoman, please visit Download the free mobile app on the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.

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