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WXV – Who’s in charge?

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Australia – Jay Tregonning
The only part-timer in the top tier; Rugby Australia has launched a search for a permanent DoR

Canada – Kevin Rouet
Born in Bordeaux, but emigrated to Canada fourteen years ago

England – Louis Deacon
Interim only; if John Mitchell makes it to NZ in time, he will be ‘an observer’

France – Gaëlle Mignot and David Oriz
The only co-coaches on view

New Zealand – Allan Bunting
Formerly i/c highly successful Sevens squad

Wales – Ioan Cunningham
At last a figure of stability after a period of profound disturbance in Welsh rugby


Italy – Giovanni ‘Nanni’ Raineri
Took over from the long-serving Andrea Di Giandomenico in 2022

Japan – Lesley McKenzie
Former Canadian international; i/c since 2019

Samoa – Ramsey Tomokino
In another life an IT Manager

Scotland – Bryan Easson
Stepped in on interim basis to replace Philip Doyle; now permanent DoR

South Africa Louis Koen
Interim only, since March this year

USA – Milton Haig
Interim only; asked by World Rugby to step in


Colombia – Lissete Martinez
Led the outsiders to one game short of the 2021 World Cup

Fiji – Inoke Male
Former international and head coach of the men’s team

Ireland – Scott Bemand
ex-England assistant coach; appointed in July

Kazakhstan – Anna Yakovleva
First cap at 16 and four World Cups!

Kenya – Dennis Mwanja Kolia
Former 7s expert; 57 tries in world rugby

Spain – Juan Gonzalez
Took over from the long-serving Jose Yunque Barrio in 2022

Basic Stat

Out of eighteen head coaches (or DoRs) just three-and-a-half are female; or, calculated differently, four out of nineteen.

So World Rugby’s attempts to increase women’s presence at the top coaching level have been widely rebuffed, not least by the four home unions. How do they answer the charge?