USA Eagles Roster – A spinning Top

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The three lists below indicate the spinning-top that is the USA Eagles campaign at present.

To start with, two head coaches are responsible: Rich Ashfield in Ireland only, then Milton Haig takes over for the Wales match and the all-important WXV campaign.

The Full List:

Catie Benson (Sale), Monalisa Tupou (Life West), Kathryn Treder (Loughborough), *Paige Stathopoulos (Beantown), Keia Mae Sagapolu (Leicester), Tiara A’au (New York), Charli Jacoby (unattached), Hallie Taufoou (Beantown), Erica Jarrell (Beantown), Rachel Ehrecke (Grey Wolves), Freda Tafuna (Lindenwood U.), Georgie Perris-Redding (Sale), Tahlie Brody (Leicester), Rachel Johnson (Exeter), *Yeja Dunn (Beantown), Carly Waters (Grey Wolves), Taina Tukuafu (Lindenwood U.), Gabby Cantorna (Exeter), Meya Bizer (Trailfinders), Autumn Czaplicki (USA 7s), Eti Haungatau (Sale), Mata Hingano USA 7s), Kate Zackary (Trailfinders), Emily Henrich (Beantown), Tess Feury (Leicester), Bulou Mataitoga (Berkeley)

Ireland only

Sarah Levy USA 7s), *Alivia Leatherman (Notre Dame), *Amanda Berta (Experts, PR7s), Jenny Kronish (Beantown)

WXV only

Lotte Clapp (Saracens), Hope Rogers (Exeter), Evi Ashenbrucker (San Diego), Summer Harris- Jones (USA 7s)


So the full group of 34 divides into three. Four players are bound for the training session with the Irish squad only. Then four more will be added on after the Wales test has been completed.

It’s good news that Hope Rogers can resume her accustomed place in the No 1 shirt after a lengthy injury.

The question remains whether the cluster of familiar names (essentially leading figures in the Prem 15s) will be enough to offset the inexperience of others who are US-based. One particular category will be the players brought in from the national Sevens squad. They will have a lot of catching-up to do to match the know-how of team-mates like Lotte Clapp, Kate Zackary, Gabby Cantorna and Rogers.

The performances of those two new caps in the first list (Dunn and Stathopoulos) will give us an idea of the relative standing of the WPL, the elite league in the States. They are seen as outstanding home-grown prospects.

From this distance it seems a great shame that Haig could not have taken over full control of events much sooner. He will have next to no time to impart his wisdom on the players and influence their style of play.

But then, he’s not the permanent replacement. The top will spin once more.

The USA Campaign Friendly

30 September v Wales, Colwyn Bay


14 October v Samoa, Danie Craven Stadium, Stellenbosch
20 October Friday v Scotland, Athlone Stadium, Cape Town
28 October v Italy, Athlone Stadium, Cape Town

All matches live on RugbyPass