Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy 2023 – match 55 – Blaze vs Vipers

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The Blaze vs Southern Vipers  at Haslegrave Ground, Loughborough (Leics), on September 16

Beefed-up by two England internationals (Maia Bouchier and Charlie Dean): three ‘Vipers’ batters (Maia Bouchier, Georgia Elwiss & Emily Windsor) scored ‘fifties’; to boost their net-run-rate. By comparison, only one ‘Blaze’ batter (Marie Kelly) scored ‘fifty,’ as Blaze went down to their third successive defeat. ‘Vipers’ bag a bonus point, winning the match by a wide margin to book their place in the Northampton final. ‘Blaze’ will play ‘South East Stars’ in the Eliminator/Play-off. Commentator Mike Perkins (Sports journalist) with guest Regina Suddahazai-Khan (Italian International player.) Video highlights courtesy of ECB (NV Play) & Southern Vipers TV (please see below.) Weather at Haslegrave was mainly overcast with grey clouds.

Vipers Innings *Skipper Georgia Adams [*Sarah Bryce keeping wicket for Blaze] *With Maia Bouchier, Charlie Dean & Freya Kemp; Without Danni Wyatt or International player Nicole Faltum (Aus.) *Ella McCaughan 0(9) went plumb ‘leg-before’ to left-arm seamer Grace Ballinger, for a 9th ball ‘duck.’ After 10 overs ‘Power-play,’ ‘Vipers’ were 35/1. Maia Bouchier and Georgia Adams 2nd wicket century partnership added 102 runs. *During the 20th over, Georgia Adams 40(45) was caught at ‘square’ by Grace Ballinger, from Josie Groves; *Just before mid-way, Maia Bouchier 64(68) who’d hit two ‘sixes,’ was caught at ‘mid-wicket’ by Ella Claridge, from Josie Groves; *By mid-way ‘Vipers’ were 129/3. Emily Windsor and Georgia Elwiss 4th wicket partnership added 94 runs. *Emily Windsor 52(53) was bowled ‘through-the-gate’ by Josie Groves (3/64.) *Hitting one ‘six,’ Freya Kemp 25(18) was ’run-out’ by Kathryn Bryce; *Georgia Elwiss 64(68) was caught ‘in-the-deep’ by Josie Groves from Kathryn Bryce *Linsey Smith 8(12) was caught ‘in-the-covers’ by Kathryn Bryce, from Grace Ballinger *Two balls later, *Rhianna Southby 0(2) was bowled ‘off-stump’ by left-armer Grace Ballinger coming over-the-wicket *Mary Taylor 2(7) was ’run-out’ by Marie Kelly with Kirstie Gordon receiving at the non-striker’s end; *Three balls later, Charlie Dean 21(18) top-edged to Ella Claridge around ‘mid-wicket,’ from Grace Ballinger (4/58); leaving *Ava Lee 0* ‘not-out’ *Best ‘Vipers’ batters were Maia Bouchier 64(68) & Georgia Elwiss 64(68.) *Best ‘Blaze’ bowler was Grace Ballinger 4/58.

Blaze’s Innings Skipper Kirstie Gordon [Rhianna Southby keeping wicket for ‘Vipers’] *Without Tammy Beaumont & Nat Sciver-Brunt *With Kathryn & Sarah Bryce (Scotland) *Also with International player Lizelle Lee but without Nadine deKlerk (both players from Republic of South Africa.) *Lizelle Lee 2(5) was caught at ‘point’ from a thick-edge by Ella McCaughan, from Mary Taylor; *After 10 overs ‘Power-play,’ ‘Blaze’ were level-pegging on 36/1 (vs 35/1) *Sarah Bryce 23(29) was caught by Rhianna Southby from Charlie Dean; *Marie Kelly 56(62) steepled a top-edge caught ’in-the-covers’ by Linsey Smith, from Georgia Adams; *Georgie Boyce 6(11) was ’run-out’ by Charlie Dean’s throw to Rhianna Southby, collecting with an athletic roll at the striker’s end; *By mid-way ‘Blaze’ were 108/4 (vs 129/3); *Ella Claridge 23(27) was ’run-out’ by Mary Taylor with Rhianna Southby receiving at the striker’s end; *Teresa Graves 4(15) was caught by Linsey Smith, from Charlie Dean; *Lucy Higham 2(4) was caught behind by Rhianna Southby, from Mary Taylor; *Kathryn Bryce 36(44) was caught by Rhianna Southby from Mary Taylor (3/15); *Josie Groves 0(2) was also caught by Rhianna Southby, from Linsey Smith (1/31); *Kirstie Gordon 4*(13) was caught by Georgia Adams from Ava Lee (1/21); *Grace Ballinger 2*(12) was ‘not out’ *Best ‘Blaze’ batter was Marie Kelly 56(62.) *Best ‘Vipers’ bowler was Mary Taylor 3/15 *’Vipers” keeper Rhianna Southby took four catches.

Match summary: Three Vipers batters scored ‘fifty’ (Maia Bouchier, Georgia Elwiss & Emily Windsor.) Vipers 2nd wicket partnership (between Maia Bouchier and  Gerogia Adams) posted 100 runs. Another 94 runs were added (by Georgia Elwiss & Emily Windsor.) ‘Blaze’ bowlers persevered and bowled Vipers out for 288. Although ‘Blaze’ also formed two batting partnerships (between Marie Kelly & Sarah Bryce and Kathryn Bryce & Ella Claridge); only one ‘Blaze’ batter scored ‘fifty (Marie Kelly.) ‘Blaze’ were bowled-out unexpectedly by a comfortable margin-of-safety for a bonus point with both teams ending the group stage on equal points (38pts.) With inferior ‘net-run-rate,’ ‘Blaze’ now need to play in the Eliminator match, versus ‘South East Stars’ at Beckenham on September 21.

Match result: Southern Vipers 288/10 beat The Blaze 162/10 by 126 runs, with 65 balls remaining

*‘Vipers’’ batting: 288/10 (49.5/50 overs@5.7 runs-per-over) Maia Bouchier, 64(68), Georgia Elwiss 64(68), Emily Windsor 52(53), Georgia Adams 40(45), Freya Kemp 25(18), Charlie Dean 21;‘Blaze’s’ bowling: Grace Ballinger 4/58, Josie Groves 3/64, Kathryn Bryce 1/36; Fow: 1-1, 2-103, 3-126, 4-220, 5-250, 6-265, 7-277, 8-277, 9-285, 10-288.

*‘Blaze’s’ batting: 162/10 (39.1/50 overs@4.1 r-p-o) Marie Kelly 56(62), Kathryn Bryce 36(44), Ella Claridge 23(27), Sarah Bryce 23(29); ‘Vipers’’ bowling: Mary Taylor 3/15, Charlie Dean 2/51, Ava Lee 1/21,  Linsey Smith 1/31, Georgia Adams 1/41; Fow: 1-2, 2-69, 3-88, 4-89, 5-138, 6-152, 7-155, 8-156, 9-157, 10-162.

*Scorecard courtesy of ECB @URL https://www.ecb.co.uk/rachael-heyhoe-flint-trophy/matches/35835#scorecard

*Video highlights, via NV Play @URL https://www.ecb.co.uk/rachael-heyhoe-flint-trophy/matches/35835#videos

*Match free-to-air courtesy of ‘The Blaze’ Livestream (believed to be via NV Play) on ‘YouTube’ Livestream [starting from 21m55s/4h40m04s] @URL https://www.ageasbowl.com/cricket/news/live-stream-the-blaze-v-southern-vipers,-rhft/