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Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy 2023 – match 50 – Thunder vs Diamonds

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North West Thunder vs Northern Diamonds – at Sale Cricket Club at Rookwood (Lancs) on September 13

Previously, ‘Diamonds’’ had optimism to ‘make something happen’ to reach the up-coming Eliminator to defend last year’s title. With one group-stage match remaining, neither ‘Roses’ team could make the top three teams, so the Roses match was a ‘dead rubber.’ On one hand that gave renowned players the opportunity to play a batting master-class such as Diamonds’ Lauren Winfield-Hill (pictured) who top-scored [with 89 runs (from 90 balls)] It also opened the door to players at every level of experience to step-up their performances. Scotland’s Olivia Bell took four wickets for ‘Thunder’ (4/32); also chalking-up 14 wickets from her last four matches played for ‘Thunder’ during September (50ov.) One notable absence from ‘Diamonds’ previous match (at Taunton) was Sophia Turner, ‘on loan’ from ‘Thunder.’ ‘Diamonds’ Head Coach Dani Hazell may just have considerately spared Sophia Turner the risk of damaging her (‘Thunder’) career! Video highlights and scorecards courtesy of ECB (NV Play) – please see below.

Diamonds innings Skipper Hollie Armitage [*Ellie Threlkeld keeping wicket for Thunder;] *International player Sterre Kalis (NL) *Without Chloe Tyron (Rep. South Africa call-up) *Without Bess Heath (England call-up) *Without Katherine Fraser (Scotland) *During the fourth over, Sterre Kalis 8(11) was bowled through-the-gate with flying bails, by Phoebe Graham; *Attempting a paddle during the ninth over, Hollie Armitage 9(11) was bowled by Hannah Jones; *After 10-overs ‘Power-play’ ‘Diamonds’ were 63/2. *During the fifteenth over, Emma Marlow 10(20) went plumb ‘leg before’ to Hannah Jones; *By mid-way, ‘Diamonds’ were 120/3. *Lauren Winfield-Hill  partnered by Rebecca Duckworth 27(54) added 46 runs for Diamonds’ fourth wicket until the latter was bowled with bails sent flying by Olivia Bell; *Lauren Winfield-Hill 89(90) who hit fourteen ‘fours,’ was bowled through-the-gate by Tara Norris; *Three balls later, Leah Dobson was spectacularly caught one-handed, by diving Libby Heap, from Olivia Bell; *Two wickets feel either side of the 40th over. *Firstly  Phoebe Turner 9(22) spooned to ‘mid-on,’ caught by Naomi Dattani from Olivia Bell; *Secondly, Katie Levick 2(6) was caught-and-bowled at shoulder-height, also from Olivia Bell; Diamonds final two wickets fell, firstly when Grace Hall 14(20) was  clean-bowled, by seamer Naomi Dattani. Finally, Jess Woolston 3(8) was clean-bowled, with her leg-stump knocked-back, also by Naomi Dattani (2/33.) *Lizzie Scott 11*(22) was ‘not out’ *Best ‘Diamonds batter was Lauren Winfield-Hill 83(92) *Best Thunder bowler was Olivia Bell taking 4/32.

Thunder’s innings *Skipper Ellie Threlkeld [*Lauren Winfield-Hill keeping wicket for for ‘Diamonds’] *With internationals Tara Norris (US) & Laura Delany (Republic of Ireland); *Without Deandre Dottin (WIndies Caribbean League.) *Olivia Bell (Scotland) *Without Emma Lamb, Kate Cross, or Mahika Gaur (England call-up) *During the ‘Power-play,’ Libby Heap’s 14(19) bails were sent flying by Jess Woolston. *Two wickets fell during the tenth over: firstly when Naomi Dattani 16(14) snicked-an-edge to Lauren Winfield-Hill, from Katie Levick. *Next ball, Fi Morris went 0(1) went plumb ‘leg-before’ for a ‘golden-duck.’ *Skipper Ellie Threlkeld faced Katie Levick’s ‘hat-trick’ ball. *After 10 overs ‘Power-play,’ ‘Thunder’ were 54/3 (vs 63/1.) *During the 20th over, Seren Smale 33(50) steepled a running & diving catch, collected by keeper Lauren Winfield-Hill, from Phoebe Turner. *Another two wickets fell during the twentieth over, firstly when Ellie Threlkeld 31(45) was caught by at ‘square’ by Emma Marlow falling backwards, from Phoebe Turner. *Two balls later, Daisy Mullan 0(2) had both bails sent flying by Phoebe Turner for a ‘2nd ball-duck.’ *One ball short of mid-way, Tara Norris 1(5) played ‘backward-defence,’ going plumb ‘leg-before’ to Katie Levick. *After 25 overs, ‘Thunder’ were 114/7 (vs 145/1) *Two overs later, Phoebe Graham 0(3) played across-the-line, going ‘leg-before’ to Katie Levick for a ‘3rd ball-duck.’ Laura Delany (Republic of Ireland) partnered by Olivia Bell (Scotland) batted together for six overs until Olivia Bell 8(21) was ‘run-out’ by Hollie Armitage’s throw to Lauren Winfield-Hill, receiving at the striker’s end. *Finally Hannah Jones 2(3) was  also ‘run-out,’ by Leah Dobson’s throw to LWH at the striker’s-end. *Thunder’s innings ended prematurely during thoier 34th over, leaving Laura Delany 23*not out (39) *Best ‘Thunder’ batter was Seren Smale 33(50) *Best ’Diamonds’ ‘stand-out’ bowler was Katie Levick, taking 4/28. Phoebe Turner took a season’s best 3/18.

Match summary: ‘Diamond’s’ batters made an emphatic start. Lauren Winfield-Hill played a batting master-class. Playing for ‘Thunder,’ Scotland’s Olivia Bell was stand-out bowler taking four wickets, averaging 3.5 wickets-per-match from four recent matches. ‘Diamonds’ bowlers twice threatened to take ‘hat-tricks’ during ‘Thunder’s’ 10th (Katie Levick) & 20th overs (Phoebe Turner.) ‘Thunder’s’ innings closed nearly fifty runs short behind the defending champions with 16 overs to spare. Final group stage matches are played on September 16, with 2nd & 3rd placed teams qualifying for the Eliminator (on September 21.) Winner plays the top team in the Final (on September 24.)

Match result: Northern Diamonds 196/10 beat North West Thunder 148/10 by 48 runs

* ‘Diamonds’’ batting 196/10 (46.4/50 overs @4.2 runs-per-over) Lauren Winfield-Hill 89(90), Rebecca Duckworth 27(54) ,Grace Hall 14(20), Lizzie Scott 11*not out(22), Emma Marlow 10(20); ‘Thunder’s’ bowling: Olivia Bell 4/32, Naomi Dattani 2/33, Hannah Jones 2/34,  Phoebe Graham 1/32, Tara Norris 1/35; Fow: 1-23, 2-51, 3-83, 4-129, 5-151, 6-151, 7-163, 8-169, 9-188, 10-196.

‘Thunder’s’ batting 148/10 (33.4/50 overs @ 4.3 runs-per-over) Seren Smale 33(50), Ellie Threlkeld 31(45), Laura Delany 23*not out (39), Naomi Dattani 16(14), Liberty ‘Libby’ Heap 14(19); ‘Diamonds’’ bowling: Katie Levick 4/28, Phoebe Turner 3/18, Jess Woolston 1/27 ;Fow: 1-27, 2-54, 3-54, 4-92, 5-110, 6-110, 7-114, 8-114, 9-140, 10-148.

* Scorecard  courtesy of ECB @URL

* Video highlights, via NV Play @URL