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Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy – match 51 – Blaze vs Sunrisers

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The Blaze vs Sunrisers at Haslegrave Ground, (Rutland Way, Loughborough) on September 13

‘Sunrisers’ chalked-up their third consecutive win under England u19s skipper Grace Scrivens’s captaincy in a high-scoring match that was said to give spectators sat on deckchairs ‘much to do.’ Grace Scrivens [107 runs (from 136 balls)] hit her maiden ‘A-listed’ century and took her season’s tally to 387 runs. Playing in only her third match since joining ‘Sunrisers’ during early September, Ariana Dowse (pictured) [105 runs (from 110 balls)]: also scored her maiden ‘ton’ during a ’supreme’ innings. Ariana Dowse also received sporting appreciation from ‘Blaze’ fielders when eventually caught by ‘Blaze’ skipper Kirstie Gordon. ‘Blaze’ replied with Georgie Boyce also scoring a maiden ‘ton.’ Commentator was Mike Perkins (BBC Radio.) Video highlights courtesy of ECB (NV Play) & Sunrisers TV (please see below.) Weather was ’sunny’ following an early mist.

‘Sunrisers’’ innings *Skipper Grace Scrivens – also England u-19 skipper [*Sarah Bryce keeping wicket for ‘The Blaze’] *Unchanged line-up. *Without International player Dane v.Niekerk (reported as injured.) *After 10 overs’ ‘Power-play,’ ’Sunrisers’ were 47/0. *Both opening batters scored ‘fifties,’ reaching 121/0 by mid-way (25 overs) *Scoring 1 ’six’ and 13 ‘fours’ Ariana Dowse played a ‘supreme’ innings, scoring 105(110) until caught at ‘long-on’ by Kirstie Gordon from Grace Ballinger (1/47) *Missing a ‘reverse-sweep,’ Mady Villiers 10(7) was caught behind by Sarah Bryce from Lucy Higham (1/54) *Three wickets fell with 8 balls *Missing a ‘slog-sweep,’ Jo Gardner 16(20) was clean-bowled by Teresa Graves *Four balls later skipper Grace Scrivens 107(136) who scored nine ‘fours’ missed a ‘reverse-sweep’ and went ‘leg-before’ to Teresa Graves (2/25) *Next over, Eva Gray 1(3) was caught by Sophie Munro ‘inside the boundary’ from Kathryn Bryce (1/69.) *With 3 overs remaining, Amara Carr and Flo Miller added 37 runs, that chalked-up 295/5. *Best ‘Sunrisers’ batters were Grace Scrivens 107(136) & Ariana Dowse 105(110); *Best ‘Blaze’ bowler was Teresa Graves 2/25.

Blaze’s Innings *Skipper Kirstie Gordon [*Amara Carr keeping wicket for Sunrisers’] *Kathryn & Sarah Bryce (Scotland) *With International player Lizelle Lee (ex Republic of South Africa) *Without Tammy Beaumont or Nat Sciver-Brunt (England duties.) *Marie Kelly said to be back from tour with the Caribbean premier league. *Lizelle Lee 8(7) went ‘leg-before’ to Eva Gray *Sarah Bryce 0(4) went for a 4th ball ‘duck,’ bowled by Kate Coppack *Marie Kelly 23(31) was caught by Grace Scrivens from Jodi Grewcock *After 10 overs’ ‘Power-play,’ Blaze reached 52/2 (vs 47/0) & 131/3 (vs 121/0) by mid-way (25 overs) *Both Kathryn Bryce 51(59) & Teresa Graves 3(17) went ‘leg-before’ to Eva Gray *Josie Groves 13(11) was caught ‘at waist height’ by Mady Villiers. *Georgie Boyce 104(126) was ‘run-out’ by Mady Villiers. *Lucy Higham 1(4) Jodi Grewcock from Mady Villiers from Kelly Castle *Kirstie Gordon 8(4) was caught by Kate Coppack from Eva Gray (4/31) *Sophie Munro 23(28) was caught by Amu Surenkumar from Grace Scrivens (1/28) *Grace Ballinger was 1*not out *Gifted 30 extras, including 16 ‘wides.’ *Best Blaze batter was Georgie Boyce 104(126) *All Sunrisers’ bowlers took at least one wicket each. *Best Sunrisers bowler was Eva Gray 4/31.

Match summary First 37 overs were dominated by a double-century record first-wicket partnership between ‘Sunrisers’’ skipper Grace Scrivens and newly recruited Ariana Dowse: who played a ’supreme’ innings. Together the ‘Sunrisers’’ openers set a double-century record first-wicket partnership in 37 overs, beating the previous record set last year by Georgia Adams and Ella McCaughan whose partnership scored 153 for ‘Vipers’ (vs Lightning.) When ‘Blaze’ replied, Georgie Boyce and Kathryn Bryce’s fourth-wicket partnership added 113 runs, until top-scorer was ‘run out’ by Mady Villiers. ‘Blaze’ tail-enders were left with too much to do, unable to score at a run-a-ball. Losing their last three wickets, ‘Blaze’ went down to their second successive defeat. With dominant top-of-table position with 38 points (from 7 wins and 3 losses) ‘Blaze’ are assured of their golden ticket to the up-coming final at Northampton, with the last four group-stage matches to be played on September 16. ‘Sunrisers’ look to finish the competition in 6th place – their best ever performance with 28 points (from 5 wins and 5 losses.)

Match result: Sunrisers 295/5 beat The Blaze 265/10 by 30 runs (with 11 balls remaining)

‘Sunrisers’’ batting: 295/5 (from 50/50 overs @5.9 runs-per-over) Grace Scrivens 107(136) & Ariana Dowse 105(110), Amara Carr 20(18), Flo Miller18(13), Jo Gardner 16(20), Mady Villiers 10(7); ‘Blaze’s’ bowling: Teresa Graves (2/25), Grace Ballinger (1/47), Lucy Higham (1/54), Kathryn Bryce (1/69); Fow 1-200, 2-216, 3-255, 4-256, 5-258.

‘Blaze’s’ batting: 265/10 (from 48.1/50 overs @5.5 r-p-o) Georgie Boyce 104(126), Kathryn Bryce 51(59), Sophie Munro 23(28), Marie Kelly 23(31), Josie Groves 13(11); ‘Sunrisers’’ bowling: Eva Gray 4/31, Grace Scrivens 1/28, Mady Villiers 1/42, Kate Coppack 1/49, Kelly Castle 1/49, Jodi Grewcock 1/57; Fow 1-11, 2-14, 3-62, 4-175, 5-185, 6-205, 7-207, 8-250, 9-259, 10-265.

*Scorecard  courtesy of ECB @URL

*Video highlights, via NV Play @URL

* Match free-to-air highlights courtesy of Sunrisers on ‘YouTube’ Livestream [13m40s/6h57m38s] @URL: