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Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy 2023 – match 46 – Vipers vs Thunder

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Southern Vipers vs North West Thunder at Arundel Castle, Sussex on September 9 

Commentators were optimistic that ‘Vipers’ chalked-up ‘a good win’ and remained ’in qualifying contention,’ especially if they won their‘must-win’ match at home to ‘South East Stars.’ Skipper Georgia Adams partnered by Emily Windsor made a century partnership that put 113 runs on the board for Vipers’ fourth wicket, in sweltering batting conditions. Both batters scored ‘fifties:’ Georgia Adams chalking-up her second ‘fifty in four days and fifth ‘fifty’ at 50 overs; and Emily Windsor chalking-up her first ‘fifty’ for ‘Vipers’ this season. When ‘Vipers’ bowlers replied, spinner Linsey Smith (3/29) took three early wickets and teenage seamer Mary Taylor (4/39) took career-best figures to earn Vipers a much-needed bonus point: Thunder ‘all-out’ for less than 189. Speaking later to Kev James, Mary Taylor was ‘really excited’ at the prospect of ‘Vipers’ qualifying unexpectedly in the top three teams. Commentators from BBC Sound – Solent radio, included Kevan ’Kev’ James, and Phil Green (Hursley Park.) Video highlights courtesy of ECB (NV Play) & Southern Vipers (please see below.) Weather was described as unusually ‘hot’ (30C in-the-shade) with clear blue sky, becoming slightly cooler during ‘Thunder’s’ innings.

Vipers’ innings *Skipper Georgia Adams [*Ellie Threlkeld keeping wicket for Thunder] *With Abi Norgrove, Mary Taylor & Ava Lee *Without international player Nicole Faltum (Australia.) *Without Maia Bouchier, Charlie Dean & Danni Wyatt (England duties) *Lauren Bell seen casually spectating.*After 10-overs ‘Power-play’ ‘Vipers’ were 40/0. *Ella McCaughan 29(33) was clean-bowled by Hannah Jones’ first ball; *Abi Norgrove 16(44) played across-the-line, going ‘leg before’ to Hannah Jones (2/36); *During the 20th over, Georgia Elwiss 7(17) was ‘run out’ by Hannah Jones. Georgia Adams’ return ball, striking the bowler’s hand before breaking the wicket; *By mid-way (25 overs) ‘Vipers’ were 115/3. Georgia Adams and Emily Windsor’s 4th wicket partnership added 113 runs; *Georgia Adams 71(70) played a skipper’s innings until caught by Naomi Dattani, from Laura Delany; *Four balls later, Emily Windsor 59(67) was stumped by Ellie Threlkeld, going down-the-wicket to Fi Morris; *Linsey Smith 2(9) was bowled beneath her bat by Olivia Bell; *Alice Monaghan 1(6) was caught by Laura Delany from Fi Morris; *Rhianna Southby 1(3) was bowled, stumps sent flying by Fi Morris (3/52); *Next over, Freya Kemp 25(24) was caught by Fi Morris from Olivia Bell; *Finally, Ava Lee 9(9) went plumb ‘leg before’ to Olivia Bell (3/45); *Mary Taylor was 1*not out (6); *Best ‘Vipers’ batter was Georgia Adams 71(70); *Best ‘Thunder’ bowlers were Olivia Bell (3/45) & Fi Morris (3/52.)

Thunder’s innings *Skipper Ellie Threlkeld [*Rhianna Southby keeping wicket for Vipers] *With Olivia Bell (Scotland), Laura Delany (Republic of Ireland), & Tara Norris (USA); *Without Emma Lamb or Kate Cross (England duties) *Also without Deandre Dottin (WIndies player’s league) *Liberty ‘Libby’ Heap 4(7) went ‘leg before’ to Linsey Smith, the left-hander coming around the wicket *Naomi Dattani 1(11) was caught at ‘backward point’ by Ava Lee from Linsey Smith coming around-the-wicket *Next over, Seren Smale was bowled by Mary Taylor *During the 8th over, Ellie Threlkeld 0(11) was caught at ‘backward point’ by Ava Lee from Linsey Smith coming around-the-wicket, for an 11th ball ‘duck;’ *After 10-overs ‘Power-play’ ‘Thunder’ were 33/4 (vs 40/0.) *Laura Delany 1(11) was bowled beneath her bat, by Georgia Adams; *Next over after scoring ‘fifty’ Fi Morris 52(55) was caught by Georgia Adams from Ava Lee (1/36); *One ball before ‘mid-way,’Daisy Mullan 26(43) returned a ‘dolly,’ that was caught-and-bowled by Georgia Adams (2/41); *By mid-way (25 overs) Thunder were 94/7 (vs 115/3) *Phoebe Graham 16(42) was bowled with bails sent flying by Mary Taylor; *Left-handed Tara Norris 32(41) was caught at ‘long-on’ by Abi Norgrove from Mary Taylor’s slower ball; *Olivia Bell 15(22) was caught at ‘mid-wicket’ by Alice Monaghan from Mary Taylor (4/39); *Hannah Jones 11*(16) was ‘not out’; *Best ‘Thunder’ batter was Fi Morris 52(55) *Best ‘Vipers’ bowler was Mary Taylor 4/39.

Match summary: Scoring her 5th ‘fifty at 50 overs, skipper Georgia Adams’ and Emily Windsor’s main 4th wicket partnership added 113 runs; before ‘Vipers’ ‘collapsed,’ losing their remaining seven wickets for 44 runs from just 60 balls. ‘Thunder’ lost 3 early wickets to Linsey Smith, including two top-edges to backward point (Naomi Dattani & Ellie Threlkeld.) As mentioned above, Mary Taylor (4/39) took career-best figures to earn Vipers a much-needed bonus point as ‘Thunder’ were ‘all-out’ for less than 189. Interviewed for Solent radio and ‘youtube’ by BBC’s Kev James, Mary Taylor was ‘really excited’ at the prospect of ‘Vipers’ qualifying ‘unexpectedly’ in the top three teams. ‘Thunder’ look set to finish in the lower-half of the table, with insufficient points to qualify beyond the competition’s group stage.

Match result: Southern Vipers 237/10 beat North West Thunder 173/10 by 64 runs with 33 balls remaining

*’Vipers’’ batting: 237/10 (50/50 overs@4.9 runs-per-over); Georgia Adams 71(70), Emily Windsor 59(67), Ella McCaughan 29(33), Freya Kemp 25(24); Abi Norgrove 16(44); *’Thunder’s’ bowling: Olivia Bell 3/45, Fi Morris 3/52, Hannah Jones 2/36, Laura Delany 1/12; *Fow 1-45, 2-60, 3-79, 4-193, 5-198, 6-206, 7-217, 8-223, 9-227, 10-237.

*’Thunder’s’ batting: 173/10 (44.3/50 overs@3.8 r-p-o); Fi Morris 52(55), Tara Norris 32(41), Daisy Mullan 26(43), Phoebe Graham 16(42), Olivia Bell 15(22); *’Vipers’’ bowling: Mary Taylor 4/39, Linsey Smith 3/29, Georgia Adams 2/41, Ava Lee 1/36; *Fow 1-6, 2-11, 3-11, 4-22, 5-33, 6-90, 7-94, 8-143, 9-151, 10-173.

* Scorecard courtesy of ECB @URL

* Video highlights, via NV Play @URL

* Match free-to-air courtesy of Southern Vipers (believed to be via NV Play) on ‘YouTube’ Livestream [from 19m27s-1h12m42; audio from 30m00/06h21m33] @URL

* Post match [3m21s] courtesy of BBC Sounds – Solent radio host Kev James interview with Mary Taylor @URL