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Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy 2023 – match 44 – Diamonds vs Vipers

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Northern Diamonds vs Southern Vipers at Roseworth Terrace, Gosforth; at 10h30 on 5 September 2023

Before the match, ‘Diamonds’’ Head Coach Dani Hazell had optimism (via social media) to ‘make something happen’ to reach the up-coming Eliminator to enable ‘Diamonds’ to defend last year’s title. Star batter Hollie Armitage top-scored for ‘Diamonds’ with an undefeated run-a-ball 106 runs (from 107 balls) forming four batting partnerships. By comparison, ‘Vipers’’ Head Coach Charlotte Edwards has already bagged two out of three of this season’s trophies with ‘Southern Brave’ (Women’s The Hundred); and also with ‘Vipers’ (20 overs.) Both skippers made top-scores. Georgia Adams scored 82 runs (from 98 balls ); forming key partnerships, adding 109 runs with Ella McCaughan for ‘Vipers’’ 2nd wicket; and added 42 runs with Georgia Elwiss. In comparison, Hollie Armitage scored a ’ton,’ during which partnerships were formed with Sterre Kalis (adding 46 runs); Emma Marlow (61 runs); with Rebecca Duckworth (44 runs) and finally with Leigh Dobson (adding 51 runs.) Thereafter, the match went down to the final over, with ‘Diamonds’ needing 9 runs but scoring 6; making it harder for ‘Diamonds’’ aspiration to qualify. Video highlights courtesy of ECB (NV Play) & Southern Vipers (please see below.)

‘Vipers” Innings *Skipper Georgia Adams [*Lauren Winfield-Hill keeping wicket for Diamonds] *With international player Nicole Faltum (Australia WBBL) *Also with Nancy Harman, Mary Taylor & Ava Lee *Depleted without England call-ups (Maia Bouchier, Charlie Dean, Freya Kemp & Danni Wyatt) Lauren Bell rested. *Abi Norgrove 6(16) was clean-bowled by Lizzie Scott. *After 10-overs ‘Power-play’ ‘Vipers’ were 49/1 & 114/1 by mid-way. Skipper Georgia Adams and Ella McCaughan batted for 24 overs adding 109 runs for ‘Vipers’’ 2nd wicket, before  Ella McCaughan 47(84) was caught & bowled by Grace Hall. *Georgia Adams 82(98) also formed a 3rd wicket partnership with Georgia Elwiss until skipper Adams was bowled by Phoebe Turner. *Georgia Elwiss and Emily Windsor batted for 5 overs until Georgia Elwiss 22(36) snicked-an-edge to Lauren Winfield-Hill, from Grace Hall. *Two wickets fell during the 46th over firstly when Nicole Faltum 7(10) was caught by a substitute fielder and Nancy Harman 1(2) went ‘leg before,’ both to Lizzie Scott. *Finally, another two wickets fell during the same over when Emily Windsor 39(38) was caught by Phoebe Turner; and Alice Monaghan 8(8) was caught by Lizzie Scott; both from Grace Hall. *Hitting Katie Levick for what turned out to be a retrospective match-winning ‘six,’ Rhianna Southby was 15*not out (6); and Mary Taylor was 3*not out (3.) *Best ‘Vipers’ batter was Georgia Adams 82(98); *Best ‘Diamonds’ bowler was Grace Hall (4/64.)

‘Diamonds” Innings *Skipper Hollie Armitage [*Rhianna Southby keeping wicket for Vipers] *With international player Sterre Kalis (NL) without Chloe Tryon (Rep. South Africa call-up). *After 10-overs power play ‘Diamonds’ were 53/1; moments after losing Lauren Winfield-Hill 29(29) who went ‘leg before’ to Georgia Adams. *(A) Skipper Hollie Armitage with Sterre Kalis, added 46 runs until Sterre Kalis 37(63) went ‘leg before’ to Georgia Adams. *By mid-way ‘Diamonds’ were level-pegging at 118/2 (vs 114/1): needing another 144 runs from 25 balls remaining. *(B) Skipper Armitage added 61 runs with Emma Marlow 20(43) until Emma Marlow was caught & bowled by Nancy Harman (1/31.) *(C) Skipper Armitage added 44 runs with Rebecca Duckworth until Rebecca Duckworth 23(33) was caught by Nancy Harman, from Alice Monaghan. *(D) Skipper Armitage added 51runs with Leah Dobson until Leah Dobson 20(23) was bowled by Georgia Elwiss. *Hollie Armitage was 106*not out (107): Phoebe Turner was 2*not out (2). *Best ‘Diamonds’ batter was Hollie Armitage 106*not out (107) *Best ‘Vipers’ bowler was Nancy Harman (1/31.)

Match summary: Batting first, ‘Vipers’’ skipper Georgia Adams played a pivotal role adding 109 for ‘Vipers’’ 2nd wicket with Ella McCaughan; also adding 42 with Georgia Elwiss. ‘Diamonds’’ Hollie Armitage scored a skipper’s ’ton,’ and staged a century opening-partnership firstly adding 46 with Sterre Kalis; followed secondly by 61 with Emma Marlow. Separately Hollie Armitage also added 44 runs with Rebecca Duckworth and 51 runs with Leah Dobson. As mentioned above, the match went down to the final over, with ‘Diamonds’ needing 9 runs but scoring 6; making it harder for ‘Diamonds’ aspiration to qualify. ‘Vipers’ were said to have a great chance to qualify in the play-off/Eliminator match, to decide which team meets ‘The Blaze’ in the final.

Match result: Southern Vipers 261/8 beat Northern Diamonds 258/5, by 3 runs

* ‘Vipers’ batting 261/8 (from 50 overs @5.2 runs-per-over ) Georgia Adams 82(98), Ella McCaughan 47(84) , Emily Windsor 39(38), Georgia Elwiss 22(36), Rhianna Southby 15*not out(6); ‘Diamonds’ bowling: Grace Hall 4/64, Lizzie Scott 3/33, Phoebe Turner 1/64; Fow 1-18, 2-127, 3-169, 4-207, 5-226, 6-228, 7-242, 8-245.

* ‘Diamonds’ batting 258/5 (from 50 overs @5.1 r-p-o) Hollie Armitage 106*not out (107), Sterre Kalis 37(63), Lauren Winfield-Hill 29(29), Rebecca Duckworth 23(33), Leah Dobson 20(23), Emma Marlow 20(43); ‘Vipers’ bowling: Nancy Harman 1/31, Ava Lee 1/32, Georgia Adams 1/34, Georgia Elwiss 1/46, Alice Monaghan 1/54; Fow 1-52, 2-98, 3-159, 4-203, 5-254.

* Scorecard  courtesy of ECB @URL

* Video highlights, via NV Play @URL

* Match free-to-air highlights without commentary, courtesy of ‘Southern Vipers’ on ‘YouTube’ Livestream [10m13s] @URL: