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The Hundred Trophy 2023 –match 29 – Invincibles vs  Rockets

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Oval Invincibles vs Trent Rockets at Kia Oval on 21 August 2023

Lauded as ‘young talent,’ ‘Rockets’ Alexa Stonehouse took 2 wickets from 7 balls at the start; and came close to snatching a win, hitting 3 back-to-back ‘fours – as ‘Rockets’ closed 3 runs short. ‘Invincibles’ POTM Meerkat Match Hero was Nadine deKlerk [51* runs ‘not out,’ from 25 balls] made ‘fifty for ‘Invincibles’ with top score & took 1/35. 18yo spin-bowler Sophia Smale 2/26 (pictured) went one better as ‘Invincibles’ best bowler, taking two wickets with one ‘run-out’ taken as bowler at the ’non-striker’s end. Separately, Sophia Smale previously ‘starred’ in the outgoing champions’ team; and also played for England’s u19’s-IT20’s. Both teams finished their campaigns outside final three qualification, but finished level on points. Introduced for SKY TV by Ian Ward and Nasser Hussain (ex-England) with Ebony Rainford-Brent MBE (Director of Women’s cricket at Surrey & ex-England); plus NZ TV personality (& ex NZ player) Simon Doull. Match highlights courtesy of Sky Sports (please see below.) Weather was ‘gloriously’ sunny.

OI-W *Skipper Suzie Bates (ex-skipper NZ) *[‘Rockets’ keeper Lizelle Lee] *Other international players Marizanne Kapp & Nadine deKlerk replacing Dane vanNiekerk (Rep. South Africa.) Also with Alice Capsey, Paige Scholfield & Mady Villiers plus Lauren Winfield-Hill (ex England keeper); Also Ryana Macdonald-Gay, Cordelia Griffith, Sophia Smale & Alexa Stonehouse (England u-19’s IT20.) Without & Katie George & Kira Chathli. *Lauren Winfield-Hill 0(2) took a ‘wide swing,’ missing a 2nd-ball ‘jaffa’ that held-its-line. *Alexa Stonehouse collected 2 wickets from 7 balls when Suzie Bates 7(8), lost her ‘off-stump’ when missing a leg-side ‘slog-sweep.’ *After 25 balls ‘PowerPlay,’ ‘Invincibles’ were 30/2. *Marizanne Kapp 9(14), was stumped by keeper Lizelle Lee upon review, from Kirstie Gordon; said to be ‘gifted’ as a ’soft dismissal:’ as her foot ‘wasn’t grounded.’ *At mid-way, ‘Invincibles’ were 58/3. *3 balls later, commentator’s curse struck when Alice Capsey 35(24), made ‘encouraging signs’ but was beaten ‘completely’ beneath her bat by Kirstie Gordon’s slower ball. *Paige Scholfield  13(12) went for a ‘dangerous heave’ across-the-line, and was bowled ‘middle-and-off’ by Naomi Dattani (1/14.)*Finally, Cordelia Griffith 23(16) was stumped from the penultimate innings ball by Lizelle Lee from Bryony Smith (1/32.) *Nadine deKlerk was 51*not out (25.) *Mady Villiers was 2*not out (1.) *Best batter was Marizanne Kapp 30(24); *Best ’‘Rockets’ bowler was Kirstie Gordon 2/19.

TR-W *Skipper Natalie ‘Nat’ Sciver-Brunt [* ‘Invincibles’ keeper Lauren Winfield-Hill] *International players Harmanpreet Kaur (India), Alana King (Australia) & Lizelle Lee (ex Rep. South Africa) with Natalie Sciver-Brunt (England); Bryony Smith & Kirstie Gordon (England ‘A’) Fran Wilson (ex England) & Alexa Stonehouse (England u-19’s) Cassidy McCarthy, replacing Katherine Sciver-Brunt, the latter honoured for having played the ‘last game of her career.’ *Bryony Smith 9(8) made a ‘reverse cut,’ that was caught at ‘mid-off’ by Suzie Bates’ from the ‘toe-end’ of her bat; from Marizanne Kapp (1/27) *’Rockets’ were 36/1 (vs 30/2) after 25 balls ‘PowerPlay’ & *After 50 balls, ‘Rockets’ were 71/2 (vs 58/3) *Harmanpreet Kaur 9 (12) went ‘leg-before without review, to Eva Gray’s ‘dead straight’ ball (1/12)  *’Bang in-form’ Skipper Natalie ‘Nat’ Sciver-Brunt 21(17) went ‘leg-before’ ‘hitting ‘middle-stump upon hawk-eye review, to Sophia Smale. *Two balls later, Lizelle Lee 61(33) who’d struck 3 ‘sixes’ and 6 ‘fours’ was ’run out’ by Paige Scholfield, at the non-striker’s end. *4 balls later, Joanne ‘Jo’ Gardner 8(6) was caught-and-bowled, lobbing-a-returned-dolly to Paige Scholfield (1/31.) *3 wickets fell from the last 20 balls. *Upon review, Fran Wilson 2(2) was ’run out’ by Nadine deKlerk ‘in-the-deep,’ by Sophia Smale at the ‘non-striker’s end,’ crossing-the-line’ but failing to ‘ground-her-bat.’ *Six balls later, Alana King 7(4) drifted leg-side, bowled ‘top-of-middle’ by Sophia Smale (2/26.) *Finally, Naomi Dattani 13(11) was caught at ‘deep-mid-wicket’ by Paige Scholfield from Nadine deKlerk (1/35) *Hitting 3 back-to-back ‘fours,’ Alexa Stonehouse 16*not out(7) was lauded to be ‘young talent.’ *Best ‘Rockets’ batter was Lizelle Lee 61(33) *As mentioned above, Best ‘Invincibles’ bowler was Sophia Smale 2/26.

Match summary: Playing for pride, both teams put-on good entertainment right through the entire match. ‘Rockets’ bowlers struck with early wickets. Alexa Stonehouse (seam) took 2 wickets from 7 balls at the start, followed by Kirstie Gordon (spin) who took wickets either side of mid-way. A lower-order partnership of 68 runs from 31 balls between Nadine deKlerk and Cordelia Griffth boosted what turned out to be the home team’s score. By comparison, ‘Rockets’ batters made a much better start, opener Lizelle Lee making top-score of the day, scoring ‘fifty’ with 3 ‘sixes’ and 6 ‘fours;’ adding 63 runs from 37 balls with skipper Nat Sciver-Brunt. As mentioned above, the match reached its climax when ‘Rockets’ Alexa Stonehouse came close to ‘snatching a win,’ hitting 3 back-to-back ‘fours.’  ‘Rockets’ closed 3 runs short, handing ‘Invincibles’ a narrow consolation win. Both teams failed to qualify in the final three, but finished their campaigns with equal points.

Match result: Oval Invincibles Women  155/6 beat Trent Rockets Women 152/8 by 3 runs

*‘Invincibles’’ batting: 155/6 (1.5 runs-per-ball); Nadine deKlerk 51*not out(25), Alice Capsey 35(24), Cordelia Griffith 23(16), Paige Scholfield 13(12); *’Rockets’’ bowling: Kirstie Gordon 2/19, Alexa Stonehouse 2/39, Naomi Dattani 1/14, Bryony Smith 1/32; Fow 1-0, 2-30, 3-46, 4-62, 4-85, 5-153. *’Rockets’ ‘batting: 152/8 (1.5 r-p-b); Lizelle Lee 61(33), Natalie ‘Nat’ Sciver-Brunt 21(17), Alexa Stonehouse 16(7), Naomi Dattani 13(11); *‘Invincibles’’ bowling: Sophia Smale 2/26, Eva Gray 1/12, Marianne Kapp 1/27, Paige Scholfield 1/31, Nadine deKlerk 1/35; *Fow 1-19, 2-42, 3-105, 4-107, 5-113, 6-117, 7-126, 8-138.

*Scorecard courtesy of BBC Sport @URL

*Match highlights courtesy of Sky Sports @URL