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The Hundred Trophy 2023 – match 25 – Rockets vs Phoenix

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Trent Rockets vs Birmingham Phoenix at Nottingham (Trent Bridge) on 19 August 2023

‘Midlands’ derby’ that was for ‘Rockets,’ was ‘The Last Chance Saloon:’ if they lost, they were ‘out;’ whereas even if ‘Phoenix’ won, they look set to receive the tournament’s ‘wooden spoon.’ When batting second, TV analysts found that ‘Phoenix’ had struggled to ‘knock runs off’ (their opponents scores) to win matches. Batting first, ‘Rockets’ put pressure on ‘Phoenix’ bowlers from the outset. Partnered by skipper Nat Sciver-Brunt POTM Meerkat Match Hero Bryony Smith (pictured) [64 runs from 40 balls] was ’outstanding’ as the only batter to score ‘fifty.’ After the match, Bryony Smith told Ravi Shastri that ‘Phoenix’ bowlers had done well, to’ take-the-pace-off.’  That made scoring more difficult for ‘Rockets’ as the match went down to the last delivery. Commentators added that it was Katherine Sciver-Brunt’s ‘final home match’ before retirement, playing at Trent Bridge. Introduced for SKY TV by Lydia Greenway, Mike Atherton (former England players); Charles Dagnall & Ravi Shastri (former India Coach & Skipper.) Match highlights from SKY Sports TV – please see below. Weather at Trent Bridge provided ‘perfect’ conditions for playing cricket.

TR-W *Skipper Natalie ‘Nat’ Sciver-Brunt [*Amy Jones keeping wicket for ‘Phoenix’] *International players Harmanpreet Kaur (India), Alana King (Australia) & Lizelle Lee (ex Rep. South Africa) with Natalie Sciver-Brunt (England); Bryony Smith & Kirstie Gordon (England ‘A’) Fran Wilson (ex England) & Alexa Stonehouse (England u-19’s) *Lizelle Lee 3(8) was caught by Eve Jones from Sophie Devine (1/19) *Rockets made an ‘emphatic’ start with 45/1 after 25 balls ‘Power-play.’ *Skipper Natalie ‘Nat’ Sciver-Brunt 18(11); was bowled ‘middle-and-off’ by Emily Arlott: said to be a ‘big-wicket’ could have done more damage. *After 50 balls, ‘Rockets’ were 80/2. *Harmanpreet Kaur 5(8) went ‘leg-before’ upon Third Umpire’s review (‘Hawk-Eye’); from Emily Arlott. *‘Strategic-time-out’ called after 75 balls on 112/3. *Bryony Smith 64(40) was stumped by keeper Amy Jones, coming down-the-wicket to Katie Levick. *Fran Wilson 22(19) was bowled ‘middle stump’ by Katie Levick (2/30.) *Joanne ‘Jo’ Gardner 7(10) was caught one-handed from an ‘outside-edge’ by keeper Amy Jones from ‘Phoenix’ best bowler, Emily Arlott (3/15.) *Naomi Dattani 2*not out(3); & Alana King 2*not out(1); Best ‘Rockets’ batter was Bryony Smith 64(40.)

BP-W *Skipper Evelyn ‘Eve’ Jones [*Rockets keeper Lizelle Lee] *International players Sophie Devine (NZ), Erin Burns & Tess Flintoff (Australia, WBBL), Sterre Kalis (NL) with Amy Jones, Issy Wong (England) & u-19’s World Cup player Hannah Baker. *After 25 balls, ‘Phoenix’ were 21/0 (vs 45/1.) *Eve Jones 16(20), ‘run out’ following a missed stumping, by Alexa Stonehouse throwing to the ‘non-striker’s’ end. *5 balls later Sophie Devine 28(25), caught ‘on appeal’ by keeper Lizelle Lee from Kirstie Gordon (1/20) *After 50 balls, ‘Phoenix’ were 54/2 (vs 80/2.) *Erin Burns 16(17) was caught by ‘mid-wicket’ by Nat Sciver-Brunt from Alana King 1/23; after checking for ’no ball.’ *Emily Arlott 9(3) was ‘run-out’ by Bryony Smith when taking an ‘overthrow’ from Katherine Sciver-Brunt  *’Phoenix’s’ best batter was Amy Jones was 46*not out (30), *’Rockets’’ best bowler was Kirstie Gordon 1/20.

Match summary: Previously, whenever batting second, commentators said that ‘Phoenix’ had struggled to ‘knock runs off’ (their opponents scores) to win matches. Batting first, ‘Rockets’ put pressure on ‘Phoenix’ as soon as they made an ‘emphatic’ start, ’scoring quickly’ from their ‘PowerPlay (45/1 vs 21/0.) As mentioned above, POTM Meerkat Match Hero Bryony Smith was ’star-of-the-day’ as the only batter to score ‘fifty’ for ‘Rockets.’ Amy Jones closed four runs short of ‘fifty,’ as once again, ‘Phoenix’ struggled to ‘knock runs off’ their target score and closed a few runs short of a consolation win. Separately, commentators speculated that ‘Rockets’ aspirations to progress to the play-off/eliminator still ‘looked slim.’ Separately, ‘Fire’ looked set to win or tie one (or both) of their their two remaining matches: in which case ‘Fire’ would qualify ahead of ‘Rockets’ on points. Latest table @URL

Match result: Trent Rockets Women 134/6 beat Birmingham Phoenix Women 131/4 by 3 runs

*’Rockets’’ batting: 134/6 (from 100 balls @1.3 runs-per-over) Bryony Smith 64(40); Fran Wilson 22(19), Natalie ‘Nat’ Sciver-Brunt 18(11); *’Phoenix’’ bowling: Emily Arlott (3/15), Katie Levick (2/30), Sophie Devine (1/19); Fow 1-36, 2-80, 3-87, 4-114, 5-127, 6-132.

*’Phoenix’s batting:  131/4 (from 100 balls @1.3 r-p-o) Amy Jones 46*not out (30), Sophie Devine 28(25), Eve Jones 16(20), Erin Burns 16(17); *’Rockets’’ bowling: Kirstie Gordon 1/20, Alana King 1/23. Fow 1-47, 2-51, 3-94, 4-106.

*Scorecard courtesy of BBC Sport @URL

*Match highlights (6m32s) courtesy of Sky Sports @URL