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The Hundred Trophy 2023 – match 19 – Phoenix vs Invincibles

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Birmingham Phoenix vs Oval Invincibles at Edgbaston (Birmingham) on 13 August (14h30)

Two former New Zealand skippers Sophie Devine (Phoenix) and Suzie Bates (Invincibles) came head-to-head, each hoping ‘to stay in the competition.’ Sophie Devine’s ‘Phoenix’ was said to have had a ‘poor-run-of-form.’ Missing their star-batter Alyssa Healy (Australia,) ‘Phoenix’ are yet to chalk-up their first win. Twice-defending champions ‘Invincibles’ was skippered for a second time by Suzie Bates:- appointed as skipper for remaining matches in place of Dane van Niekerk (injured.) Making top-score for ‘Invincibles,’ POTM Meerkat Match Hero Marizanne Kapp [64 runs*not out (from 40 balls)] came-in ‘at a difficult time’ exhibiting a ‘positive approach,’ hitting 6 ‘fours’ and 2 ‘sixes.’ Sophie Devine replied with a skipper’s ‘fifty,’ until caught at ‘long leg’ by Marizanne Kapp; leaving ‘Phoenix’ tail-enders with ‘too much to do.’ Introduced by Nasser Hussain, Alex Tudor & Dominic Cork (former England players); with Dinesh Karthik (ex India) & guest commentator Ollie Pope – Ashes series.) Weather at Edgbaston was overcast, light breeze and with a ‘few spots of rain.’

OI-W *Skipper Suzie Bates [*Phoenix keeper Amy Jones] *International players Marizanne Kapp (Rep. South Africa) Suzie Bates ex-skipper NZ with Alice Capsey (England); Paige Scholfield, Mady Villiers & Ryana Macdonald-Gay (England ‘A’) Lauren Winfield-Hill (ex England keeper) Katie George (ex England) & Cordelia Griffith (England u-19’s.) Including Kira Chathli. Without Dane Van Niekerk. *Skipper Suzie Bates 9(14) was stumped by Amy Jones from Katie Levick. *Alice Capsey 0(1) was caught  by Amy Jones bowled by Katie Levick (2/19) *After 60 balls, ‘Invincibles’ were 78/2. *Play continued ‘with a few spots of rain.’ *Lauren Winfield-Hill 41(33), was caught at ‘long-on’ by Sophie Devine from Hannah Baker *Playing a ‘good’ (short) innings, Paige Scholfield 17(9) was bowled by Tess Flintoff (1/30) *Cordelia Griffith 2(3) was ‘brilliantly’ stumped by Amy Jones from Hannah Baker (2/10) *Former keeper Dinesh Karthik added that Amy Jones’ keeping was ‘really brilliant;’ and ‘an absolute revelation.’ *Commended for her ‘positive approach,’ Marizanne Kapp 64*not out(40), *Mady Villiers was 3*not out(1) *Best ‘Invincibles’ batter was Marizanne Kapp 64*not out(40) *Best ‘Phoenix’ bowler was Hannah Baker who took 2/10.

BP-W *Skipper Evelyn ‘Eve’ Jones [*Invincibles keeper Lauren Winfield-Hill] *International players Sophie Devine (NZ), Erin Burns & Tess Flintoff (Australia, WBBL), Sterre Kalis – (NL) with Amy Jones, Issy Wong (England) & u-19’s World Cup player Hannah Baker. *Making her 1st ‘The Hundred’ ‘fifty,’ Sophie Devine 53(34), was caught by Marizanne Kapp from Ryana Macdonald-Gay *After 60 balls, ‘Phoenix’ were level-pegging on 78/1 (vs 78/2.) *‘An important wicket,’ Amy Jones 2(5) was caught by Cordelia Griffith from Ryana Macdonald-Gay *Erin Burns 17(13) was bowled by Paige Scholfield *Tess Flintoff 27(33) was stumped by Lauren Winfield-Hill from Paige Scholfield *Eve Jones was ‘run-out’ by Paige Scholfield *Sterre Kalis was 9*not out (4) *‘Hitting a big ball,’ Issy Wong 18(9), was caught from a top-edge at ‘short-third’ by Kira Chathli, from Paige Scholfield’s last ball; ending the match. *Commentators added that ‘Invincibles” fielders were ‘outstanding.’ Best ‘Phoenix’ batter was Sophie Devine who played a ‘skipper’s innings’ with ‘fifty.’ *Best ‘Invincibles bowler was Paige Scholfield who took 3/30.

Match summary ‘Invincibles’ didn’t start well, losing skipper Suzie Bates and Alice Capsey in quick succession. Lauren Winfield-Hill was dropped early, but added a match-winning 59 runs in 42 balls partnered by Marizanne Kapp.  ‘Phoenix’ replied with Sophie Devine hitting ‘fifty’ from 26 balls until caught by Marizanne Kapp (as mentioned above.) Sterre Kalis gave the home crowd a glimmer of hope by hitting back-to-back ‘fours.’ With 11 runs needed for ‘Phoenix’ batters to win from the final ball, a final catch was taken by Kira Chathli, prompting commentators to laud ‘Invincibles’ players for their ‘outstanding’ fielding. After the match, Marizanne Kapp received her POTM Meerkat Match Hero cap-and-medal from Alex Tudor for ‘coming-in at a ‘difficult time;’ and playing some ‘lovely shots.’ Twice defending champions ‘Invincibles’ (5 points) move-up to 4th place. Without a win at half-way, ‘Phoenix’ (1 point), need a ‘good-run’ of form to avoid receiving their first ‘wooden spoon.’ For post-script, commentators gaffed on ‘Invincibles’ back-to-back wins, when they’d lost to ‘Superchargers’ at Headingley, only 2 days beforehand; on 11 August.

Match result: Oval Invincibles Women 142/5 beat Birmingham Phoenix Women 132/6 by 10 runs

*Invincibles’ batting: 142/5 (100 balls @1.4 runs-per-ball); Marizanne Kapp 64*not out(40), Lauren Winfield-Hill 41(33), Paige Scholfield 17(9); *Phoenix’ bowling: Hannah Baker 2/10, Katie Levick 2/19, Tess Flintoff 1/30. Fow 1-31, 2-31, 3-90, 4-112, 5-116

*Phoenix’ batting: 132/6 (100 balls @1.3 runs-per-ball) Sophie Devine 53(34),Tess Flintoff 27(33), Issy Wong 18(9), Erin Burns 17(13); *Invincibles’ bowling: Paige Scholfield 3/30, Ryana Macdonald-Gay 2/28; Fow 1-68, 2-81, 3-101, 4-104, 5-114, 6-132.

*Scorecard courtesy of BBC Sport @URL

*Match highlights courtesy of Sky Sports @URL