The Hundred Trophy 2023 –  match 15 – Superchargers vs Invincibles

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Northern Superchargers vs Oval Invincibles  – at Headingley (Leeds) on 11 August (15h00)

Standing-in to play in ‘The Hundred’ as a replacement for Australia’s Alyssa, POTM ‘Meerkat Match Hero’ Phoebe Litchfield 68(45) hit a first match-winning ‘fifty,’ lauded by commentators as ‘one of the best seen,’ so far this season. Phoebe Litchfield also set a record 94, 3rd-wicket partnership for Superchargers, with her skipper Hollie Armitage. With Invincibles’ as (twice) defending champions said to be ‘in real trouble,’ an entertaining cameo partnership between Mady Villiers and Cordelia Griffith added 47 runs, the defending champions closing just 14 runs short. Introduced by Nick Knight, Dominic Cork & Charles Dagnall (ex-England) with Natalie Germanos (Rep. South Africa.) Also Simon Doull (NZ TV personality) who was humourously (but accidentally) ‘trodden on’ by fellow Kiwi Suzie Bates’s ‘spikes.’ Match highlights courtesy of Sky Sports (please see below.) Weather at Headingley was ‘glorious’ with sunshine, but cloudy and cool for August with occasional breeze.

NSC-W *Skipper Hollie Armitage *[Lauren Winfield-Hill keeping wicket for Invincibles] *International players Jemimah Rodrigues (India) Georgia Wareham & Phoebe Litchfield replacing Alyssa Healy (Australia.) With Kate Cross & Alice Davidson-Richards (England) Bess Heath (England ‘A’) & Grace Ballinger (England u-19’s) *Jemimah Rodrigues 0(1) went for a ‘golden duck,’ from Marizanne Kapp. *Debatable between commentators whether the ball ’swung, drifted or nipped-back.’ *Marie Kelly 10(8) ’showed good aggression’ until snicked at a short delivery, caught by keeper Lauren Winfield-Hill, from Marizanne Kapp (2/22) *Phoebe Litchfield and Hollie Armitage set a new Superchargers record 3rd wicket partnership (94 runs) that ‘created a platform’ *Hollie Armitage 42 (33) was caught at ‘extra cover’ by Paige Scholfield from Alice Capsey (1/16) *’Fine prospect’ Phoebe Litchfield 68(45) who hit 8 ‘fours’ and one ‘six;’ also made her first competition ‘fifty,’ and was caught at ‘long-off’ by Alice Capsey from Eva Gray (1/12) *Georgia Wareham was 12*not out (9) *Bess Heath 7*not out (4) hit the final ball for ‘four.’ *Best batter was Phoebe Litchfield 68(45);best Invincibles bowler was Marizanne Kapp 2/22.

OI-W *Skipper Suzie Bates *[Superchargers keeper Bess Heath] *International players Marizanne Kapp (Rep. South Africa) Suzie Bates ex-skipper NZ with Alice Capsey (England); Paige Scholfield, Mady Villiers (England ‘A’) Lauren Winfield-Hill (ex England keeper) Katie George (ex England) & Cordelia Griffith (England u-19’s.) *Given a ‘life’ and ‘free-hit’ following a ‘no ball’, Lauren Winfield-Hill 19(14), was caught by Kate Cross from Alice Davidson-Richards’ first ball. *Given the opportunity to get back to safety (rather than walk-off) Alice Capsey 13(9), stood montionless ‘out-of-her-ground’ and was stumped ‘at the 3rd or 4th attempt’ by keeper Bess Heath, from Georgia Wareham. *Marizanne Kapp 4(6) ‘drove straight to ‘extra cover’ and was caught by Phoebe Litchfield, from Linsey Smith. *Paige Scholfield 11(11) was caught by Linsey Smith from Georgia Wareham. *Suzie Bates 22(28) was caught at ‘point’ by Jemimah Rodrigues from Kate Cross. ‘Strategic-time-out’ was called after 80 balls, Invincibles still needing 51 from 20 balls remaining. *Best Invincibles’ batter was Cordelia Griffith 30*not out(15) who had the highest ’strike-rate.’ *Passing a return shot through Georgia Wareham’s fingers, Mady Villiers was 22*not out(19.) Best ‘Superchargers’ bowler was Georgia Wareham 2/20.

Match summary ‘Superchargers’ record 3rd-wicket partnership between Phoebe Litchfield and skipper Hollie Armitage set a ‘platform’ for their innings.  Phoebe Litchfield’s match-winning’ fifty’ [68runs (from45 balls)] was lauded by commentators as ‘one of the best’ seen so far this season. As mentioned above, POTM Meerkat Match Hero Phoebe Litchfield received her ‘cap-and-medal’ award, from Charles Dagnall. ‘Invincibles’ stand-in skipper Suzie Bates played anchor, faced by their opponents tight bowling. After star player Marizanne Kapp went for single-figures, commentators expressed concern that the defending champions were ‘in real trouble’ on 43/3; and ‘still in trouble after’ Skipper Bates went for a disappointing 22. Entertaining cameo partnership between Mady Villiers and Cordelia Griffith added 47 runs, closing 14 runs short. ‘Superchargers’ chalked-up their third win from four, having beaten ‘Invincibles’ by 14 runs; ‘Phoenix’ by 7 wickets (on Aug 3); and ‘Rockets’ by 9 runs (on Aug 9); but lost to ‘Brave’ by 5 wickets in between (on Aug 6).

Match result: Northern Superchargers Women 143/4 beat Oval Invincibles Women: 129/5 by 14 runs

*Superchargers’ batting: 143/4 (from 100 balls @1.4 runs-per-ball); Phoebe Litchfield 68(45), Hollie Armitage 42(33), Georgia Wareham 12*not out(9), Marie Kelly 10(8); *Invincibles’ bowling: Marizanne Kapp 2/22, Eva Gray 1/12, Alice Capsey 1/16; Fow 1-1, 2-15, 3-109, 4-131.

*Invincibles’ batting: 129/5 (from 100 balls @1.3 runs-per-ball); Cordelia Griffith 30*not out(15), Mady Villiers 22*not out(19), Suzie Bates 22(28), Lauren Winfield-Hill 19(14), Alice Capsey 13(9), Paige Scholfield 11(11); *Superchargers’ bowling: Georgia Wareham 2/20, Alice Davidson-Richards 1/26, Linsey Smith 1/26, Kate Cross 1/32; Fow 1-23, 2-38, 3-43, 4-68, 5-82.

*Scorecard courtesy of BBC Sport @URL

*Match reporting courtesy of Sky Sports @URL