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Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy 2023 – match 23 – Sunrisers vs Vipers

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Sunrisers vs Southern Vipers  – at Chelmsford, (The Cloud County Ground, Essex) on 2 July 2023 (10h30)

Sunrisers staged an ‘astonishing performance’ beating a depleted Vipers side. Sunrisers chalked-up their second ever win at 50 overs under their ex-Scots coach; and their first win under international superstar Dane van Niekerk’s captaincy. Commentators lauded batting performances by England hopeful Jodi Grewcock 76 runs (from 101 balls) for making Sunrisers’ top-score; Also 16yo debutante Amu Surenkumar who ‘cleaned-up’ by taking three Vipers’ wickets (with one ‘run out’) to win the match. Separately, as noted below, statistics reveal that left-hander Jodi Grewcock struck her 3rd ‘fifty’ this season (her 2nd ‘fifty’ home-and-away versus Vipers.) At the time of writing, Jodi Grewcock holds 5th place on the batting leader board and 8th place for taking most wickets from matches played-to-date. Commentators were Guy Swindells (for BBC Radio Solent) with Stanley Marisa (Statistician/Wisden.) Match video via ECB online (NV-Play); BBC Sound (Radio Solent) and ‘YouTube’ (Livestream & highlights) courtesy of Sunrisers & Vipers – please see below. Weather at Chelmsford was overcast, cloudy with a westerly breeze 18C.

Sunrisers’ Innings *Skipper Dane van Niekerk (formerly, Republic of South Africa) *[Vipers’ keeper Rhianna Southby replacing Nicole Faltum (Aus)] Sunrisers without Grace Scrivens, Jo Gardner & Eva Gray (England/u19’s); or Abataha Maqsood (Scotland.) *Debutante Amu Surenkumar (16yo.) Opener Jodie Grewcock 76(101) [who was dropped (on 38) from Georgia Elwiss; and later gaffed as ‘Dani’], played an outstanding innings as top-scorer, scoring her maiden ‘fifty.’ *During the power play, Vipers Mary Taylor (seamer) and debutante Ava Lee (spinner) were replaced by Alice Monaghan (seamer) and Georgia Elwiss, said to ‘bowl beautifully.’ *After 10 overs Power-play, Sunrisers banked 56/0. *During the 12th over, Lissy MacLeod 22(32) went plumb ‘leg before’ to Georgia Elwiss. *Sunrisers were 84/1 after 16.4 overs (100 balls.) *Five overs later, debutante Ava Lee bagged her first wicket when Cordelia Griffith 29(34), 21.1 ov), was stumped by keeper Rhianna Southby. *Sunrisers were 134/3 by mid-way (25 overs) after skipper Dane van Niekerk 8(10) ‘departed cheaply’ when clean-bowled by Georgia Elwiss. *Returned from England ‘A’ duty, Mady Villiers 17(24), slog-swept Ava Lee (2/43) to Alice Monaghan at ‘deep-mid-wicket.’ *Top-scorer Jodi Grewcock 76(101) was caught at ‘mid-wicket’ by Nancy Harman from Georgia Elwiss. *Flo Miller 8(9) was stumped by Rhianna Southby, stepping forward too soon to Mary Taylor’s slower ball. *Amara Carr 24(32) was clean-bowled by Megan Sturge’s spin, bagging the debutante’s first wicket at 50 overs (1/67.) *Kelly Castle 1(4) was short-lived, playing across-the-line: ‘leg before,’ to Georgia Elwiss. *Newbie Esmae MacGregor 2(4) snicked-an-edge from Mary Taylor, collected by keeper Rhianna Southby. *Finally, Amu Surenkuma 25(32) gifted a vertical ‘steepler’ catch from Alice Monaghan’s seam (1/36) taken by Rhianna Southby, diving forward (to striker’s leg-side.) All Vipers bowlers each bagged at least one wicket. Georgia Elwiss bagged a 3-fer (3/37.)

Vipers’ Innings *Acting skipper Emily Windsor (for Georgia Adams.) *[Amara Carr keeping wicket for Sunrisers.] *Depleted, without Lauren Bell, Maia Bouchier, Charlie Dean, Lynsey Smith or Danni Wyatt (England call-ups.) *Vipers Academy debutantes Ava Lee, Abi Norgrove & Megan Sturge. *Starting the 6th over, Ella McCaughan 14(24) was ‘castled:’ when clean-bowled by Esmae MacGregor *After 10 overs power play, Vipers were 31/1 (vs 56/0.) *Debutante Abi Norgrove 8(28) was clean-bowled by Kelly Castle. *Vipers were 71/2 (vs 84/1) after 16.4 overs (100 balls); reaching 110/2 (vs 134/3) by mid-way (25 overs.) *3rd wicket partnership between Emily Windsor and Georgia Elwiss scored 70, until Georgia Elwiss 19(35) was caught-and-bowled by Jodi Grewcock. *Thereafter, Vipers’ needed to keep experienced batters on strike, which bowlers consciously exploited. *When Vipers lost three wickets for just 4 runs some 8 overs later, match advantage swung irrevocably to favour Sunrisers. *Firstly Freya Kemp 22(22) was caught by Esmae MacGregor from Jodie Grewcock. *Skipper Windsor made top-score 84(107) until clean-bowled by Jodie Grewcock’s full length ‘Yorker.’ *Rhianna Southby followed when caught-and-bowled by Jodie Grewcock for a 4th ball ‘duck.’ *Alice Monaghan and Nancy Harman added 48 runs over 7 overs until Nancy Harman 18(23) was caught by Kelly Castle from Kate Coppack. *Commentator described 16yo debutante Amu Surenkumar ‘cleaning-up’ by taking three Vipers’ wickets (with one ‘run out’) to win the match. *Firstly, Mary Taylor 2(3) was ‘run out’ by Kate Coppack. *Secondly, Megan Sturge was caught in the deep by Kelly Castle. Next ball, sympathy was expressed for Ava Lee who was ‘clean-bowled’ for a golden duck. *Vipers tail-enders left with too much to do and Alice Monaghan was left stranded 34*not out (from 26 balls.)

Summary England hopeful Jodi Grewcock scored her second match-winning ‘fifty’ to secure Sunrisers double-win this season against Vipers (home and away, 50 overs.) Commentator lauded 16yo debutante Amu Surenkumar who ‘cleaned-up’ by taking three Vipers’ wickets (2/44 with one ‘run out’) to win the match. Commentator added that Amu Surenkumar also scored 25 ‘invaluable’ runs with her bat – that ‘narrowed the winning margin’ (between each team.) Separately during the match, bowlers gifted their opponents 34 ‘wides.’ Finally, Amu Surenkumar took two wickets in two balls, undoubtedly looking forward to taking a potential ‘hat-trick’ when bowling her first ball at Sunrisers’ next match. After the match, acting skipper Emily Windsor reflected on Vipers second defeat by Sunrisers this season (their first RHF defeat was on 22 April.) BBC radio Solent interview at URL:

Result: Sunrisers Women 254/10 beat Vipers Women 226/10 by 28 runs (with 21 balls remaining)

* Sunrisers’ batting: 254/10 (@5.1 runs-per-over from 49.2/50 overs); Jodi Grewcock 76(101), Cordelia Griffith 29(34), Amara Carr 24(32), Alice ‘Lissy’ MacLeod 22(32), Mady Villiers 17(24); Vipers’ bowling: Georgia Elwiss 3/37, Mary Taylor 2/39, Ava Lee 2/43, Nancy Harman 1/27, Alice Monaghan 1/36, Megan Sturge 1/67; Fow 1-66, 2-115, 3-125, 4-164, 5-177, 6-192, 7-213, 8-216, 9-225, 10-254.

* Vipers’ batting: 226/10 (@4.8 r-p-o from 46.3/50 overs, target 255 from 50 overs); Emily Windsor 84(107), Alice Monaghan 34*not out(26), Freya Kemp 22(22), Georgia Elwiss 19(35), Nancy Harman 18(23), Ella McCaughan 14(24); Sunrisers’ bowling: Jodi Grewcock 4/45, Amu Surenkumar 2/44, Kelly Castle 1/14, Kate Coppack 1/33, Esmae MacGregor 1/35; Fow 1-18, 2-48, 3-118, 4-161, 5-164, 6-165, 7-213, 8-218, 9-226, 10-226.

* Scorecard with video highlights, courtesy of ECB (via NV-Play) via Sunrisers Cricket TV on YouTube at URL:

*Free to air via Southern Vipers: Closing summary (11m32s) at URL: Original livestream (06h11m12s) at URL: ;

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