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Charlotte Edwards Cup Semi-final  – match 29 –  Vipers vs Thunder

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Southern Vipers vs North West Thunder on 10 June 2023 (12h00): at Worcester (New Road)

Vipers opening pair Danni Wyatt 76 runs (from 50 balls) and Maia Bouchier 56 runs (from 32) staged a batting ‘masterclass,’ to chalk-up the competition’s 4th highest score. Defending champions Southern Vipers continued to score at around 10 runs-per-over, which proved too much for ‘underdogs’ Thunder: having previously qualified for thieir first Charlotte Edwards Cup Finals Day. Before the match, Ellie Threlkeld (Thunder skipper) said the match was ‘winnable.’ After the match, Danni Wyatt reported back on her innings and looked forward to playing in the final: please see post-match interview, below. Commentators: Charles Dagnall, Mark ‘Churchie’ Church, Michael McCann, with guests Sophie Luff (Storm skipper), Aylish Cranstone (Stars) & Jo Gardner (Sunrisers.) Also Kris Temple (interviews, Thunder) & Kevan ‘Kev’ James ( interviews, Vipers.) Video highlights from ECB online (NV Play) with full match video, jointly from Lancs TV & Southern Vipers. Weather was clear blue sky, becoming cloudy, with inclement weather forecast.

Vipers: *Skipper Georgia Adams *[Ellie Threlkeld keeping wicket for Thunder]*International player Nicole Faltum, Australia. *With Player-Coach Anya Shrubsole (ex-England.) Also Maia Bouchier, Charlie Dean & Danni Wyatt released from England ‘Ashes’ training; *Without Lauren Bell. *After 6 overs PowerPlay, Vipers were 50/0 & 93/0 by mid-way. *Openers Danni Wyatt & Maia Bouchier  chalked-up their century partnership and made their ‘fifties’ a few balls apart. *Thunder’s breakthrough came during the 11th over (108/1) when Maia Bouchier 56(32) steepled a catch leg-side, to keeper Ellie Threlkeld; from Mahika Gaur (1/34.) *Two wicket fell during the 15th over firstly when Georgia Adams 5(6) was caught by Deandre Dottin diving forward at ‘mid-on,’ from Olivia Bell’s spin. *Secondly, Danni Wyatt 76(50) launched a thick edge, caught inside the boundary by Fi *Morris, from Olivia Bell. *Next over clocked-up Vipers 150 from 95 balls. *Two more wicket fell during the 17th over. Freya Kemp 10(8) was bowled beneath her bat by Olivia Bell, sending the left-handed batter’s leg-side bail flying. *Also, Ella McCaughan 3(2) was momentarily out of her crease and was stumped by Ellie Threlkeld, from Olivia Bell (4/37) *After 16.4 overs, Vipers were 157/5. *Georgia Elwiss was caught at ‘point’ by Deandre Dottin, mid-way through Sophie Ecclestone’s ‘death’ over. *Thunder’s best bowler was Olivia Bell (4/37.)

Thunder’s innings: *Skipper Ellie Threlkeld *[Nicole Faltum keeping wicket for Vipers] *International players Tara Norris (USA); & Deandre Dottin ex-WIndies. With Emma Lamb, Sophie Ecclestone & Libby Heap released from England Ashes training. *Without Kate Cross (seen watching.) *Emma Lamb 4 went 3rd ball from an innovative ‘ramp’ shot, caught by Ella McCaughan, from Anya Shrubsole. *Libby Heap 12(14) played, missed and was bowled with both bails sent flying, by Linsey Smith *After 6 overs’ PowerPlay, Thunder were 50/2 (vs 52/2.) *Fi Morris 36(25) was caught one-handed from ‘short third’ by Georgia Elwiss, bowled by Linsey Smith. *Deandre Dottin 24(14) was caught inside the boundary short of scoring ‘six’ by Maia Bouchier, from Charlie Dean 1/28. *After 10 overs, Thunder were 86/4 vs 93/0. *Sophie Ecclestone 33(23) launched a ‘steepler’ and was caught at ‘deep square’ by Ella McCaughan, from Anya Shrubsole (2/30). *Naomi Dattani 13(9) ballooned a catch to Linsey Smith, from Georgia Elwiss’ bowling. *After 16.4 overs (100 balls), Thunder were 147/6 *Two wickets fell during Georgia Adams’ final over. *Firstly Skipper Threlkeld 31(24) was caught inside the boundary by Danni Wyatt. *Finally, Danielle Collins 5(7) launched a ‘steepler’ to her ‘off-side,’ caught outside-the-circle by rolling Georgia Elwiss. Vipers’ best bowler was player-coach Anya Shrubsole 2/30.

Match summary: Vipers ‘got off to a flyer’ with both openers scoring ‘fifties’ during a match-winning century 1st wicket stand. Comparing both teams’ scores at mid-way (86/4 vs 93/0) commentators said Thunder had match the required-run-rate, but lost vital wickets. Thunder’s run-chase stalled during their final over when they lost 2 wickets and the required-run-rate to chase down Vipers’ mammoth score escalated beyond reach. Victorious Vipers play unbeaten Blaze. Commentators added later, that Vipers had stepped-forward to play in their ‘8th final in 8 seasons’ (when considering both 20 and 50-overs competitions.)

Match result: Southern Vipers Women 191/6 beat North West Thunder Women 173/8 (target 192 from 20 overs) by 18 runs

Vipers’ batting: 191/6  (20/20 overs @9.5 runs-per-over) Danni Wyatt 76(50), Maia Bouchier 56(32), Georgia Elwiss 20(11), Charlie Dean 12*not out (9), Freya Kemp 10(8); Thunder’s bowling: Olivia Bell 4/37, Mahika Gaur 1/34, Sophie Ecclestone 1/50; Fow: 1-108, 2-138, 3-145, 4-156, 5-157, 6-186.

Thunder’s batting: 173/8 (20/20 overs @8.6 r-p-o) Fi Morris 36(25), Sophie Ecclestone 33(23), Ellie Threlkeld 31(24), Deandre Dottin 24(14), Liberty ‘Libby Heap 15(12), Naomi Dattani 13(9); Vipers’ bowling Anya Shrubsole 2/30, Linsey Smith 2/31, Georgia Adams 2/26, Charlie Dean 1/28, Georgia Elwiss 1/28; Fow: 1-4, 2-48, 3-69, 4-84, 5-126, 6-146, 7-169, 8-170.

*Scorecard with video highlights, courtesy of ECB via NV Play at URL:

*Full match video courtesy of Lancs Cricket TV & Southern Vipers (starting from 08m18s/3h12m20s) via YouTube at URL:

*Post match interview courtesy of BBC radio Solent via YouTube at URL: