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Charlotte Edwards Cup – match 14- Northern Diamonds vs Sunrisers

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Northern Diamonds vs Sunrisers  on 28 May 2023 (15h30) at Leeds (Headingley Stadium)

Katie Levick (pictured) took her third career ‘5-fer;’ her 2nd ‘5-fer,’ for Diamonds: that included taking 3 wickets taken during one single over. Post-match, Katie Levick told reporters it was one of her ‘better days’ (wearing) a Diamonds shirt; when everything went-to-plan. Previously, the first female Yorkshire CCC president Dr Jane Powell told viewers that Diamonds’ T20 shirts were etched with names of 152 women’s and girl’s affiliated clubs across Yorkshire Durham and Northumberland. Video highlights from ECB online (NV Play) from Yorkshire Cricket TV & BBC Radio Leeds. Weather was cool and grey.

Diamonds Innings *Skipper Hollie Armitage *[Amara Carr keeping wicket for Sunrisers] *International players Sterre Kalis (NL) & Chloe Tryon (Republic of South Africa); *Scotland international Katherine Fraser *Lauren Winfield-Hill 19(14) was caught ‘in the covers’ by Abtaha Maqsood from Kelly Castle’s 2nd ball. *After 6 overs’ PowerPlay, Diamonds were 48/1. *Next over, Hollie Armitage 8(8) was caught ‘deep of mid-off’ by Kelly Castle from Grace Scrivens. *During the 8th over, Abtaha Moqsood’s delivery spun leg-side of Sterre Kalis for 2 leg-byes. *Also Sunrisers conceding 5 penalty points for the ball hitting the keeper’s helmet, sat on the grass. *After 10 overs Diamonds were 79/2. *During the 15th over, top-scorer Leah Dobson 47(40) was caught from a ‘steepler’ landing at ‘deep mid-wicket,’ taken by Flo Miller from Grace Scrivens’ bowling. *Next over, Bess Heath launched Abtaha Maqsood for Diamonds’ 1st ’six.’ *There followed two stumpings. *Sterre Kalis 29(28) was stumped by Amara Carr missing a ball signalled ‘wide’ of her off-stump, from Mady Villiers’ spin. *After 16.4 overs, Diamonds were 132/4. *Bess Heath 31(14) was also stumped after plundering two more ’sixes’ from Kelly Castle, before missing wide of off-stump. *Katherine Fraser 4(3) was short-lived. *Finally, Abi Glen was ‘run out’ by Cordelia Griffith’s throw to Grace Scrivens at the bowler’s end. *Chloe Tryon 12*not out (from 7 balls.) *Sunrisers best bowler was Grace Scrivens (2/24.)

Sunrisers Innings *Skipper Kelly Castle *[Bess Heath keeping wicket for Diamonds] *International player Dane van Niekerk (ex Republic of South Africa); England u19’s skipper Grace Scrivens. *Scotland international Abtaha Maqsood. *Dane v.Niekerk’s hit Katherine Fraser’s 1st over for 14 runs, including one ’six.’ *Next over, vanNiekerk 14(6) was shocked by an early departure when edging Lizzie Scott to keeper Bess Heath. *Mady Villiers 6(6) was short-lived, going ‘leg before’ to Chloe Tryon. *3rd wicket fell during Sunrisers’ PowerPlay when Alice ‘Lissy’ Macleod 21(17) was clean-bowled by Katie Levick. *After 6 overs’ PowerPlay following a ‘maiden’ over from Lizzie Scott, Sunrisers were 41/3 (vs48/1) & 70/3 (vs79/2) after 10 overs (mid-way.) *Next over, Katie Levick took a second wicket when Cordelia Griffith 18(22) was caught by Chloe Tryon. *Grace Scrivens and Jo Gardner added 28 runs before Jo Gardner 13(13) was caught by Lauren Winfield-Hill from Grace Hall. *Disaster struck Sunrisers when Katie Levick took another three wickets during the 17th over to complete her ‘5-fer.’ *Firstly, Eva Gray 3(3) was stumped by Bess Heath. *After 16.4ov, Sunrisers were still in the game: 127/6 (132/4.) *Next ball, Katie Levick made a carbon-copy dismissal when Flo Miller 2(2) was stumped by Bess Heath. *A third wicket fell during the same over when Amara Carr was caught by Abi Glen for a first-ball ‘duck.’ *Having scored ‘fifty,’ Grace Scrivens 50(35), was stumped by Bess Heath from Chloe Tryon. *Finally, Abtaha Maqsood 2(2) was caught at ‘deep-mid-wicket’ by Lauren Winfield-Hill from Grace Hall; leaving skipper Castle ‘not out.’

Match summary Diamonds posted a defendable score. Sunrisers bowlers made a good start bowling 20 ‘dot’ balls during Diamonds’ PowerPlay and taking Lauren Winfield-Hill’s wicket. After 100 balls, Sunrisers had 2 wickets disadvantage but were still in the game. Thereafter, Diamonds batters scored 40 from their last 20 balls, whereas Sunrisers lost their last 6 wickets for 34 runs. Back behind the wicket, coached by Lauren Winfield-Hill, Bess Heath took one catch and made 3 stumpings. Stand-out bowler Katie Levick took a total of 5 Sunrisers’ wickets, conceding 19 runs (‘5-fer.’) Hopeful to qualify for the finals, Diamonds have a clean-sheet to date, with 4 wins from 4 matches at the competition’s mid-way point. Yorkshire CCC match report at URL:

Match result:  Northern Diamonds Women 172/7 beat Sunrisers Women 137/10 (target 173 from 20 overs) by 35 runs with 8 balls remaining.

*Diamonds batting 172/7: (from 20 overs @ 8.6 runs-per-over): Leah Dobson 47(40), Bess Heath 31(14), Sterre Kalis 29(28), Lauren Winfield-Hill 19(14), Chloe Tryon 12(7); Sunrisers bowling: Grace Scrivens 2/24, Kelly Castle 2/37, Mady Villiers 1/24, Jo Gardner 1/25; Fow: 1-23, 2-48, 3-111, 4-130, 5-152, 6-157, 7-172.

*Sunrisers batting 137/10: (from 18.4/20 overs @ 7.3 runs-per-over Grace Scrivens 50(35), Alice Macleod 21(17), Cordelia Griffith 18(22), Dane v.Niekerk 14(6), Jo Gardner 13(13); Diamonds bowling: Katie Levick 5/19, Chloe Tryon 2/22, Grace Hall 2/27, Lizzy Scott 1/18; Fow: 1-20, 2-30, 3-41, 4-73, 5-103, 6-125, 7-127, 8-127, 9-131, 10-137.

*Scorecard with video highlights, courtesy of ECB via NV Play on YouTube at URL: &

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