Source: INPHO/Women’s 6 Nations

Six Nations Quiz 2023 (with answers now added)

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Have you had enough time to forget all about the Six Nations? Oh, good!

Cheating permitted.

  1. Who scored the first try of the tournament?
  2. Who was named Player of the Tournament?
  3. England had three on-field captains in the game against Ireland. Who were they? Bonus point if you can get the sequence right.
  4. Where was a 6N attendance record set before the England-France game at Twickenham?
  5. How many points did Ireland score in the tournament: 25, 55 or 85?
  6. Which town did not host a game during the tournament: Parma, Dublin, Northampton, Vannes?
  7. Who kicked the most conversions?
  8. Only one nation scored a losing bonus point. Who were they?
  9. Who scored the last try of the tournament?
  10. Who captained Italy v Ireland?
  11. All the referees had appeared at the World Cup in New Zealand, bar one. Who was she?
  12. Who scored the most points in the tournament?
  13. One round had two games finishing with the same score. Boost your total with the round, the teams, that score.
  14. Abby Dow won the Try of the Tournament award. But which try?
  15. Who scored two tries for Italy v Ireland?



  1. Alex Callender, v Ireland, 3rd minute
  2. Gabrielle Vernier
  3. Marlie Packer, Zoe Aldcroft, Amber Reed
  4. Stade des Alpes, Grenoble
  5. 25
  6. Dublin
  7. Jessy Trémoulière (13)
  8. France, against England
  9. Chloe Rollie, versus Ireland, 81st minute!
  10. Sofia Stefan
  11. Kat Roche (USA)
  12. Marlie Packer (35)
  13. Round 5: Italy 10 Wales 36 and Scotland 36 Ireland 10
  14. The try v Wales, on the end of a 25-metre pass from Holly Aitchinson, parallel to the half-way line
  15. Alyssa D’Inca