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Charlotte Edwards Cup: Sunrisers vs Central Sparks – match 1

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Sunrisers vs Central Sparks on May 18 at Chelmsford, Essex (The Cloud County Ground)

Just as Sunrisers batters went for big hits with 5 overs remaining, Emily Arlott (pictured) took 4 crucial wickets (4-fer) for the winning team. Earlier, players from both sides made ‘fifty.’ England’s Amy Jones (51 runs from 34 balls) made top-score for Sparks. The stage was set for Sunrisers’ challenge when two bowlers took 3 wickets each. Also, during their Power-play, Sunrisers’ batters lost 2 fewer wickets than Sparks. Sunrisers’ challenge fell away with 5 overs remaining, when top-scorer Cordelia Griffith (53 runs from 46 balls) was caught. Needing 46 runs from 5 overs remaining, commentators said that Sunrisers’ batters were becoming ‘silly,’ playing lavish shots and losing their wickets ‘for fun.’ Commentator Guy Swindells (Sports journalist) for Sunrisers TV, with Victoria Polley (BBC radio Essex.) Video highlights from ECB online (NV Play.) Post-match summary from Central Sparks. Sunny rain-free evening 10C, with floodlights switched-on whilst Sparks were batting (on 94/6.)

Sparks innings Skipper Eve Jones. *With England’s Amy Jones, Issy Wong and u-19 star Davina Perrin. *International player Erin Burns (Aus.) *During 1st over, Davina Perrin snicked Kate Coppack’s 2nd ball to keeper Amara Carr, as it passed her off-stump. *Skipper Eve Jones’ [15 runs (from 12 balls)] bails were sent flying by Grace Scrivens’ second delivery. *Erin Burns 7(8) was stumped by Amara Carr, while fishing outside off-stump, from skipper Castle. *After 6 overs Power-play, Sparks were 42/2. *Just as Sparks posted their team’s 50, Ami Campbell 11(12) was clean-bowled by Mady Villiers. *By midway (10ov.) Sparks were 65/4. *Two wickets tumbled during Sparks’ 13th, placing skipper Castle on a ’hat-trick.’ *Commentator’s curse struck when Abbey Freeborn 11(12) ‘looked extremely comfortable’ was ‘brilliantly’ stumped by keeper Amara Carr, just two balls later. *Next ball, Katie George’s bails flew for a ‘golden duck,’ exposing Emily Arlott to Kelly Castle’s uneventful ’hat-trick’ ball. *Having hit 9 ‘fours,’ Amy Jones ‘held things together’ for Sparks, scoring ‘fifty’ from 33 balls. *Amy Jones was caught ‘in-the-covers’ next ball, by Abtaha Maqsood; from Mady Villiers. By the 100 ball benchmark Sparks were 118/9. *Interrupting play to tie her shoe-laces at the crease, Issy Wong 7(9) was bowled ‘through-the-gate’ by Abtaha Maqsood. *Emily Arlott 13(15) showed spirited resistance until caught ‘in-the-deep,’ by Eva Gray diving-forward, from Mady Villiers’ spin. *Finally, Grace Potts 5(5) was ‘run out’ from the penultimate innings ball; put down by commentators to ‘indecision,’ whereas Georgia Davis 5*(9) remained nonchalant.

Sunrisers innings *Skipper Kelly Castle With England u-19 World Cup final skipper Grace Scrivens. *Scotland’s Abtaha Maqsood. *3 players made double-figures. *After 6 overs Power-play, Sunrisers were 33/2 (vs 42/2.) Grace Scrivens 3(6) (gaffed by commentator to be ‘crucial;’ also a ‘a massive wicket’) was caught by Katie George, from Grace Potts, bringing Cordelia Griffith to the crease. *Fellow opener Lissy MacLeod 17(14) snicked behind to keeper Amy Jones, from Katie George (1/30) deciding to bowl round-the-wicket. *By mid-way (10overs) Sunrisers were level-pegging and 2 wickets ahead  59/2 (vs 65/4.) *During 13th over, commentator’s curse struck when Sparks were ‘looking for a wicket.’  *Amara Carr 11(16) went plumb ‘leg before,’ swinging across a ‘full delivery’ from Grace Potts (2/13.) *Next over, Mady Villiers was caught just short of the longest boundary by Katie George from Erin Burns (1/13.) *With 5 overs remaining and the required-run-rate beyond 10 per over, batters tried launching big shots. *Cordelia Griffith 53(46) who’d ‘made fifty and avoided getting out’ was caught aerial by Eve Jones in-the-deep, from Emily Arlott. *On 100/5, Flo Miller was ‘run out,’ stranded after finding ‘extra cover,’ from Katie George’s bowling. After 16.4 ov., Sunrisers were 100/6 (vs 118/9.) *Eva Gray (4) looped aerial, caught by Erin Burns from Georgia Davis. *Jo Gardner, played-on from a thick-edge, bowled by Emily Arlott. Skipper Kelly Castle 2(3) missed a paddle, both bales sent flying by Emily Arlott. *Facing an impossible target, Abtaha Maqsood went for a ‘golden duck,’ when caught by Erin Burns from Emily Arlott (4/23) leaving Kate Coppack 3(2) ’not out.’

Match summary Home team commentators said that Sunrisers ‘held on’ to their catches and Sparks gave an ‘efficient fielding display.’ Overall, all 20 wickets fell; 8 players reached double-figures; and 2 players made ‘fifty.’ Batting first, 5 Sparks batters made double-figures, including ‘potent’ batting by Amy Jones (fifty from 33 balls.) Sunrisers’ bowlers took early wickets, two bowlers (Kelly Castle and Mady Villiers) taking 3 wickets each. Sunrisers’ required-run-rate escalated once top-scorer Cordelia Griffith was out. Sparks cruised home as bowler Emily Arlott snapped-up the last two remaining tail-ender’s wickets.

Sparks top the leader-board with one game played-to-date. For Sparks’ match summary, please see below.

Match result:  Central Sparks Women 137/10 beat Sunrisers Women 114/10 by 23 runs (with 6 balls remaining)

Sparks batting 137/10 (19.5/20 overs, 6.95 runs-per-over)

Amy Jones 51(34), Eve Jones 15(12), Emily Arlott 13(15), Ami Campbell 11(12), Abbey Freeborn 11(12);

Sunrisers bowling: Kelly Castle 3/24, Mady Villiers 3/28, Kate Coppack 1/16, Grace Scrivens 1/16, Abtaha Maqsood 1/21;

Fow 1-7, 2-24, 3-40, 4-59, 5-94,  6-94, 7-100, 8-115, 9-130, 10-137.

Sunrisers batting: 114/10 (19/20 overs, 6 r-p-o)

Cordelia Griffith 53(46), Lissy MacLeod 17(14), Amara Carr 11(16);

Sparks bowling: Emily Arlott 4/23, Grace Potts 2/13, Erin Burns 1/13, Georgia Davis 1/22, Katie George 1/30.

Fow 1-10, 2-25, 3-82, 4-85, 5-96, 6-100, 7-105, 8-111, 9-114, 10-114.

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