Source: Julian Thompson

How Amy Jones Became Player Of The Series

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Bagging the ‘player of the series’ gong on finals day, Amy Jones was said by commentator Adam Collins to have ‘scored 245 runs’ during the group stage of the Charlotte Edwards Cup (please see below.)

*Amy Jones and Abi Freeborn constructed two decisive third-wicket partnerships for Sparks, that added a combined total of 174 runs (in just two matches held one week apart, adding 91 at Cardiff and 83 at Edgbaston ) *Amy Jones gave generous praise for Abi Freeborn after making her highest score (80) when Sparks beat Sunrisers at Edgbaston on May 21. *Another two ‘fifties’ for Sparks were scored by Jones either side of this match:- firstly when Sparks beat Storm (scoring 52 runs at Cardiff on May 14); and secondly when Storm beat Sparks (63 at Worcester on June 4.)

Turning to comparisons between Wicket-keepers who can bat, the top five arranged by most runs scored after six group-stage matches were:-

  1. Amy Jones (Sparks) 245 runs, strike rate 140 with 3 ‘fifties’ from six innings; with twelve keeper’s dismissals: 7 catches, 4 ‘stumpings’ and one ‘run out’ from six matches.
  2. Bess Heath (Diamonds) 146 runs, strike rate 110 with 2 ‘fifties’ from five innings; with three keeper’s dismissals: 2 catches and 1 ‘stumping’ from five matches.
  3. Amara Carr (Sunrisers) 68 runs, strike rate 120 from two innings; with five keeper’s dismissals: 4 catches and 1 ‘stumping’ from two matches; placed higher when considering her superior strike rate.
  4. Kira Chathli (Stars) 66 runs, strike rate 100 with two ’not outs’ from five innings; with two keeper’s dismissals: 1 catch and 1 ‘run out’ from six matches; placed higher when considering her superior batting average.
  5. Ellie Threlkeld (Thunder) 66 runs, strike rate 63 from six innings; with seven keeper’s dismissals: 2 catches and 5 ‘stumpings’ from six matches. Separately, it shouldn’t be overlooked that Threlkeld took on the skipper’s role at Thunder.


*As Amy Jones’ nearest rival, only England wannabe Bess Heath scored more than 100 runs with two ‘fifties:’ both scored on Diamonds’ home ground at Chester-le-Street. Heath’s first ‘fifty’ (51 runs from 44 balls) took Diamonds closer than any other team to beating Vipers, on 21 May. Bess Heath’s second ‘fifty’ (60 from 46) banked Diamonds sufficient runs to narrowly beat Lightning on 1 June.

Footnotes: Making meaningful comparisons between wicket-keepers is always difficult. Keepers who played just one innings are disregarded from the list. For example, Carla Rudd batted in one single innings, but played for Vipers as keeper in all six group stage matches.

Playoff and Finals matches are excluded as they involved three teams playing additional matches.