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Bryony Smith Hits Skipper’s ‘Fifty’

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South-East Stars v Sunrisers at Guildford, Surrey (Woodbridge Road) on June 5

Skipper Bryony Smith (pictured) struck ‘fifty’ from 31 balls, on her way to Stars’ top team score. Partnered by Aylish Cranstone, Stars openers scored their first fifty runs in 28 balls (4.3 overs.) After their 20-over innings, Stars made 183 – just three runs short of last year’s record score. As last year’s winners, Stars are defending champions who have qualified to play the next step for a place in the final. Opponents Sunrisers bow out as spoonists – remaining 21 points adrift at the group stage. As group winners, Stars are poised to play the  Eliminator match against Sparks, at ‘finals day’ for the Charlotte Edwards Cup.

*Both Stars and Sunrisers made minor changes from their previous match. Stars have stuck with mainly the same team, some players (such as Aylish Cranstone and Kalea Moore) stepping-up when other players fell short.

*For this match Tash Farrant, Freya Davies and Danielle Gregory were rested.

*Sunrisers team is also comparable with last year’s players. *Their core group included Naomi Dattani, Kelly Castle, Cordelia Griffiths, Abtaha Maqsood and Grace Scrivens. *Separately, Joanne Gardner was recruited but didn’t play this time.

*With covers standing-by in case of rain, Stars openers ensured they maximised their run-rate, topping at least ten-runs-per-over during their power play stage.

*Once the openers had left their mark, Stars seemed assured of an easy win under the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern method: just in case the match was reduced to limited overs – a prospect that became unlikely as the rain held-off.

*Fixed camera coverage came from SE Stars TV. Also broadcast via live stream social media (including Sunrisers’ Cricket Video-clips and ESPN-cric-info.)

*Stars openers, Bryony Smith 50runs (from 31 balls) and Aylish Cranstone 32(26) set-off at a blistering pace, passing their fifty-partnership after 28 balls (4.3 overs.)

*Both openers struck five ‘fours.’ Cranstone added one ’six’ compared to Smith’s three – her fourth ’six’ counting towards 7 ‘no-balls’ (as extras.)

*Play was stopped by Umpires (including Sue Redfern) at least four times during the power play, either to retrieve balls from behind the stands, or replace – like with like. At the power play, Stars were 70/0 (12.1 runs-per-over.)

*Stars’ outstanding power play helped them towards making what turned out to be their record score for regional T20s. Sunrisers meanwhile dropped a number of catches, with misunderstandings that allowed batters to find gaps between fielders. This would be difficult to detect merely by reading match reports or watching the match (albeit with one fixed camera position) – please see below.

*During the next four overs with fresh bowlers and revised field-settings, two wickets fell as Kelly Castle and Abtaha Maqsood did well to stop more scoring shots, apart from ‘ones’ and ‘twos.’

*Firstly skipper Castle had her opposite number caught easily by Scarlett Hughes. Six balls later saw Alice Capsey ‘run out’ by Castle’s direct hit from mid-off.

*Unusually, both Alices: Alice Capsey and Alice Davidson-Richards were ‘run out’ on low scores.

*At mid-way, Stars were 91/2. *Three balls later, keeper Amara Carr caught an edge from Cranstone’s bat.

*New batters restarted Stars’ onslaught as Emma Jones 33(17) struck the first of two ‘fours to chalk-up Stars’ 100; adding a second ‘fours’ and another two ’sixes.’ *Jones’ partner Phoebe Franklin 22(13) struck two ‘fours’ and one ’six.

*Once again Sunrisers’ keeper Amara Carr spoiled the party, this time stumping Franklin during Grace Scrivens’ third over.

*Emma Jones was clean-bowled during Mady Villiers’ third over. Alice Davidson-Richards and Kira Chathli were short-lived, taking centre-stage to chalk-up Stars’ 150.

*After 100 balls (16.4 overs) Stars were 155/5. Finally, Kirstie White hit Mady Villiers for three ‘fours’ before clean-bowled by Villiers penultimate ball.

*Sunrisers’ reply lost Scarlett Hughes (0) to Kalea Moore’s first ball, caught by Aylish Cranstone arriving from ‘cover’ and departed with a golden duck. Both Naomi Dattani (11) and Grace Scrivens (10) showed good intent, Dattani scoring one ‘four’ and a ’six’ from Alexa Stonehouse; and Scrivens hitting two ‘fours’ from Stonehouse and Kalea Moore.

*Departing six balls apart, Grace Scrivens was trapped ‘leg before’ by Kalea Moore; and Naomi Dattani went aerial – launching a ’skier,’ caught by Alice Capsey from Ryana Macdonald-Gay’s spin.

*At the power play, Sunrisers were 43/3 (vs 70/0.)

*Mini-partnership that developed between Mady Villiers and Amara Carr was broken when Villiers (22) was caught behind by Kira Chathli from Alice Davidson-Richards’ seam. Stars’ keeper Chathli also stumped Sunrisers’ skipper Kelly Castle (1), from fellow skipper Bryony Smith’s spin. By mid-way, Sunrisers were 73/5 (vs 91/2.)

*Sunrisers five remaining wickets tumbled during the closing embers of the match. Top scorer Amara Carr 31(38) and Mia Rogers 21(13) showed some spirited resistance, both hitting ’sixes.’

*The match reached its conclusion around the 100-ball mark, when inevitably, Sunrisers ran out of wickets.

At the next step, Stars play their rivals Central Sparks: both teams competing for the privilege to play Southern Vipers who have already qualified with maximum points to play the ECB Charlotte Edwards Cup Final. Separately, as last year’s inaugural winners, Stars are first team to defend their title. After the match, Aylish Cranstone said she was ‘looking forward to scoring ‘fifty’ on finals day…. in both matches,’ – Aylish Cranstone is the only uncapped player to have scored three ’fifties’ during this year’s group stage.

Result (group B winners): South-East Stars Women 183/9 (20 overs) beat Sunrisers Women 127/10 (17 overs) by 56 runs and eighteen balls remaining

SE Stars 183/9 (20 overs, 9.15 runs-per-over): Bryony Smith 50(31), Emma Jones 33(17), Aylish Cranstone 32(26), Phoebe Franklin 22(13), Kirsty White 15(10); Sunrisers bowling: Kelly Castle 2/14, Naomi Dattani 2/30, Mady Villiers 2/40, Grace Scrivens 1/38;  Fow 1-87, 2-88, 3-97, 4-145, 5-154, 6-160, 7-161, 8-166, 9-182;

*Sunrisers 127/10 (17/20 overs, 7.47 runs-per-over): Amara Carr 31(27), Mady Villiers 22(19), Mia Rogers 20(13), Naomi Dattani 11(8), Grace Scrivens 10(9), Florence Miller 11*(10); Stars bowling: Kalea Moore 2/16, Bryony Smith 2/17, Rana Macdonald-Gay 2/19, Alice Davidson-Richards 1/18, Alexa Stonehouse 1/21; Fow 1-0, 2-21, 3-33, 4-59, 5-68, 6-97, 7-98, 8-105; 9-115, 10-127.

*Scorecard & statistics at URL

*Entire match, is free-to-view courtesy of South-East Stars via Youtube and Smart TV (2h59m41s starting from 14m50s) at URL & NV play

Footnote: Stars are set to play the Eliminator (vs Sparks): the winner playing Vipers for the Charlotte Edwards Cup. Both matches will be held at Northampton (Wantage Road) on 11 June