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Danni Wyatt Strikes 76 For Vipers Fourth Straight Win

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Loughborough Lightning v Southern Vipers at Trent Bridge, Nottingham on May 29 (11h00)

England’s Danni Wyatt, 76 runs (from 44 balls) hit top-score for Vipers against Loughborough Lightning, to chalk-up their fourth straight win. Charlotte Edwards (as Head Coach at Vipers) looks poised to win her own cup at Finals Day (Northampton) on June 11. Previously, when talking Solent Radio, Vipers made no secret that the Charlotte Edwards Cup is a trophy they really want to win. With 18 points, it seems that Vipers just have to turn-up (twice) to qualify for the finals. Before the match, Georgia Adams announced one change: Ella McCaughan.

Introducing themselves, commentators explained that the match was ‘stand-alone’ rather than ‘double-header’ as advertised, to avoid loss of spectators watching ‘Notts Forest’ play football. BBC Radio Solent broadcasters were Kevin James, Mike Perkins, plus Shilie Pancholi (ECB). Also covered by the BBC Sport website and ESPN-cric-info social media. Shilie Pancholi (project leader, Leicester) spoke about the English Cricket Board’s four-year challenge to ‘encourage more south Asian women to play cricket,’ especially East Midlands where locally, it was rewarding to see 1,700 girls playing cricket so far; having reached-out to encourage the ethnic group of young south Asian women.

*Lightning’s openers played a ‘proper one-day opening-batters’ innings’.

*Advantage swung during the first three overs as Lightning’s Marie Kelly (36 runs from 12 balls) hit Lauren Bell (1/30) leg-side for ’six.’

*Next over, England’s Tammy Beaumont (1) edged a lifting ball from Freya Kemp (2/24): easily caught by keeper Carla Rudd.

*Bowling at Marie Kelly’s leg-stump was a big mistake – according to commentators, as Kelly launched Lauren Bell for three leg-side ‘sixes.’ Commentators were equally critical of Vipers’ leg-side field settings at ‘widish square-leg’ and ‘deepish square-leg’, where Lightning’s batters ’caused problems’ between gaps.

*Breakthrough (following the main 44 run partnership) came from Anya Shrubsole’s (2/23) bowling the fifth over.

*Firstly Lauren Bell took a ’brilliant catch, diving to her left,’ to dismiss Ella Claridge (14 from 11).

*Secondly, Sarah Bryce was caught at ‘mid-wicket’ by Maia Bouchier for a second-ball duck.

*Persevering from the pavilion end, Freya Kemp’s first ball ‘tamely dismissed’ Marie Kelly 36(12) with a ‘simple catch,’ taken by Maia Bouchier, arriving from ‘mid-wicket.’ *After their power play, Lightning were 57/4, having scored above par (around 10-runs-per-over.)

*Between the power play and mid-way, Lightning’s scoring-rate lost momentum as two more wickets fell. *Bowling the ninth over, Georgia Elwiss’ first-ball had Bethan Ellis 7(8) caught at ‘backward point’ by Ella McCaughan, at which point play was adjourned for drinks (68/5).

*Completing the same over, keeper Carla Rudd gave Teresa Graves a lucky reprieve. *Bowling the ninth over, Georgia Adams trapped Graves 6(6) ‘leg before,’ attempting to sweep.

*By mid-way, Lightning’s scoring rate receded to ‘par’ at 79/6.

*Bowling the fourteenth over with 100 runs on-the-board, Georgia Elwiss’ first-ball was swung tamely by Kathryn Bryce 23(29), and caught at ‘extra cover’ by Georgia Adams.

*By the 100 ball benchmark (16.4 overs), Lightning were 122/7. Sophie Munro 8(9) mis-hit Elwiss’ final ball for a ’serious’ one-handed catch with somersault taken by Paige Scholfield at ’deep mid-on:’ lauded by commentators as ‘catch of the season.’

*Lauren Bell returned, her third ball to tail-ender Lucy Higham 31(30) ballooning a simple catch to Paige Scholfield at ’deep mid-on.’

*Lightning’s last wicket fell during Tara Norris’ (1/17) final over when Grace Ballinger 7(5) was caught by Freya Kemp.

*Lightning closed on 141/10; with two balls of their quota remaining.

*Vipers’ skipper Georgia Adams 14(17) was caught by Bethan Ellis inside the ring, from the last ball of Kathryn Bryce’s first over. At the power play Vipers had lost fewer wickets: 48/1 (vs 57/4)

*Viper’s main second-wicket partnership between Danni Wyatt and Maia Bouchier added 71 runs..

*By mid-way Vipers were ahead: 90/1 (vs 79/6.) Vipers were 100/1 at 11.1 overs; their main partnership broken by Josie Groves, when Maia Bouchier 18(17) ballooned a catch to Marie Kelly at ‘mid-off.’

*Match was paused for drinks as Vipers’ needed 39 runs from 47 balls.

*Drama struck during Lucy Higham’s final over when Danni Wyatt 76 (44) hit a bouncer ‘flat-and-hard’ to Tammy Beaumont at ‘deep mid-wicket.’

*Vipers’ fourth wicket fell two balls later, when Paige Scholfield 2(3) was caught by Sophie Munro (also off Higham.)

*Thereafter, commentators believed that the game ‘was headed in one direction:’ Georgia Elwiss 13(7) ’using her international match-winning experience.’

*Another wicket fell when Ella McCaughan 9(7) was stumped by keeper Sarah Bryce.

*Freya Kemp joined Elwiss, immediately striking ‘four,’ but was dropped next ball by Ella Claridge.

*Taking strike with level scores, Georgia Elwiss ran the winning single with ease, while her ‘four’ shot was pointlessly intercepted.

Summary: *Commentators believed that fielding competence was ‘the main difference between each side.’

*Played during an unusualy chilly afternoon for late May, Lightning got off to a promising start, thanks mainly to Marie Kelly top-scoring with ‘sixes,’ averaging three-runs-per-ball.

*Lightning lost six wickets by mid-way (whereas Vipers lost one.)

*Lightning’s remaining four wickets fell two balls short of their quota (twenty overs.)

*By comparison, Vipers power play was less fruitful.

*England’s opener Danni Wyatt top-scored with 76, contributing over half the winning runs.

*Finally, Vipers played a hundred-ball innings to chase down their target with relative ease.

Result (Group A): Southern Vipers Women 142/5 (16.4 overs, target 141/20 overs) beat Loughborough Lightning Women 141/10 (19.4/20 overs) by 5 wickets and 20 balls remaining

L’boro Lightning 141/10 (19.4 overs, 7.16 runs-per-over): Marie Kelly 36(12), Lucy Higham 31(30), Kathryn Bryce 23(29), Ella Claridge 14(11); Vipers bowling: Georgia Elwiss 3/28, Anya Shrubsole 2/23,  Freya Kemp 2/24, Lauren Bell 1/30, Georgia Adams 1/17, Tara Norris 1/17,  Fow 1-8, 2-52, 3-52, 4-52, 5-68, 6-77, 7-100, 8-133, 9-133, 10-141.

Southern Vipers 142/5 (16.4/20 overs, 8.52 runs-per-over): Danni Wyatt 76(44), Maia Bouchier 18(17), Georgia Adams 14(17), Georgia Elwiss 13(7); Lightning bowling: Lucy Higham 3/30, Kathryn Bryce 1/21, Josie Groves 1/31; Fow 1-34, 2-103, 3-113, 4-114, 5-135.

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Entire match, is free-to-view courtesy of Lightning live stream (nv play) via Youtube and Smart TV (starting from 38 mins/3h46m05s) at URL