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Cameron v McGee Final Press Conference

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Final Press Conferences have now been held by Chantelle Cameron vs. Mary McGee ahead of Saturday’s action at The O2 in London, live worldwide on DAZN. 

Here is what the protagonists had to say:

Chantelle Cameron:

“My career has gone from strength to strength, I’m living the life and absolutely loving it.

“This is going to be my toughest fight yet and something I’ve been screaming for years now; I’ve always said I want to face a tough champion and I’ve got it.

“I never change, so, I want to make an exciting fight and Mary’s going to bring that to the ring as well. I feel like my engine is better, I don’t stop.

“It’s all a visualise, all I see. Unified Champion.”

Mary McGee:

“I’ve trained really hard for this fight; I knew a long time ago that I would be fighting Chantelle because I would listen to her saying she wanted to fight one of the champions – I made sure I prepared for her from that day. When I was offered this fight, I was excited because I knew I could sit next to Eddie Hearn.

“I knew that sitting next to Eddie Hearn, and with Matchroom, was one of the pinnacles of boxing. So, to be a female fighter who used to sell tickets out of her car all night just to get a fight, to sitting up here, I’m more than ready. It’s going to be an exciting fight.

“I started boxing when I was 14, I stayed amateur for maybe five years, after winning the golden gloves a couple years in a row, I needed to make a living for myself, so I went pro. They said you could make $100 a round boxing; it was what I loved to do so I said, ‘hey this sounds like a steal for me’. As I got better and kept winning, I realised that my opponents cost more money, so I had to get out and sell tickets night and day just to get on the card and make sure my opponent got paid.

“I know it’s going to be a tough fight; I’ve watched her beat the hell out of girls and I thought, ‘yeah, I’ve got to make sure I get out there and do my real work’. She’s not coming to lose, I made sure I worked hard for her. I take this fight very seriously.

“I don’t believe so, some of the girls she fought, like the girls she got the title from, she came overweight and out of shape. Chantelle beat her but I can beat someone who’s overweight and out of shape too. Melissa is a good champion, but at Featherweight. I’m a natural Super-Lightweight so I know I have a better chance than those other girls.

“I didn’t come all the way across the pond just to get beat, it’s going to be a rumble in the jungle, like in the Ali days, she’s not going to just beat me believe that.”

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