Claire Molloy retires from International Rugby

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Congratulations to Claire Molloy who, this week, announced her retirement from International Rugby after what has been an incredible twelve years. A true legend of the game and role model to so many- Molloy has had an international career to be proud of.

Having played Gaelic football for her county in her former years, Molloy made the switch to Rugby whilst studying medicine at Cardiff University- an event she has previously described as a “twist of fate”. Struggling to find a women’s football club in Cardiff she decided to “give Rugby a go” – and you can safely say she did more than that!

Molloy made her debut for Ireland in 2009 against France, twelve years, 74 caps and three Rugby World Cups later, she is widely recognised as a legend of the game and standout player of her era. Playing across both the 15s and 7s set up – Molloy is a hugely accomplished and decorated athlete- Women’s Six Nations Champion, Grand Slam Champion, Ireland 15s World Cup Captain, Ireland Sevens Rugby World Cup Captain and Ireland Women’s Player of the year- these are just some of the achievements Claire has made throughout her time on the international stage.

As her coaches, team mates and fans would vouch, her success in rugby goes far beyond her achievements on the international stage. From early on in her career, Molloy has been and remains a game changer on the field. A menace in defence, a weapon in attack, a queen of turnovers- she is the opposition’s nightmare!

“When I first saw Molloy play some ten years ago it was instantly obvious that here was an athlete ahead of her time. Her speed of thought, her instinct over the ball and her highly competitive attitude meant that her impact on a game was immense. When her medical career brought her up to London and she joined Wasps it was fantastic to see up close the detail and huge work ethic she brought to her preparation and this infected those around her too. Not only is Molloy a massive asset on the field but off the field she is also one of the most caring and genuine athletes I have ever met. Her retirement from the International game will see a huge hole in the Irish set up as she brings so much talent , skill and experience and I know she will be sorely missed. We at Wasps are very excited to continue to benefit from her no nonsense, get the job done approach and from the fantastic turnovers that she produces – the best turnover Queen in the premiership!!”

Giselle Mather, Director of Rugby

The dedication and drive she shows in every avenue of her life is astonishing. Off the field, Molloy has juggled Rugby with a Career in medicine. Here she has displayed the same passion and skill that we know so well to work her way up to become an A&E registrar and future consultant of Emergency Medicine.

“Molloy and I first met during our speciality training in Emergency Medicine in South Wales, but I had already heard of her reputation as the high-achieving international rugby playing medical student. What I hadn’t expected was to meet the humble, conscientious, superb doctor that she is.

As part of her medical training, she has regularly moved between hospitals and departments in Wales and on each one has she made a similar long-lasting impression of a dynamic, skilled doctor filled with integrity and compassion. Her passion and empathy shine through when dealing with patients of all ages and backgrounds. This is particularly evident in her care of Paediatric patients, where her humour and playful character create a natural affinity for this environment.

Similar to her love for the exhilaration of an international Rugby game, she thrives off the fast pace and dynamic environment the Emergency Department provides. Her Rugby career has also allowed her to develop and refine her natural leadership and teamwork abilities which are now invaluable in leading Resuscitation and trauma situations.

Molloy is not only a friend but a much loved and respected colleague. I have no doubt she will excel as an Emergency Medicine consultant and I have no doubt many of these highly desirable attributes have been refined and strengthened by her International Rugby career. ”

Nicola Hoskins, Fellow A&E Registrar and Friend.

We are hugely privileged to have such a treasured athlete, team mate and friend in our midst and we are honoured that Molloy will be continuing her Rugby in the black and gold shirt here with Wasps Women. Having previously played for Bristol Bears, Molloy joined Wasps in 2018 and since has definitely made her mark on the swarm both on and off the field. A natural leader- her determination and work ethic constantly driving the team to go above and beyond. Her generous, humble and compassionate nature making for an indescribable team mate and friend.

“The role as a captain never really falls onto one person – it is more often that not a group of players, and I am beyond fortunate to have lead Wasps alongside the one and only Claire Molloy. When Molloy first joined Wasps, I quickly learnt what everyone else already knew – whilst being one of the most dedicated, hard hitting, passionate, and technically outstanding players of her generation, she is also one of the best people & friends I’ve been able to take to the field with. Her actions change games, her passion to push herself to her limits inspires others and her dedication and desire to succeed ripples throughout the team. We are so, so lucky to have her as part of the wasps family – both on and off the field (that’s right, I’m talking Twickenham tour ’18 Molloy!!) – & I mean it when I say, there truly is only one Claire Molloy.”

Kate Alder, Wasps Women’s Co-captain

Her presence in the Rugby world is invaluable and whilst she will be sorely missed on the international stage, we are so excited to see her continue to shine on the Premier 15’s field. Congratulations Claire Molloy on an outstanding international career and we are right behind you in your new chapter – #74andout

Courtesy of Wasps

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    In the fallout from Ireland’s heartbreaking 20-18 defeat by Scotland in Parma last Sunday which cost them any chance of qualifying for next year’s World Cup in New Zealand, one of the last surviving links with the Grand Slam, World Cup semi-final and Six Nations title in 2013, 2014 and 2015, Claire Molloy, has announced her retirement from international rugby. A former intercounty footballer with Galway, the 33-year-old flanker played for Ireland 74 times over the last 12 years.

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