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‘Diamonds’ Keep ‘Thunder’ A Safe Distance Away

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‘Northern Diamonds Women’ vs ‘Thunder W’ at Riverside, Chester-le-Street, on 12 September (Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy – round 6)

Previously, ‘Diamonds’ won both head-to-heads (Sept 2020); during which Beth Langston and Katie Levick took 3 wickets each. On the day, ‘Diamonds’ skipper Hollie Armitage (3 wickets, 1 catch) and Katie Levick (4 wickets) – kept ‘Thunder’ a safe distance away, winning by 100+ runs.

*‘Diamonds’’ top-order reshuffle (without Lauren Winfield-Hill) saw Sterre Kalis promoted to no.3.

*‘Diamonds’ began below-par on 45/1 after 10 overs, having lost skipper Hollie Armitage (7). By comparison, ‘Diamonds’ had a 4-wicket advantage: 66/2 (vs 61/6) at 100 balls (16.4 ov) and 104/3 (vs 88/7) by mid-way.

*Drama struck when ‘Thunder’s’ Emma Lamb took a knock when bowling to Sterre Kalis (57 runs from 65). Natalie Brown stepped-in to complete the last two balls of Lamb’s ‘over’.

*’Diamonds’ had staged a mid-order rally between Ami Campbell and Bess Heath adding 54 runs. Ami Campbell (48 from 50) had been caught by Laura Marshall off Hannah Jones with the total on 181/5 when rain stopped play for half-an-hour after 37 overs. Once play re-started, Bess Heath (78* from 65) and Beth Langston (58* from 30), staged a last-wicket stand of 91, ‘Diamonds’ closing short of 300. That turned out to be a mammoth score for ‘Thunder’ to chase down. Separately, Kate Cross as a front-line bowler was sorely missed from ‘Thunder’s’ bowling attack.

*’Thunder’ were 47/3 after 10 overs (vs 45/1). They lost 4 more wickets than their opponents at 100 balls (16.4 ov): 61/6 (vs 66/2); and were still 4 wickets in arrears at mid-way: 88/7 (vs 104/3).

*‘Diamonds’’ skipper Hollie Armitage and Katie Levick each made ‘Thunder’s’ scorecard 4 times.

*Firstly, skipper Armitage had Daisy Mullan (8) caught by Beth Langston. Secondly, Armitage had ‘Thunder’s top scorer (Georgie Boyce for 67) caught by newbie Ella Telford – also off her own bowling.

Separately, Armitage ‘ran out’ Natalie Brown and caught Alice Dyson (3) from Katie Levick’s bowling – as mentioned below.

*Katie Levick (4/34) took ‘Thunder’s’ 2nd wicket (Eleanor Threlkeld for 13.) Also, Katie Levick took ‘Thunder’s’ last 3 wickets, dismissing Laura Marshall (42); Laura Jackson (22); and Alice Dyson (3). Emma Lamb’s earlier bowling injury meant she didn’t bat: and remained unfit to mount a potential run chase to save the match.

Result: ‘Northern Diamonds -Women’ 294/6 beat ‘Thunder –W’ 189/8 by 105 runs (with 103 balls remaining)

‘Diamonds -W’ 294/6 (37/50 overs, 4.89 runs-per-over): Sterre Kalis 57 runs (from 65 balls), Ami Campbell 48(50), Bess Heath 27*(24), Rachel Hopkins 20(42); ‘Thunder’ bowling: Natalie Brown 1/23, Alice Dyson 1/23, Alex Hartley 1/46, Hannah Jones 1/54; Fow: 1-18, 2-65, 3-86, 4-122, 5-176, 6-203.

‘Thunder -W:’ 189/8 (50 ov. 3.78 runs-per-over) Georgie Boyce  67 runs (from 100 balls), Laura Marshall 42(40), Laura Jackson 22(38), Eleanor Threlkeld 13(25), Seren Smale 12(30) ‘Diamonds’ bowling: Katie Levick 4/34, Hollie Armitage 2/32, Phoebe Graham 1/41; Fow: 1-38, 2-74, 3-99, 4-109, 5-111, 6-166, 7-178, 8-180

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