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Italy’s Squad announced for the World Cup Qualifiers

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Andrea di Giandomenico, the head coach, has announced his squad to represent Italy in the World Cup qualifying tournament, to be held this month at the Stadio Sergio Lanfranchi, Parma.

Manuela Furlan retains the captaincy.

Sara Barattin is only two short of her 100th cap, so she could reach the mark in the second match of the series against Ireland. That would make her the very first Italian woman to achieve that momentous peak.

In the same game Illaria Arrighetti has the chance to reach her 50th cap.

Di Giandomenico has added four new faces to the squad, Sara Seye (prop), Vittoria Vecchini (hooker), Emma Stevanin (centre),and Francesca Granzotto (back three).

The Squad of 28:

Lucia GAI (Valsugana Rugby Padova, 73 caps)
Gaia MARIS (Valsugana Rugby Padova, 3 caps)
Michela MERLO (Rugby Colorno, 9 caps)
Sara SEYE (Rugby Calvisano*)

Melissa BETTONI (Stade Rennais, 61 caps)
Lucia CAMMARANO (Rugby Belve Neroverdi, 27 caps)
Vittoria VECCHINI (Valsugana Rugby Padova*)

Second row
Giordana DUCA (Valsugana Rugby Padova, 21 caps)
Valeria FEDRIGHI (Stade Toulousain, 25 caps)
Isabella LOCATELLI (Rugby Monza 1949, 25 caps)
Sara TOUNESI (ASM Romagnat, 18 caps)

Back row
Ilaria ARRIGHETTI (Stade Rennais, 48 caps)
Giada FRANCO (Rugby Colorno, 18 caps)
Elisa GIORDANO (Valsugana Rugby Padova, 46 caps)
Francesca SGORBINI (ASM Romagnat, 8 caps)
Beatrice VERONESE (Valsugana Rugby Padova, 6 caps )

Scrum halves
Sara BARATTIN (Arredissima Villorba, 98 caps)
Sofia STEFAN (Valsugana Rugby Padova, 59 caps)

Veronica MADIA (Rugby Colorno, 22 caps)

Beatrice RIGONI (Valsugana Rugby Padua, 46 caps)
Michela SILLARI (Valsugana Rugby Padua, 60 caps)
Emma STEVANIN (Valsugana Rugby Padua*)
Alyssa D’INCA ‘(Arredissima Villorba, 1 cap)

Back Three
Manuela FURLAN (captain, Arredissima Villorba, 78 caps) 
Francesca GRANZOTTO (Arredissima Villorba*)
Maria MAGATTI (CUS Milano, 36 caps)
Aura MUZZO (Arredissima Villorba, 17 caps)
Vittoria OSTUNI MINUZZI (Valsugana Rugby Padova, 6 caps)