BT Unveils Hope United Shirt Sale To Raise Money For Charity

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  • BT recently launched Hope United – a diverse team of players who have come together from across the Home Nations to tackle online hate
  • Due to popular demand, BT will make a limited number of Hope United shirts available, raising money for The Cybersmile Foundation, and spreading the message of standing together against online hate
  • The first limited edition shirts will be available to order on the morning of Friday 9th July via a link to the BT Shop which BT_UK will share on social media
  • For more information on Hope United, visit

Demi Stokes

BT has today announced that following demand from the public on social media, BT has now unveiled limited edition shirts available to buy, to continue the fight against social media abuse and raise money for The Cybersmile Foundation. The first limited edition Hope United shirts will be available, with all proceeds going to Cybersmile, from Friday 9th July via a link to the BT Shop which will drop on BT_UK social platforms and in subsequent drops over the following weeks.

Ahead of the UEFA European Championships, BT launched Hope United, a squad of athletes from across the four Home Nations who have come together to unite the nation in tackling online hate. Comprised of male and female players from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, drawn together by their own experiences of online hate, Hope United aims to drive more support for change and educate the nation on how to protect themselves and be good digital citizens.

The public will now have the chance to pull on the campaign’s recognisable shirts, which have been worn and seen online by football players and notable supporters including pop star Anne-Marie and radio host Roman Kemp. On Friday 9th July a limited number of Hope United shirts will be available at £39.99 each. of the proceeds will go to The Cybersmile Foundation.

Pete Jeavons, marketing communications director, said “It has been fantastic to see the positive response we have had to our campaign against social media abuse, with many people contacting us to ask where they can get a Hope United shirt.  As a result we will be making a limited number of shirts available, with all proceeds being donated to The Cybersmile Foundation. But you’ll need to get in fast and watch out for the first drop on social media today and over the coming weeks!”

Scott Freeman, CEO, The Cybersmile Foundation, said  “Everybody at Cybersmile is thrilled to be selected by BT to benefit from sales of the Hope United shirt. BT and Cybersmile share the same goals of an internet where everybody feels free to communicate and express themselves without the fear of bullying, harassment and abuse.”

Squad members have appeared in BT Tech Tips content, free resources helping to give people the digital skills they need to tackle hate online. These cover the following areas:

  • Recognising hate crime – hate speech is a crime. Cyber bullying runs riot because people don’t think the same rules apply online. It’s never been more important to know your digital rights and responsibilities.
  • Being our best selves online – we’ve all commented or shared something online that we later wished we hadn’t. It’s easy to forget that digital actions have lasting, real-world consequences. Learn tips on how to become a better digital citizen.
  • Supporting our kids online – children have spent an unprecedented amount of time online this year and it hasn’t all been positive. Learn new tactics to support them becoming better digital citizens.
  • Being a good team player online – Victims of cyberbullying are increasingly suffering in silence. We can’t assume people are okay just because they’re behind a screen. Let’s unite to fight hate by actively checking in on friends. Let’s join together and commit to spreading hope.

Hope United contributes towards BT Skills for Tomorrow’s ambitious target to reach 25 million people with the skills they need to make the most of life in the digital world. In line with BT’s purpose to Connect for Good, the new ambition aims to help more people across the UK have the skills they need to stay connected, tackle the digital divide and support the UK’s economic recovery.

For more information on Hope United visit:

Courtesy of BT Sport via Pitch