Source: Read Easy

Read Easy Bath set to help local adults learn to read

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2.4 million adults in England alone struggle with reading, with over 4,000 adults estimated to need help to learn to read in Bath alone.

On a practical level, not being able to read means that even carrying out everyday tasks can be very challenging, if not impossible. Many adults who have difficulty with reading have never been to the doctor as they’re too embarrassed to have to read and fill in forms. Being unable to read and write is also often associated with depression, isolation and even higher mortality.

Read Easy is a charity with groups across the UK, who are passionate about transforming lives in the community through a proven, confidential programme of free, one-to-one, volunteer-led adult reading coaching.

Read Easy Bath has officially launched this month with a group of 9 Bath-based volunteers aiming to have the programme fully up and running locally by early next year. The team are now looking to recruit further volunteers to help deliver the programme locally, including a Coordinator and Reading Coaches.

Read Easy Bath Team Leader Mary Sheehy says: “This is an exciting chance to join a group of like-minded people, putting your existing skills to good use for a good cause. Becoming a volunteer for Read Easy is fun and fulfilling. We know that learning to read really does change lives and being part of that process is special and very rewarding.”

Read Easy Bath are looking to recruit a volunteer Coordinator and volunteer Reading Coaches. The Coordinator will be responsible for pairing up those adults who want to learn to read with volunteer Coaches and offering ongoing support to these pairs. To register an interest or to find out more about these roles contact Read Easy Bath Volunteer Recruiter Juliet O’Reilly by email at