Source: Mike Lee - KLC fotos for World Rugby

Test your knowledge of England rugby players past and present

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How good is your knowledge of England’s rugby players past and present?  Have a go at our quiz and let us know what you think – answers will follow!

(An asterisk (*) indicates a question covered in one of my pieces on the site.)

1. Place these players in order according to the number of tries they have scored for England:

  1.  Jess Breach
  2.  Kat Merchant
  3.  Nolli Waterman
  4.  Kay Wilson

2. Names: distinguish these four England players*:

  1.  Abi
  2.  Abby
  3. Abbie
  4. Abbie

3. How many Sarahs were in the 2020 Six Nations squad*?

4. Katy Daley-Mclean brought up her 500 points by converting whose try against whom?*

5. Who was the only player to make five line-breaks during the 2020 Six Nations?

6. Who were the three England players nominated for the World Player of the Year 2019?*

7. In May 2017 who turned up to surprise an England training session?

8. Match these players to their place of birth:


  1. Amy Cokayne
  2. Harriet Millar-Mills
  3. Katy Daley-Mclean
  4. Lydia Thompson
  5. Tamara Taylor


  1. Exeter
  2. Ipswich
  3. South Shields
  4. Stockport
  5. Stourbridge

9. One of these players did not tour New Zealand in 2017; who is it?

  1. Emily Braund
  2. Harriet Millar-Mills
  3.  Izzy Noel-Smith
  4.  Megan Jones
  5.  Poppy Cleall

10. Jess Breach has appeared mostly on the left wing for England. But in which game did she play on the right wing for the first time?*

11. England losses: since being defeated 32-41 by New Zealand in the World Cup final in 2017, they have lost twice. To whom and where?*

12. Which player is known as the foxy lady?

13. Which player has a pineapple top?

14. Which player has scored the most tries for England?

15. What is the name of the stadium where England played New Zealand in the last round of the Super Series 2019?*

16. Which one of these games was played in dry conditions?

  1.  v Ireland, Donnybrook, 2017
  2.  v New Zealand, Rotorua, 2017
  3.  v Italy, Bedford, 2019*
  4.  v Scotland, Murrayfield, 2020*
  5.  v Ireland, Doncaster, 2020*

17. Which player had to return home injured before the end of the Super Series in California 2019?*

18. Name three clubs Amy Cokayne has played for

19. Where did England host Ireland in the Six Nations of 2018?

20. Whom did Richard Blaze replace as forwards coach?*

21. In which two years did England win the World Cup?

22. Who were the captains of the two teams?

23. England played five matches at the 2017 Rugby World Cup. Against whom and in what order?

24. Emily Scarratt brought up her 500 points by converting whose try against whom?*

25. Who were England’s very first opponents, and in which year?

26. Who scored England’s last try in the Quilter (Autumn) internationals 2019?*

27. Complete this statement: ‘How I Led My Country…’ *

28. Where were the pool-stage matches of the 2014 World Cup held?

29. Who scored a try in each of the three matches of the 2017 tour to New Zealand?

30. Which Rugby League club did Simon Middleton play for?

31. Name the three nations England have played at Castle Park, Doncaster*


47 Nolli Waterman
44 Kat Merchant
32 Kay Wilson
22 Jess Breach

2. Abi Chamberlain
Abby Dow
Abbie Brown, Abbie Scott

3. Four: Bern, Beckett, Hunter, McKenna

4. Jess Breach’s try v France, Doncaster 2019

5. Abigail Dow

6. Sarah Bern, Katy Daley-Mclean and Emily Scarratt

7. (the then) Prince Harry

8. Amy Cokayne – Ipswich
Harriet Millar-Mills – Stockport
Katy Daley-Mclean – South Shields
Lydia Thompson – Stourbridge
Tamara Taylor – Exeter

9. Poppy Cleall

10. Ireland v England, Donnybrook February 1 2019

11. 17-18 to France, Grenoble 2018; 13-28 to New Zealand, San Diego 2019

12. Harriet Millar-Mills

13. Vicky Fleetwood

14. Sue Day (61!)

15. Torero Stadium, San Diego

16. e. (a – wind and rain; b – rain; c – rain; d – snow, sleet, wind!)

17. Mo Hunt

18. Lichfield, RAF, Wasps, Quins

19. Ricoh Stadium, Coventry

20. Matt Ferguson

21. 1994, 2014

22. Karen Almond, Katy (Daley-)Mclean

23. Spain, Italy, USA. France, New Zealand

24. Claudia Macdonald’s try v Scotland (Murrayfield, Edinburgh) 2020

25. Wales, 1987 (Pontypool Park, result 4-22)

26. Rownita Marston (v Italy, Bedford)

27. ‘…and lived to tell the tale’ (subtitle of Cath Spencer’s book)

28. Marcoussis, France

29. Abbie Scott

30. Castleford

31. Canada, France, Ireland