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Women’s Six Nations Quiz

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6 Nations Quiz 2020 (as of 15 March, Scheduled date of Round 5)

Hello rugby fans – how many of these can you answer?  Scroll down further for answers.

1. Which two nations played consecutive 6 Nations matches against each other (2019/2020) at their Headquarters’ grounds?

2. Who scored the most points in the 2020 Championship?

3. Why did Beibhinn Parsons disappear from the scene?

4. Seven Red Roses, contracted in 2020, toured Canada with the England squad in 2011. Who are they?

5. Which of these towns did not stage a 6N match in 2020: Legnano, Padua, Parma?

6. Which of the 6 Head Coaches has served the longest?

7. Which two Welsh players completed all 320 minutes on the pitch?

8. How many tries did Ireland score in the Championship?

9. Who were England’s Players of the Match in Rounds 1, 2, 3 and 4?

10. Which Nation made the most successful tackles in the Championship?

11. Three players scored four tries each in the Championship, who were they?

12. Which Scottish player made the most carries in the Championship?

13. Which two referees made two appearances in the Championship?

14. Where did Jess Breach get her dancing feet from:

a. ballet lessons from the age of 5

b. Her father

c. Sprint training

15. How many matches remain unplayed?


  1. England and Scotland: Twickenham 2019; Murrayfield 2020
  2. Emily Scarratt (40)
  3. She had her school exams to prepare
  4. Daley-Mclean, Fleetwood, Hunt, Hunter, McKenna, Packer and Scarratt
  5. Sadly all 3
  6. Andrea di Giandomenico (Italy, since 2009)
  7. Lisa Neumann and Robyn Wilkins
  8. 8
  9. Emily Scarratt, Emily Scott, Zoe Aldcroft, Poppy Cleall
  10. Wales (837)
  11. Cyrielle Banet, Abby Dow and Laure Sansus
  12. Jade Konkel
  13. Aimee Barrett-Theron and Hollie Davidson
  14. Her father
  15. 6