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A Christmas showstopper set for Wasps’ final game of 2019

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It’s a big week for the Swarm at Twyford Avenue as they prepare to face Gloucester Hartpury in the final game of 2019. Not only is this an important game for the team who sit just below Gloucester Hartpury in the table, but the club will celebrate some very important player milestones. Claire Cripps aka Purdy, will celebrate her 250th cap in the black and yellow jersey and Hannah Edwards her 150th. The team also celebrate Michaela Dorian, Kate Alder and Gemma Rowland who also reach major milestones this weekend!

After last week’s convincing win against Richmond, the team have worked to build on the strong performance and couldn’t be more ready to face West England rivals. Giselle Mather has named her team which includes x changes from last week’s starting line up.

In the forwards, Moloney and West will join 250th cap winner, Cripps in the front. Crake will start at 5 alongside Powell in the second row and Molloy returning to play 7 joined by Millar-Mills and McMahon to complete the pack. As for the backs, we have MacDonald and Goulden as the infamous 9 10 duo. With 150th cap winner Edwards outside them.

But, beware as the finish is set to be on fire with Mitchelson, Baltruweit and Rowland.

The last game of 2019, a huge game for some treasured Waspies and its all to play for!

1XV Match Day Squad

Claire Cripps
Cliodhna Maloney
Hannah West
Alex Powell
Liz Crake
Edel McMahon
Claire Malloy
Harriet Millar-Mills
Claudia MacDonald
Elizabeth Goulden
Tova Derk
Hannah Edwards
Kate Alder ©
Katie Mason
Abby Dow
Maud Muir
Isabel Rico
Nora Baltruweit
Sarah Mitchelson
Lucy Nye
Sofia Rolfi
Gemma Rowland

Courtesy of Wasps Ladies