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A local derby for penultimate game of 2019

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This weekend Wasps FC Ladies will face Richmond Women in the final away game of 2019 and what is set to be an exciting London Derby.

Last weekend, the squad suffered a defeat to top of the table team, Harlequins. But with some stand out individual performances to fuel them, Wasps FC Ladies have spent the past week building on strengths ready to sting hard against Richmond.

Giselle Mather has named a fierce side to travel this weekend. Let’s start with the forwards. There are two changes from last week’s pack- with the absence of Molloy, McMahon will start at 7 with Mitchelson moving to 6. We also see the return of Millar-Mills who, now back from injury, will start at 8!

In the backs, Captain Kate Alder will lead the team from 13, with some changes either side. Inside her, Hannah Edwards will start at 12 and outside her Abby Dow will start at 14 with Sofia Rolfi at 15. And there is plenty of fuel in the finishers with the likes of Rico, Crake and Lewis.

Wasps FC Ladies have remained victorious over Richmond Women in the previous two Tyrrell’s Premiership Season and will be looking to continue this trend with a strong performance over the weekend.

1XV Line Up

1.Claire Cripps
2.Cliodhna Moloney
3.Hannah West
4.Alex Powell
5.Nora Baltruweit
6.Sarah Mitchelson
7.Edel McMahon
8.Harriet Millar-Mills
9.Claudia MacDonald
10.Elizabeth Goulden
11.Tova Derk
12.Hannah Edwards
13.Kate Alder ©
14.Abby Dow
15.Sofia Rolfi
16.Maud Muir
17. Isobel Rico
18.Kasey Allen
19.Elizabeth Crake
20.Isobel Fisher
21.Lucy Nye
22.Maria Ahis

Courtesy of Wasps